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Quotes from Tom Holmoe's Weekly Press Conference
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  09/07/1999

Sept. 7, 1999

BERKELEY - Below are comments from Cal football coach Tom Holmoe from his weekly media luncheon. Saturday's Cal-Nebraska game will be televised live regionally by ABC beginning at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

Looking ahead to this week's game against No. 5 Nebraska:

Looking at the Nebraska film, we have a daunting task ahead of us. It was amazing how quickly and lethally they did away with Iowa. They are extremely good and have a different cast of characters from last year. It looks the same, always does, but they are a very machine-like team in a lot of respects.

Looking back on last week's victory over Rutgers:

As we look back at last week, we feel that there are a lot of things that we can do to improve our offense, defense and special teams, but it was a good start. There were some very good individual performances. Some of the freshman kids, even in the limited time they played, performed well and that was nice to see. I also think some of our offensive linemen played very well. It was good to see those guys come out and start fast.

Reflecting on Cal's two-quarterback situation:

We're still just looking to see where both of those guys are going (Sam Clemons and Kyle Boller). We feel that one game for two guys that haven't played college football is not enough to make a decision on exactly where we are going to go from here on out. We were able to see strengths and weaknesses in both players and we're going to build on that and go forward, and I think both of the guys are eager to go against Nebraska.

On Cal's two quarterbacks facing Nebraska:

It will be a tremendous trial for both of them. The first game of the season was an anxious time for them This will be a totally different situation. It's going to be trial under fire and we'll see how they react. That's part of the maturing process and how we will select a quarterback.

On preparing for Nebraska:

We know that a consequence of going in there is getting mauled. Iowa got mauled in their own home stadium, so to go into Nebraska to play is not something you take lightly. We have prepared for this for a long time, through the summer, both on offense and defense. We are preparing very seriously for it. It is a game that we are going there to win. We are not going to go in there with a game plan to keep it close. We are going to try to win the game, and there's no other way to approach it. You can't go in there scared, and we are not, but you have to go in there with great deal of respect for the things that they have achieved through time.

On the defense versus Rutgers last week:

When we tackled somebody (last season) they felt it. We weren't that way on defense last week. There were really no crushing blows tackle-wise, and we have to get better at that. There was a good swarm to the ball, but it just wasn't crisp and clean like we want it to be.

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