Postgame Quotes: California-Oregon State

"I'm not sure what a momentous occasion it is to be honest. I thought I passed that milestone a while ago." On the comeback "One of the things that we've got to be careful of as coaches is how we exp
By Cal Athletics on Thu, January 31, 2013

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Jan. 31, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On winning his 100th game as Cal's head coach
"I'm not sure what a momentous occasion it is to be honest. I thought I passed that milestone a while ago."

On the comeback
"One of the things that we've got to be careful of as coaches is how we explain something to them and how we want to play certain things. They tend to take things pretty literally. We tried to play off on Collier and Moreland so we could help on low post stuff because we felt they had to go there and we wanted to have an extra guy there. We wanted to get aggressive on the two shooters. We obviously didn't do that on Nelson. We made several mistakes. We talked about not getting behind the screen. We did it three or four times and Nelson just jumped up and shot it in. That was a mistake on our part and they took advantage of it. Nelson had a great game. He wanted it at the end. I thought Brandon was really good. He knew his job and knew what he wanted to do. He stayed aggressive. We need more people that do that, frankly. We made too many mental mistakes and they capitalized on most of those. We had a discussion in the second half and they seemed to react well. They came back and they got a bit more aggressive. When we're more aggressive we tend to make some plays. We obviously had to make some shots and we did in the midst of playing good defense. It was a win that I thought OSU might have deserved to win but sometimes you have to hop to get it even when you don't play your best."

On what was said at the first media timeout in the second half
"We were just getting our butts kicked. I explained it to them on no uncertain terms. There was no excuse for setting back and letting them do unto you. We had to be the aggressor. We got out and did that. I don't think anybody disagreed with my analysis of the situation at that point. It's a group that doesn't necessarily self-motivate themselves every time. I think kids should be ready to play every game, but that's unrealistic. They did respond. I thought Thurman off the bench did a good job. Richard did a good job. I thought by and large everyone responded."

On the offensive performance of the forwards
"With the way they were playing that zone, we had to. We thought we would see the 1-3-1. We didn't see it as much. I think we had a good attack. They realized it wasn't going to work as well particularly when Starks at 5-9 was at the back of it. They played the 2-3, but not a lot. There were a lot of openings but we didn't always see them. The middle was open and we got it down low. Robert finished some plays that he needed to and Richard finished some plays that he needed to. David had a couple nice jump hooks. It was pretty nicely distributed. Having 25 assists on 30 goals means that the ball was being moved, generally speaking. With ball movement, we were better."

On the three-point shooting
"It was a zone. We probably took more than we should have. It wasn't that we took the threes, but it was when we took the threes. We did not spend enough time probing and trying to get a better shot. Some of that was what got us in trouble."

On the two timeouts called at the end
"I didn't see anything on that. It was more to clarify what it was we wanted to do so that there was no confusion. In fairness I probably should have taken the minute timeout. A minute timeout actually gives you a chance to convey some information. In that situation we were talking about how we wanted to defend the possession. I didn't feel like after the first one there was clarity in terms of what we wanted to do."

Junior guard Justin Cobbs

On the importance of tonight's win
"Obviously, it was a big win. You saw how excited we were about it. At the same time, we have to win at home, and we did a good job of protecting the home court even though we got down early we fought back and got the win. I am proud of the men, just one game by one game that is all that matters right now.

On whether this game will get them moving
"Any game can get us moving...Especially at home with the home crowd behind you, there is anything that can get you going.

On the last offensive play
"Just looking at the clock, I knew we wanted to take the shot and run that down as much as possible. I was able to get to the middle and at that point it was two on one, and one of the guys committed so I took the drop off and Richard finished it with the slam dunk and that was the play that won us the game."

On Montgomery's 100th win
"I be honest I had no idea, but congratulations Coach."

Senior forward Robert Thurman

On his block on Collier with seven seconds left
"I hit nothing but ball. It was clean and the refs didn't call anything and in the game that is all that matters."

On the fighting spirit of the team
"About the 14th minute we had a time out called and Monty just really let us have it, and I think we really needed it. That is the point where we really started to pick it up. We really played much better defense and when we play very good defense our offense normally comes with it."

On how active he was on both sides of the ball tonight
"Just had legs. 275 pounds, sometimes I just can't move as well and other games I can jump and move well, and am a better rebounder."

Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson

On the last play of the game
"I'm going to take the blame for that. I should have called a time out, but we had a play called when they scored. We were coming down and trying to run it, and didn't get it. I wanted to call a time out, but I didn't want them to set up their defense. I'm taking the blame for that last play, not getting a shot off; just inexcusable. We were going for two initially, then we lost it. We had a play called, in case we had to go for three. I was hoping we could get the ball in bounds without them setting up their defense. We played 37 or 38 minutes of good basketball on the road. it's a shame we couldn't pull it out there at the end. You have got to keep thinking it is going to work out. You have to keep making the toughness plays and the hard plays to get rebounds."

On missed free-throws
"[Free-throws have] been an Achilles' heel of ours all season. To lose a game this close and shoot 53% from the foul line - what are you going to do."

On two days of rest before Sunday's game against Stanford
"I haven't figured this out yet. I'm used to the Ivy League where you go Friday Saturday. When I had the one day before we were doing all these two and three days. It does give everybody time to rest up and heal up before Sunday."

On Stanford
"[Stanford] played really well yesterday. Everybody in the league is capable of beating each other; including us. We just haven't been able to execute. I truly feel that in my heart. But Stanford is going to be tough. They are at home and starting to shoot the ball well, which they hadn't done in the non-conference. All these road games are tough."


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