Senior Q&A With Jace Williams
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  05/03/2012

May 3, 2012

BERKELEY - In just three short years in Berkeley, senior second baseman Jace Williams has certainly made her mark. As a sophomore in 2010, she started all 62 games, was an All-Pac-10 honorable mention after slugging .390 and owning a .447 on-base percentage. Last year, she earned herself placement on the NFCA All-Pacific Region first team, the All-Pac-10 second team and merited Easton third-team All-America status and a Pac-10 all-academic honorable mention. Thanks to her academic prowess, Williams finished her degree requirements a semester early and will graduate with a bachelor's of science in psychology. With her classes complete, relished the chance to talk all things Cal with Williams. What is your best Cal story or favorite Cal experience?

Jace Williams: My favorite Cal experience has to be playing in the World Series last year. Ever since I was little, I had always dreamed of playing on that stage in June, and my wishes came true last season. What will you miss most about Cal?

JW: I will miss going to battle with my girls, which is what it's all about. Sharing the same uniform and being a part of something that is far bigger than yourself. I am extremely competitive, and softball has always been a way for me to release that energy. I will be extremely unbalanced in the real world because I love competing. I guess I'll have to dominate the slow-pitch leagues. I love Valerie's voice, and I will miss listening to her sing in the back of the bus. She is extremely talented - y'all should ask her to sing for you. She's not shy. I'm a San Diego beach girl through and through, but I hate to admit it, but the bay area has really grown on me over the past few years. What are your career plans and what are you plans after graduation?

JW: I have a passion for coaching so I am going to pursue that and see what happens. I want to share everything I know with girls who have the same dreams and ambitions I had when I was their age. After the season, I plan on moving back to San Diego, settling in, finding a team to coach and hitting the beach immediately! I really miss my San Diego beach-girl lifestyle so I plan on picking up where I left off as soon as possible. This summer, I envision myself traveling all over the place and keeping my tan well into winter. Has Cal lived up to or has it been different or better than the expectations you had of it as a freshman?

JW: Cal has been everything and more. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity. Coach Ninemire believed in me and gave me a second chance. The last thing I ever want to do is disappoint her, so I'd say that Cal has changed my life in more ways than one. I want everyone to know that I appreciate all their support over the last three years. What has been the most embarrassing or funny story in your years at Cal?

JW: Apparently I do embarrassing things every day, but for some reason I don't know how to feel embarrassed. I am definitely an odd ball (ask my teammates - they will tell you), but I stay true to myself and will never change. I will be that really awkward old person one of these days. Funny things happen every single day on this team. I spend 80 percent of my day laughing, the other 20 percent giggling to myself. My teammates are hilarious. What advice would you give to freshmen?

JW: Never stray away from who you are. Be yourself and roll with the punches. You will experience so much while in college - roll with it, and learn from your mistakes. Try and get one percent better every single day. Time flies so enjoy it - it's the best time of your life. What was the best class you took?

JW: I loved my developmental psychology class. Babies are crazy! What is your favorite place to eat or go in Berkeley?

JW: Celia's on Euclid has ridiculously good Mexican food. I am also a huge Soup Company fan. I'm never disappointed in the chicken chipotle wrap. What memories or games stick out in your mind from your time in the Blue & Gold?

JW: The LSU and Fresno State games from this year stick out a little more than the others. I'd do anything for my teammates, and anyone who knows me knows I have a little fireball attitude out there. I was pretty fired up in those games. What does it mean to be a part of Cal softball?

JW: It means you are way more awesome than any other team. I love Cal softball!