Cal-Arizona Postgame Quotes

"They are in transition right now, as far players and different positions and change in schemes. I was impressed with their offensive line. They did great a job in protecting the passer. I was impress
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 25, 2003

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Oct. 25, 2003

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California head coach Jeff Tedford

On Arizona
"They are in transition right now, as far players and different positions and change in schemes. I was impressed with their offensive line. They did great a job in protecting the passer. I was impressed with their young quarterback."

On Cal's running game
"We were going to try to run the ball at them and see if we could have success doing it. The offensive line blocked well. There is a certain point when you get the itch to throw the ball. But then, you have to back off, and go with what is working. To run the ball as much as we did today does not happen very often. We were just having success today."

On TB Adimchinobe Echemandu
"I think he is as healthy as he going to be. He's doing a very a nice job. He's running hard in games."

On QB Aaron Rodgers
"He hustled well. I thought Aaron matured a little today."

California Players

C Nolan Bluntzer
On running game

"All week we knew we were gonna run the ball in practice. We really wanted to get Joe a big game and he had over 200 yards."

On coming back from last week
"Last week was pretty frustrating. Everyone was convinced we were gonna win that game. Im proud that the team came back after that. An emphasis on playing hard really paid off."

On ASU next week
"We probably won't change anything this week in practice. We'll enjoy this win tonight and then put it behind us. It will be time to get ready for next week in practice."

WR Burl Toler
On a convincing win

"We what had happened in the past but today we put it all together. This is one of the first games we did it all. The running backs ran, the receivers caught and the linemen blocked and you see the result. Today we saw what we were capable of."

On the running backs' big day
"The running backs were awesome all day. All week we were thinking about blocking downfield. We knew if we blocked the safeties downfield, the running backs would have a big day."

LB Joe Maningo
On making his comeback from injury

"In the first game I was a step slow. The second game I was just trying to get back to playing the whole game. Today I just feel blessed with what happened."

On his interception
"Fortunately I was the one to make that big play. The offense fed off it. I was too tired to feel anything emotionally. I'm just happy to help the team out. I'd be happy if one of my teammates did that too. I was hoping to take it to the end zone. The quarterback didn't see me in the zone. He thought I was somewhere else probably because of the previous play. I just stayed in the zone and the quarterback through it right at me."

On finishing the year
"We've got to come together and finish off Pac-10 play on a winning note. We're practicing hard and it has to come off during the game."

Arizona head coach Mike Hankwitz

General comments
"We felt like they had the ability to run the ball on us. Echemandu is a good back. They obviously saw something early and kept doing it. You have to give them credit. We didn't play with enough energy. Cal ran the ball and they made plays in the passing game."

On the effect of the bye week
"That can't be the excuse. We knew it was on the schedule. We didn't leave our best days on the practice field. We're just young and immature. We're getting further from where we want to be."

On penalties and missed opportunities
"We have to start executing better. We tried to make it our focus. Mentally, we didn't prepare well enough. We're making mistakes at critical points. Today it was dropped passes. It's true most of the time that it's not the superhuman efforts, but it's making the catches you can make, making the third down plays. The whole objective is to put the ball in the end zone. We have to do a better job of scoring points."

On Cal LB Joe Maningo's interception
"I don't think that one play made a difference. When you let them drive like that on defense, that makes a difference. One play shouldn't define the game. You're gonna have adversity. I don't expect the offense to be perfect."

On Cal RB Adimchinobe Echemandu
"He has excellent speed. He's shown flashes of breaking tackles. He sure did that to us today. They saw things they thought he could do. He can make a guy miss after a couple yards and go for 10-12 yards."

On Arizona's touchdown early in the second half
"It felt like the offense moved the ball well. We scored, but then we didn't execute. We let them score and we were back to where we were before halftime."

Arizona Players

TE Steve Fleming
"I don't think that interception knocked the wind out of us, we still had confidence especially in the first half and how we continued to work the ball down the field. We just killed ourselves with silly mistakes and poor execution. We played well at times, with a few good plays from time to time, but way to much inconsistency."

"That score we had to start out the second half made us feel like things were going to turnaround, but after that, we never really got things going the way they needed to."

WR Ricky Williams
"We came out here and were flat. We did not play the type of game we wanted to play. We had the defense on the field a whole lot, with all the three and outs we had. Miscommunication and turnovers cost us especially down in the red zone."

"The interception hurt, but more importantly Cal gained momentum off of it. Offensively, it is hard to drive all the way down and see a defense come up with a play. We had the opportunity to set the tone of the day with that play, but unfortunately we didn't."

"I think we still have to come out and fight. We have to find that energy we had a couple of weeks ago. Obviously our energy level was not where it should be today."

LB Joe Siofele
"He (Echemandu) is a well balanced back. He's quick, he keeps his legs moving. So I give credit to him for running the ball well today."

"They did nothing surprising we worked on the plays that they ran today all week, we just need to attack more up front, and because we didn't attack they were able to create holes up front."

"I sensed that we were flat today. We got tired out there. We got a little winded. Our defense was out there for a lot of plays today, but we can't use that as an excuse. We just have to keep working hard at it."


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