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"It was a great win for us. I think the kids were really hurting after the last game, [a 79-76 overtime loss to Washington] as we all were, and just really wanted to come out and have a great effort t
By Cal Athletics on Sat, February 10, 2007

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Feb. 10, 2007

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BERKELEY, Calif. -

California Coach Joanne Boyle
On the win:
"It was a great win for us. I think the kids were really hurting after the last game, [a 79-76 overtime loss to Washington] as we all were, and just really wanted to come out and have a great effort to put that loss behind us and get back on track. I thought we did that today. On both ends of the floor and in particular on defense, I thought we did a good job."

On the fewest points allowed (45) this season:
"We always do game goals and one of our game goals was to keep them under 50 [points] and 35% [shooting percentage]. We couldn't go hard yesterday coming off the Washington game but we just kept talking about how they get to the back end of their plays. Washington will shoot in the first 10 seconds of the play, but these guys will run 22 seconds off before they get a shot up so we were playing defense for 22-25 seconds in this game. That was the emphasis, in particular, with the guards, because Washington State do a lot of double screens and ball screens. Ashley [Walker] did a great job and Krista [Foster] came in and did a great job. But it was playing defense for 20-25 seconds each possession."

On getting everyone into the game:
"You don't get opportunities like that for the kids who don't play a lot. For Shantrell [Sneed] and Emmelie [Geraedts] and even Natalie [Nurnberg] and Jules [Numair], to get them all in was really nice. I thought they really did a good job. We've done things in the past with three minutes left where they got a little rattled, but they were all very composed and did a really good job down the stretch today."

On bouncing back from defeat:
"It was huge. I told them in the locker room that I thought this was one of their best defensive outputs because they never quit. We had some breakdowns, but in general, it was a great team defensive game. We are 19-6 and we are fortunate that we are in the driver's seat of our season. We are not looking around going, `Who has to lose for us to do this?' We are in the driver's seat and not too many teams get to be in the driver's seat. When you've worked real hard in a season to put yourself in the driver's seat, it's nice to come off a blip against Washington and say, `That's not who we are; here we are.' We play a game like this, and now we have four games left, and we will take them one at a time and determine where we go in March. It's a great feeling as a coach and as a team to be able to determine our own destiny."

On California Forward Devanei Hampton:
"I thought she started early in January to come around. She hit a setback and then started to come back. I think it's the number of reps in practice and the game minutes that have gotten her in condition. It's nice that she's peaking at the right time. Ashley [Walker] has carried us in the post for a long time and now they are going back and forth. Today they both had great games. You can always count on one of them. Sometimes they triple team Dev [Hampton] and Ash [Walker] gets her stuff or they triple team Ash and Dev gets her stuff. Tonight they both got their stuff. Dev doesn't take as many bad shots as last year. She takes one and then knows not to do it again. That's a huge growth from last year."

On California Point Guard Natasha Vital:
"I don't think any point guard I've seen in a long time can set up a post player better than her off the fast break. Tasha is really doing great. It's tough because as a point guard she is playing end-line to end-line, and she is handling it under pressure, and she is playing 40 minutes and has to typically defend one of their best guards. She has maturity for a freshman. She's carried us in a lot of ways from that spot. Debbie Antonelli is actually going to put her on a freshman point guards to watch on a national level."

California Forward Krista Foster

On the loss against Washington:
"It hurt us a lot on Thursday and going into Friday's practice. I think we all were ready to play another game. There was a sense of urgency going into this game defensively and rebounding."

On playing well against Washington State:
"When you are given the opportunity to go in there, you've got to play your heart out. I went out there and my teammates had my back so it was fun just going out there and playing with the girls knowing that we all have each others' back. We would run through a wall for each other. I just felt confident going out there and playing with the girls like I do every day in practice."

California Forward Ashley Walker

On free throw improvement:
"It came down to us taking our time and concentrating in practice to make our free throws. We had to take it upon ourselves. Coach said she was not going to yell and scream or anything like that anymore and that we were not going to run for [missing] them. She told us, `You are going to get up there and you are going to make them.' So a lot of us came in and started shooting. I went and shot this morning. I shot yesterday. I have been a good free throw shooter in the past but I have kind of dropped off, and I take it personally. I think it was just something we all concentrated on, and we wanted to do better. Free throws can lose games and turnovers can lose games and that was something we felt that hurt us on Thursday."

On Krista Foster's performance:
"We love when Krista shoots threes!"


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