Cal-Stanford Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  11/20/2011

Nov. 20, 2011

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STANFORD, Calif. - California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On the play of Zach Maynard
He stepped up big. I think he managed the game really well. He made a lot of plays, got out of trouble, threw a lot of really good balls. He grew up. As the season has gone on, he's done nothing but getter every week. We saw some great defense at play, and I'm real proud of the way he played.

On controlling the game and seeming to lose control in the second half
[Stanford] started hitting some runs, some of them off-tackle. They're obviously a great football team. Andrew [Luck] made a couple of real good throws. On third and long, he didn't have to strain to get out of there. He threw a couple of really big passes. He cut around the line and made plays. We came out and we played hard. We played to fight. We made some stops on short yard situations, but they made some plays on the run game and on the play-action pass. That's how the second half went.

On the overall play of Cal
We played well, but not well enough to win. Turnovers, a couple fumbles, things like that hurt us. But again, we kept fighting. That last drive we got back down there and put it in the endzone. But you know, we can't turnover to a team like that.

California QB Zach Maynard

On losing
It's hard for the team. We played a good game on both sides of the ball. Stanford's a great team and we couldn't afford to make the mistakes we made. Other than that, we played a good game.

On his play
We had a great week of practice and we were poised coming into the game. We knew we had to control the game and we came out guns blazing. We left it all on the field.

On the weather
Any element can happen during a game. We've played in the rain, we've been playing football all our lives and we know how to adjust to it, to keep the ball dry.

On the fumble on the second play of the game
That was just a bonehead play by me, just overlooking a run play. I didn't read it as well as I should have and I pitched the ball and Isi (Sofele) wasn't even looking at me, he was looking at his read off the tackle. I pitched the ball right to him and hit him in the hands. That's all my fault.

On Stanford limiting Keenan Allen after the first quarter
Keenan's a great receiver and they double and triple teamed him to keep him from getting the ball.

On spending so much time on the sideline in the second half
It was frustrating, they were running the ball right up the middle and controlling the clock. Our defense did a great job of holding them a few times but it was frustrating that they were controlling the clock so much. We had to run a two-minute offense after that and we just ran out of time.

Stanford Head Coach David Shaw

On tonight's game
Cal is very talented. They've got an outstanding receiving core. They had a great scheme on defense. It was tough sledding. We didn't make some plays in the game that I actually thought we should have and they took advantage of it... Our kids fought back. Andrew was phenomenal, not just in running and throwing but once again in dictating the plays that we run and all the field plays we have... It wasn't pretty, but dog gone it, we fought to the end and we got the win.

On his first win as head coach in the Big Game
It's special because, and I didn't think about it really until it hit me today, looking at the fifth year seniors in the fourth quarter, the look in their eyes, you know the Gatewoods, the Jeremy Stewarts, and the rest of those guys, they wanted it so bad and as a coach, you can't help but pull for your guys and want them to be successful.

Stanford QB Andrew Luck

On redeeming last week's loss
It was great. I guess the best medicine is football.

On the Cal defense
I give credit to their defense. They played a heck of a game. Sometimes it happens in a game. You try to avoid the incompletion, but it's good that it happened in the first quarter though and not late in the game.

Stanford DE Ben Gardner

On the defensive performance
Cal came out and battled as you knew they would in a rivalry game. No matter what their record was, you throw all that out in a rivalry game... We knew they we're going to come and try to punch us in the mouth, and they did that for a while. We had to punch back, and defensively we made some big plays that really helped us take control in the second half.

Stanford SS Delano Howell

On the rain's effect
It's difficult by any circumstances. You just have to be aware of your surroundings. It's difficult for them, it's difficult for us.