Getting to Know Nicola Rössler

Freshman Nicola R┐ssler has been an impact since almost the moment she stepped onto the Berkeley campus. R┐ssler (or "Roessler" in the English spelling) competed in the final three tournaments of the
By Cal Athletics on Tue, December 28, 2010

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Freshman Nicola Rössler has been an impact since almost the moment she stepped onto the Berkeley campus. Rössler (or "Roessler" in the English spelling) competed in the final three tournaments of the fall season, carding two rounds below par. She started her collegiate career shooting a three-under 69 in the first round she played (in Tennessee).

Rössler was a member of the German Girls National Team from 2005 to 2008 and has been a member of the German Ladies National Team since 2009. She was a member of the European squad that won the prestigious PING Junior Solheim Cup in 2007.

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Here are some things you may not know about Nicola:

What are your future goals? I want to earn a Master Degree at a top European University. Afterwards, I want to be a successful manager, preferably for an athlete or a sports team. Later in life I want to take over my family's paper business have a wonderful family.

Of what sport teams are you a fan? Evivo Dueren (German Volleyball team), 1ter FC Koeln (German soccer team)

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was very little, I always wanted to be the queen of England. Later I loved the idea of being a genealogist

Of what are you most proud? My "Abitur" [German educational certificate received for passing tests after high school], being a member of the victorious 2007 European Junior Solheim Cup Team, and making the decision to come to Cal because it was incredibly hard for me to move so far away from home

Who is your favorite celebrity? Sean Connery

If you could be on any TV show, which would it be? Deutschland Sucht den Superstar [German Idol]- being part of the jury

What is your favorite article of clothing? My pajamas

What sort of business would you like to start? I would like to either start my own ancestry research business or take over my family's paper business

Whose diary would you really like to read? Otto von Bismarck (the German Imperial chancellor who brought about German unity in 1871) or Phil Mickelson's

Where is your favorite place to relax? At Cal, it is the little courtyard behind building 11 at Clark Kerr. At home back in Germany it is our living room filled with my family

If you had a time machine, what year/era would you like to travel to? To the Elizabethan age and to the era of Alexander the Great

What is one thing about your hometown that you miss? The weekly farmer's market on Saturdays and of course my family and friends

What was the best moment from a road trip? My first round at Vanderbilt when I shot 69 in my first college tournament. And when I got my nick name "Alien" in the cart (also at Vanderbilt)

What is the strongest part of your game? I have a long drive. Also my 3-4 footers are pretty good

What is your favorite sport other than golf? volleyball, tennis, and skiing

What is your favorite sports movie? "Deutschland ein Sommermaerchen" (about the German soccer team when they played in the 2006 world cup at home in Germany) and The Replacements

What is your favorite non-sports movie? Little Women

What challenge do you find in golf that you do not find in any other sport? The game is different every day- it is never the same. You never know what will happen. Golf is a challenge every new day!!!!

What is a secret talent that few people know you have? I am a very talented eater, but that is definitely no secret anymore in Berkeley. I am also terrible at keeping things secret.


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