Freshman Follow-Up: Q&A With Alex Robben
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  08/22/2011

Aug. 22, 2011

BERKELEY - During her freshman campaign, Alex Robben was the consummate team player for she seamlessly fit into the California softball line-up wherever she was needed. Starting 14 games and playing in 23, Robben saw time at first base, in the outfield and as the designated player. She contributed three RBI with three hits and three walks. After a thrilling first year that saw her Golden Bears make it to the hallowed grounds of Oklahoma City for the Women's College World Series, just had to get Robben's thoughts on the 2011 season. Now that you've got one year of collegiate softball under your belt - what was the best part of the softball season?

Alex Robben: The best part of this softball season was being able to attend the World Series. What was the best part about your fall or spring semester?

AR: The best part about the fall semester was meeting a ton of new people. The highlight of spring semester was getting close with my teammates, and I loved the traveling. After two semesters of college academics, what are you planning on doing differently or the same next semester in terms of school?

AR: I am willing to study a lot more and take more time on my papers. College is so much different than high school What is something you didn't know before you came to Cal but you now know?

AR: That procrastinating is not the answer. What was the favorite class you took this year?

AR: Education 98. What was the best part about Cal softball this year?

AR: Making it to the World Series. What class are you most looking forward to taking this fall semester?

AR: I am looking forward to a media studies class. Was playing at the NCAA Division I level what you expected or more?

AR: It was what I expected and more. I loved the rush and never knowing what was going to happen next, especially in postseason. What was it like to balance top-notch academics and playing on nationally ranked softball team?

AR: It was difficult. I have always been good in school, but coming here was like starting all over. Next year I know what to expect so I am hoping it will be a lot easier. What was the first trip to the postseason like for you?

AR: It was an adrenaline rush. I enjoyed the traveling and being able to experience it with my teammates. Also going to Regionals as confident as we were was a good feeling. What is one of your most hilarious or embarrassing stories from your freshman year?

AR: The most hilarious experience of my freshman year was having LaRisa Jones fall out of a tree and then right after her running into Arianna Erceg and knocking her flat on her back. It was hilarious!! What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

AR: Keep up on your studies and do not get behind on your readings. Also learn from last year's freshman class.

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