Postgame Quotes from the Cal vs. Nebraska Contest

September 12, 1998Head Coach Tom Homoe on the Nebraska Game It's a hard loss for our guys because they wanted that game bad. They prepared extremely hard for that game. It was tough because so many
By Cal Athletics on Mon, June 21, 1999

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September 12, 1998

Head Coach Tom Homoe on the Nebraska Game

It's a hard loss for our guys because they wanted that game bad. They prepared extremely hard for that game. It was tough because so many people were telling them to just keep it close, that it was preposterous for us to schedule a team like that. They played to win, but in the end, Nebraska was a better team than us.

On when Cal had the ball on the Nebraska 11 yard line and failed to score: When you play a team like Nebraska, who executes very well and who makes few mistakes, and you get the ball first and ten anywhere inside the twenty, you've got to score. Period. That's why they're good, because they prohibited us from scoring. The teams that are really good somehow, some way get the points on the board. It's hard to win games when you don't score on those opportunities.

On the Cal rushing game: Our rushing game was pretty good. The stats are deceiving. I thought we ran the ball OK. When you add in however many sacks there were and that yardage, against them, the positive rushes were good. They offset the sacks and allowed us to throw the ball around, but not anywhere near where we need to be to be champions, and that's what these guys want. They want to win ballgames, and we won't win until we can protect the quarterback and run the ball substantially against teams.

On the Cal defense: The defense fought very courageously. They were on the field for a long time. Our defense was cramping and fatigued, and we were switching guys in and out. They wore down, but they didn't give up, they didn't break. A great indication of that was at the end of the game when Nebraska had two chances to score and didn't. Our guys had a strong will.

On what Cal will take away from this game: We'll look at the one-on-one players and see who fought, and who had a strong street-like desire to win. The guys that didn't play to that standard will either have to step it up, or will be replaced. Hopefully, we made some improvement. But there were a lot of sacks, and a lot of hurries, and Justin (Vedder) got hit a lot. Until we can really examine it and see why it happened, we can't say if we've made any improvement or not.

On Cal's special teams: They did a much better job. That was one area that we worked a ton on this last week, and that really helped a lot. Nebraska is a very good special teams team, and they did not make a really big impact. We may have even had the edge in that category, and I am proud of that.

Cal Players on the Nebraska Game

Marcus Fields: On Nebraska's fan support: I expected them to have a lot of fans out here, but I couldn't really worry about that. I just had to tune in to what I had to do, but it was hard because at times it got real loud. On Nebraska: Coming into the game I knew that we could play them. I have a lot of confidence in our team; we've got a lot of heart. I knew it was going to be a game. They're just another team. On game: It's just a loss. It doesn't matter who the other team is, it's just a loss.

Langston Walker: On level of game play: The game is a lot quicker than practice. Usually the only people are your teammates, but here there were 70,000 people screaming in the stands. On natural development: it's just a game under my belt. It makes no difference if the other team was Nebraska. It is some experience, now I know what the speed is for a game.

Sekou Sanyika: On wishbone: It's the most confusing offense you can play against. When there are three options on whose getting the ball, it's really tough to defend. On second half: We thought we had it in the first half. We were confident going into the second half that if we stuck with what we were running we would be successful.

Learn from game: It's confidence building in a way, but its hard to take a loss like this because if we'd have executed on four or five different plays we easily could have won.

Marquis Smith: On Nebraska's long plays: Our execution at times just broke down. They caught us right where we made our little mistakes, but they didnt do anything that we didnt expect. On Execution: This game came down to execution. They didn't out-muscle us. I thought they were going to be playing a lot harder. It wasn't something that I expected from a defending national championship team, but they beat us.

Albert Dorsey: On missing Beck: Keith {Miller} and {Justin} Flagg did a heck of a job, but we still need Matt {Beck}. Hopefully next week he can play. Confidence building: I thought it did. We were wearing them down. You could see in their eyes that they were afraid of us. At first they wouldn't talk to us, but by the second-half they began talking to us like they wanted to be our friends.

Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich on the Cal/Nebraska Game

It certainly was a tough ball game. Cal played very well on both sides of the ball. We came out hard and initially put some points on the board. To their credit, they came back and played hard. I was pleased with our players. To go 3-0, I really appreciate their effort. We didn't move the ball with consistency, but we did show we could move the ball early. All in all, I was pleased with the victory. I thought there were a lot of opportunities for both teams to make something happen that could change the outcome of the game. Both defensive units played outstanding, and I think our defense was the difference in the game.

On kicking a field goal at the end of the game If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have done it. Both teams played really hard on both sides of the ball. I just went after those three points. But if I had to do it again, we wouldn't do it.

On playing through Nebraska's injuries When you look at it from the standpoint of being banged up, we have some depth on our team and it could make us a stronger team later on. All in all, I am really pleased with the effort our players have given considering all of the injuries.

On Cal We knew they probably would be a very good defensive team. They are a very aggressive unit. You need to take your hats off to the whole football team. They could have got to a point where they gave up and quit, but they didn't. We expected them to be an aggressive defense that ran well and they were. They really crowded the line of scrimmage and made it more difficult to run the ball and made us go to the passing game. When you have a lead, you don't want to put it up too much. There were times when Cal made some plays and our defense responded. We didn't think it would be a game of running up and down the field the entire game.

On the Nebraska fans We have had tremendous turnouts. It's amazing how the fans have supported us on the road. They've been amazing for a number of years.

On Cal linebacker Skou Sanyika He's a great player. I think in terms of their rush ends and backers, they played our option extremely well.

On Cal receiver Dameane Douglas He certainly is a great receiver. With him, they were able to get a few things going. But our kids were in tune with what they had to do. We didn't do anything special to stop any one receiver. We knew they were a good passing team in general.

Nebraska Players on the Cal/Nebraska Game

Jay Foreman (MLB) - Overall impression of the game: Overall, I think it was a good effort, but I still think we can get better. To hold an offensive team like Cal to three points, in their home stadium, is pretty good. We knew we were in for a challenge. We knew that it was going to be a physical game, but that is what we like, and we can out on top today. On the noise from Cal's fans: It was louder than I thought it was going to be. It was a really loud crowd, and I think that is what kept them in the game. That is a big factor, when you have big crowd that is really behind you and there for you when you really need them. That was pretty awesome. On Nebraska's strong fan showing: When you look down at the north end zone and see all that red, it's almost like a home game. We owe this victory just as much to us as to them. I don't know if they are crazy, but something is wrong with them if they are going to fly all the way out to California for a football game, but that is just Nebraska fans; they are the best in the nation.

Ralph Brown (RCB) - On coming home: It felt good coming back to California and playing in front of my family and friends. On being ready to face a top-25 team: I think this was a game we were waiting for to get that chemistry together on our defense. I know we have some offensive players out, but I think we will be ready when it's time to play Washington. On extra effort from Kelsay: Chad Kelsay stepped up really big today. He was making a lot of big plays. He was really hustling to the ball the whole game.

Josh Heskew (C): On the 11 point fourth quarter spread: We had a gut check today, coming 14-3 in the fourth quarter, and I think we responded well coming down the field and putting the ball in the end zone. On Cal's performance: It was a long day. They have a tough defense. We worked hard, and they worked hard, and it was just a battle in the trenches. They are tough. They scrapped us as well as we did them. I have great appreciation for them because they played their heart out today. They ran a style of defense we had trouble with against Arizona State, but we can and moved the ball a little bit on them. I think they are a great team and I wish them the best throughout the season.



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