Cal-Louisiana Tech Postgame Quotes

"We were very undisciplined today. We had way too many penalties that put us in third and long a lot of times. I think we had three illegal procedure penalties, and that's not like us. We need to go b
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 15, 2007

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Sept. 15, 2007

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General comments:
"We were very undisciplined today. We had way too many penalties that put us in third and long a lot of times. I think we had three illegal procedure penalties, and that's not like us. We need to go back and talk about discipline and make sure we don't shoot ourselves in the foot. We can't continue to let that happen."

"On some of the passing plays, we were a little bit off. Thankfully, the defense made some good plays to get us good field position."

On Justin Forsett:
"He ran very well today. He practiced hard all week. He has great vision and balance, and he runs very, very hard. He made some good plays for us."

On Special Teams:
"The opening kickoff was great. It gave us a big boost. We need to do better on the kicking coverage. We gave up a lot of yards on kickoff returns today."


Robert Peele, DB
On the focus of the game:

This game was to set the tone. Last game, we gave up points early but in this game, we wanted to set the tone early and we did that."

On statistics:
"We don't care about yards so much, the only stat we keep is takeaways...we did that today."

John Allen, DT
On playing time as a senior:

"You wait five years to get playing time, last year I got injured. I'm stoked to be playing. I'm just trying to play hard."

On his fumble recovery:
"He was a great tackler, I tried to get around him all day. I thought I was going to get a sack but the ball came loose, that was exciting."

On beating La. Tech:
"I think it makes a statement, especially because they are a big, physical team. It was big for us. Now we have to get ready for Arizona."


General Comments:
"Cal is a great football team and anytime you play a top-10 football team and then spot them seven [points] on the kickoff, it's hard to recover. We also had a lot of penalties and mental errors and that got us behind the eight ball early but in the end they [Cal] are a better football team. They're very physical."

On Cal's Strengths:
"I'm most impressed that they are a physical football team. They play with toughness, have a great back, and are well coached. They have all the tools to compete with anyone in the country."

On Justin Forsett and Cal's running game:
"He's got good balance and body control, squares to the line well, and has great instincts. They're committed and believe in their running game."

On Cal's overall performance:
"They have a good offensive team here--447 yards of offense and Forsett [played well]. We couldn't control their kickoff return. You could put a tent on our kick return coverage team, it looked like a circus."

On Louisiana Tech's performance:
"Our offense was starry-eyed. We lost our right guard last day of practice and that might have affected us in protection but Cal had a lot to do with it. You just can't turn the ball over to a top-10 team."

Looking forward from this game:
"We've got to get better but we will learn from this game. We have to be a better road team and that means coming out of the gates well."


On what it was like going up against a top-10 team:

"They're obviously a good team. They're definitely fast. We had a lot of young guys in there and a lot of them were kind of nervous. We played like that in the first quarter. Then we got things going, but we still had some mental mistakes, some drops. They're a heck of a team and you can't make mistakes with a team like that."

On not being able to capitalize:
"They were blitzing us a little bit. We messed up mentally. On the line, we had a young guy who did a good job, but he hadn't played. As an offense, we just didn't click. We got things going later on, but it's too late when you have a team like that."

On taking lots of hits:
"I definitely took more hits. They were coming after us and we messed some things up, part of our schemes. They got some hits on us. They're definitely a tough team, they're fast and they're going to do that."

On his interception:

"On that particular play, our defense did a great job. Our coach talked to us about not giving up. He said to keep playing, keep playing, keep playing, for all four quarters. That's what we did. I stayed on my man and I was in great position to get the ball. "

On playing against Cal:
"They're aggressive. They capitalized when we made mistakes. They're in the top 10, so they're one of the great teams. You can't make too many mistakes against these guys."

On Justin Forsett:
"He has great vision, he's very quick. When he hits that outside, he can run a little bit. We knew we were going to have to make tackles."


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