Cal-Sacramento State Postgame Quotes

"We've been practicing for so long it feels good to be able to get on the field and go through some game time situations that we can learn from and we did a lot of learning today." On Nate Longshore:
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 03, 2005

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Sept. 3, 2005

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

General Comments:
"We've been practicing for so long it feels good to be able to get on the field and go through some game time situations that we can learn from and we did a lot of learning today."

On Nate Longshore:
"Unfortunately it looks like Nate broke his ankle. He will probably have surgery tomorrow. I think he broke his fibula on the outside. It's really unfortunate, Nate was playing really well. It's very unfortunate that happened."

On who is going to be the starting quarterback now:
"I don't know. We'll watch the tape tomorrow and decide on that Monday."

On Kyle Reed's situation:
"We may have to get him in the mix now, at least running our offense. I don't know for this week, but to get him back in the flow."

On Joe Ayoob's game:
"We had some open receivers there; it could have been first-game jitters. But we did have some open receivers and we missed them high. Most of his throws were high, he really wasn't throwing with a lot of confidence and authority, he was kind of floating."

On Marshawn Lynch's game:
"Marshawn had a very good day in the second half. The first half it looked like we hadn't been practicing for three weeks. We were dropping the ball on hand offs, and it looked ridiculous. It was the sloppiest game I've ever seen offensively. I'm going to go back and focus on little things. They are not even big things, 10 minutes of ball handling every single day and it looks like we haven't even done it for five minutes in the last three weeks, so I am not real happy with that."

On Steve Levy:
"I thought he did fairly well. He rally didn't take any reps this last week, but he has done a nice job in camp, so obviously now he is going to take a lot more reps. He is a competitive guy and I think if he can get some reps in practice he will be fine for the games."

On the offense not spreading the ball around:
"Like I said we had some open receivers and if we throw the ball better it looks a lot quicker. If you throw incompletions then you don't make them pay for every one being up there and there were times when we had guys wide open that just missed them."

On this being a sloppy game because there are a lot of new players:
"We have been practicing for a long time. There are some things that we will learn from as far as alignment in the game and a guy thinking he is one position when he's a different one, maybe going the wrong route. That is where youth shows. Nate and Marshawn have been here long enough to take a hand off, so I can't explain it."

On the quarterback situation being trouble for the team:
"Any time you lose your starting quarterback it always puts a dent in your offense. One of those guys will step up, and it's nice that we have a supporting cast around and we're not depending on him to win every game for us. We get some other receivers back for next week and we will be able to spread the ball around a little bit more. Those guys have to pick it up, there's no question that those two quarterbacks are going to get thrown into the reality of playing."

California Players

Marshawn Lynch, TB

On Sacramento State's Defense:
"No, I know that they were ready. They had their time to prepare. They did a good job on defense, it wasn't frustrating for me."

On how the first game went:
"I was just relaxed and tried to make it fun. It was good just to be out there to play."

DeSean Jackson, WR

On first collegiate game:
"I was excited, to play as a true freshman. Just to get out there and see how it was."

On his first collegiate touchdown:
"It was off a corner rout. Nate (Longshore) threw a great ball."

On Nate Longshore:
"Nate Longshore is going to be missed a lot. We had a great relationship in camp. I am going to miss him."

Desmond Bishop, LB

On the game:
"It went pretty good. It was my first D-1 game since I came from a community college. It was the first game for everyone. We had a little rust, but that is natural."

Joe Ayoob, QB

On the game:
"I wasn't hitting all the reads. It was a little of nerves. I was a little down when I didn't connect on my first six passes."

Steve Levy, QB

On switching his position prior to the start of the season:
"The switch was my decision. I wanted to be out on the field more."

On Coach Tedford:
"He has a lot of confidence with every play."

On first game:
"It's been a long time coming. I am fortunate."

Sacramento State Head Coach Steve Mooshagian

General comments:
"How important the turnovers and little things are in the game.Two bad QB-center exchanges led to a 14 point swing in a matter of five minutes. I had to pinch myself . Things were going right- I thought they were- in the game. One of the biggest problems was that we knew we were going to get their AA game going out in the second half. I knew Cal was going to get their butts ripped at halftime. They were going to come out and give us everything they got. We fought hard, and played hard for 36 minutes. We let up with a few miscues for a period there, then we finished strong at the end."

"I was proud of them for making that fourth and one stop at the goal line to finish the game. It showed that the guys didn't quit and played hard. We have some things to work on, we can fix the QB miscues."

On injuries:
"We played a lot of guys, had no injuries. Some people thought it was going to be us with the injuries. I feel bad for some of Cal's key injuries, especially for Nate Longshore. He's worked so hard to get where he is. But I know coach Tedford will develop the other QB's."

On Marshawn Lynch:
"Their running back is a beast, man. He keeps coming and, wow. He's going to have a great year."

On the Offensive Line:
"Their offensive line is unbelievable. The O-line is among the best I've seen. It almost looks like a pro offensive line. I can see four or five drafted guys."

On Tedford:
"I was really happy with Jeff. He said to me we have a hell of a team and, 'You're going to win a lot of games.' It meant a lot because Jeff wouldn't say something unless he means it."

Sacramento State Players


On the start of the game:
"We felt good after a successful first quarter against a team ranked as high as Cal. We know we can do well against anybody."

On how Sacramento State prepared for the game:
"We worked hard and prepared well. We did a lot of things to unify and focus on the game."


On the difference between the two quarterbacks:
"It was not a big deal. There was a definite difference, but it did not take too much work to adjust to the different quarterbacks."

On what to take out of this game:
"Positives are that we know we can play with anybody. Negatives are that we need to get better at finishing games."

On what the defense expected:
"The new defensive line and linebackers made it hard to know what to expect. Defensive backs were the same as last year, so we knew what to see."


On how prepared the defense was coming into the game:
"We were extremely well prepared and made a lot of alterations at halftime."

On the defense's mindset:
"We took it as a challenge. We knew [Cal] had a high-powered offense, and we went out to execute."


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