Post game quotes: Dec. 4 vs. UNLV

"We're excited. I talked to the team before the game about opportunities to win championships. They don't come around that much and they are not guaranteed. We knew we had to take care of business yes
By Cal Athletics on Sun, December 04, 2011

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Dec. 4, 2011

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"We're excited. I talked to the team before the game about opportunities to win championships. They don't come around that much and they are not guaranteed. We knew we had to take care of business yesterday. So I was really pleased with our demeanor, our effort, how we came out today as a collective unit. I thought our defense was really solid for most of the 40 minutes. I thought we made life tough for UNLV, which is a potent scoring team. They had only lost one game coming in. I thought we had some fun on offense at times. We need to continue to get better and not have lulls, but when you have players like Brittany [Boyd] and Reshanda [Gray], it is fun sometimes to just let them go within the context of what we are trying to run and just watch them make plays. I thought these guys did an unbelievable job with that."

"I told them, you do need to appreciate the good moments. It is a long season and we have really high goals. We weren't perfect for 40 minutes, but we came out here and we took care of business and we did it pretty emphatically for most of the game. I also told them this is a team that this doesn't need to be our last championship. There is a lot of basketball out there to be played. We have to come back, the next time we practice, and work on being a little bit better at screening, a little bit better at talking on defense and little things so that we put ourselves in a position to be a championship quality and caliber basketball team."

"I felt our defense was the high point today. I think we have really taken some steps in that area, from giving up more points early on in the season. UNLV is a team that has some potent scorers and to hold them to 48... Kelly [Thompson] had a fantastic game and we really don't want to let one person get to the free throw line that much, but I thought collectively we made it tough for them to score. I thought our demeanor coming out in the beginning. I felt it was the first time we came out here in a positive way with a swagger saying this is our tournament to win. We have to come out here and make a statement, and then we backed it up, offensively and defensively from the beginning."

On the way Boyd and Gray play together

"They are really fun to watch. They have an innate connection. I think that Brittany throws some passes that somehow Reshanda picks out of the air. They seem to be ready for one another. Gray is a great finisher. Boyd finds people. Obviously the whole team, when we are clicking, works in that way, but these two have a special connection that is something I am looking forward to for the next four years."

"We have a group that embraces what we ask them to do. For Brittany, that is finding people in transition. I told the bigs, run the floor and she will get it to you. Obviously no one catches and finishes on the move better than Gray."

Freshman forward Reshanda Gray

"The best part of playing basketball is to have fun. When you mess up, you just bring it back. Last week, I had a down week coming off of Sunday's game against Virginia. I was like, 'I have to pick it up'. I had to get my mojo back. I kept telling myself that I was going to have a good game. It's great playing with Brittany, but not only her. It's great playing with the rest of our point guards, too."

Freshman guard Brittany Boyd

"I was ready before the game. The guards had a guard meeting. Coach Charmin and Coach Kai showed us a video and it was saying 'I am a champion'. No one can define you, you know who you are. The last thing on the video said 'who are you?' I took from that that I am a champion. This team is championship material, so I wanted to come out and play hard like a champion would, like an elite team would."


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