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Below are quotes from head coach Jeff Tedford from his press conference leading into Saturday's game at Washington. The Golden Bears will be aiming for their fourth straight win over the Huskies when
By Cal Athletics on Tue, September 06, 2005

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Sept. 6, 2005

Below are quotes from head coach Jeff Tedford from his press conference leading into Saturday's game at Washington. The Golden Bears will be aiming for their fourth straight win over the Huskies when the teams kick off at 12:30 p.m. in Seattle.

General comments on Washington:
"They are probably a little more balanced on offense now, running and throwing the football. (Isaiah) Stanback was pretty efficient, he made good decisions. He is always a threat to run, so that brings an added dimension to their offense. Defensively, anytime you play Air Force you have to show a lot of discipline, a lot of hustle the way they get the ball to the perimeter with the option. They rallied to the ball pretty well, they just gave up one or two big plays and that was it. They are firing around, they are a disciplined group and they are playing pretty well."

On Washington being a team with a new look:
"It's hard to tell, we have seen one game from them and it was the first game of the year. I would imagine Tyrone (Willingham) is going to instill some confidence in them and some belief in what they are doing. It would be natural that they come out and play pretty hard."

On the challenge of taking a young team on the road for the first time:
"It definitely will be going into a new environment for some of them going on the road. A home game is not a lot different than a road game because we stay in a hotel and go through the same exact procedure in preparation for the game. When going into someone else's environment, we will definitely take the interest of some of our young guys. Whether we are home or away, I think the issues are the same with the young guys getting used to - playing in front of a big crowd and trying to control your emotions and your tempo and have trust in what you have been taught to do. There is a learning curve there for a lot of the young guys."

On Washington's quarterback:
"I know what he does from seeing him in the past. He didn't run a lot this last week, but we know that he can. If he throws it downfield, he can definitely be a threat."

On playing a Pac-10 game so early in the season:
"I'm not a big fan of it. I would prefer to play the non-conference games and then go into conference play to gain some experience. But it's that way for both teams, so I guess it's not a disadvantage or advantage either way."

On freshman linebacker Anthony Felder:
"He played a little bit last week and did a good job. He got his feet wet a little bit and he will continue to do that, bits here and there. The more practice he gets and the more comfortable he gets, he may have an extended role."

On how the two freshman linebackers played Saturday:
"They played very well. (Zack) Follett made quite a few plays. A running back tried to pick him up and he annihilated him. He is very physical, he can run, he has great instincts. He has great potential to be one of the best linebackers we have had here in our time. Same with (Anthony) Felder. Felder is very athletic, the more experience he gets he will have the instincts as well. He can really run, he knows how to elude blocks, and he's a very good tackler."

On Anthony Felder playing in front of his home town:
"I'm sure he will be excited and a little nervous, as most people are going into a game. We are trying to take it light with him and make sure he is comfortable, and he doesn't have to put too much pressure on himself because he is at home."

On Joe Ayoob's quarterback experience at junior college:
"I think that definitely brings more of a comfort level than a true freshman, just because he has played in more games at a faster pace. But the learning curve is still there, it's a huge learning curve. I am watching the tape of other quarterbacks throwing the ball high and all over the place. We have just become very spoiled with expectations watching Kyle and Aaron (Rogers) throw BBs all around the field. It doesn't happen over night. I think the experience that Joe had in junior college is a little bit of a benefit, but not a whole lot because it's just so different. In junior college, they could yell the plays at him from the sidelines and he could hear them; here they can't do that, it's just so loud and there is a lot going on. It's so intense, so fast, he's asked to do so much. Patience is the key word here with our quarterback situation. Not because we don't have confidence in them; just because it's a reality. We have a tendency to expect a lot from quarterbacks here because we are used to seeing it. That is where we will get to. I think Nate (Longshore) was on the right track with that, he played excellent before he got hurt. With Joe, there are going to be some mistakes, some errant throws and we are going to work through it. It just doesn't happen overnight."


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