Soccer Q&A With Seth Casiple
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  10/09/2012

Oct. 9, 2012

BERKELEY - caught up with sophomore midfielder Seth Casiple to chat about the season, the recent Stanford game, the FIFA video game and some of his favorite things. The 2011 Pac-12 Freshman of the year has now started all 11 games so far and leads the Golden Bears in assists (6). The Bears will next play Washington in Seattle on Friday, Oct. 12, at 3:00 p.m. How's the season going?

Seth Casiple: It's going pretty well; we had that good stretch with a six-game unbeaten streak. We hit a rough bump with the two losses. I think we will rebound well. The upcoming games are pretty important. Everyone's in good spirits, and coming off the losses is harsh, but we are looking good. How frustrating was the Stanford loss?

SC: It's dreadful. It's honestly dreadful. You go out, you lay your heart on the field, and we're playing Stanford; we all knew it was going to be a battle. It's even harsher when the score is what it is. We gave up a goal with 18 seconds left in the first half, and going to the locker room was kind of hard. But I feel like we came out pretty hard in the second half and we stuck it to them. But it hurts. It hurts a lot. Do you like the fact you'll have another game against those guys on Nov. 9 in Berkeley?

SC: Yeah. We're looking forward to it already. Like we said in the huddle after the game, for these seniors it is the last time they're going to play on that field. It hurts them. But like we told them, we have another shot. What was it like training with the U.S. Under-20 Men's National Team this past year?

SC: It was a great experience. The quality of play goes up, and you feel a little better about yourself, and you play well. It's just a little bit hard to keep the mental sharpness going when you play with kids that good, who are mostly professional by now. It was fun, and it was the type experience that gives you a gauge of where you are playing personally. What has been your most memorable moment playing for Cal?

SC: Playing at San Diego State [last year, in a 2-1 loss]. I grew up in San Diego, so a lot of family was there and I played a pretty decent game. We didn't come out with the win, but it was cool to play in front of a lot of friends and family. What made you first start playing soccer?

SC: I tried everything out. I played basketball, and I tried swimming, but that didn't end up very well. I played baseball pretty seriously until I was 14, but I liked soccer more so I started taking that a little more seriously. From there it took off. Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

SC: I whistle pretty well and often. The guys are always laughing at me. When we are eating dinner and something pops into my head, I start whistling. I really like animated movies, and I love Disney movies, so a lot of those songs pop into my head pretty often, and I just start whistling them. Which player did you emulate as a kid?

SC: Cesc Fabregas- he plays for Barcelona right now, but he used to play for Arsenal. He is a classic, small, technically gifted player that likes to pass. I used to always pretend I was him in the backyard, just trying different things; I still try to play like him. After you finish your Cal career, if you could choose to play professionally anywhere, where would you play?

SC: I think Italy. We went there this summer and got to see what the clubs look like and how they play. I really like the country, which obviously is great. Europe in general is really great. I liked Italy a lot, and I think it would be a lot of fun to play there. I think I would fit in with the play style. How well do you play the FIFA video game?

SC: We have a couple of tournaments now and then with the team. I am pretty good. It's hard for me because when I play I start to take it too seriously and I start getting mad, so I try to keep it to a minimum. I am definitely top five on the team. What team do you play as when you play FIFA?

SC: When I play, I play with Juventus from Italy. That is my go-to team. It would be a dream come true to actually play with them one day. What's the most-played song on your iPod?

SC: It would probably have to be "Rooftops" by Wiz Khalifa. What are your hobbies?

SC: I like to read. I get teased about that a lot. When we go on trips or even in my backpack right now I have my Kindle. Whenever I have quiet time, I like to read. My hobbies are reading, listening to music, hanging out and getting as much rest as I can; soccer takes over your life. Right now I just finished The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo [Millennium] series and that was phenomenal. One of my favorite books was The Giver; I can read that multiple times in a day. It's just a great story. What's your favorite movie?

SC: "Charlie Bartlett," it's a pretty old movie. I saw it one day on TV and I remembered the name, went out and bought it. "Despicable Me" is also one of my favorites. What is your favorite TV show?

SC: "Phineas and Ferb" or "Friends."