Cal-Oregon Postgame Quotes

"That is a very good Oregon team. I thought their defense was very good. Our offense had done some very good things through the course of this year- moved the ball and had first downs and completed t
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 13, 2001

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Oct. 13, 2001

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Cal head coach Tom Holmoe

"That is a very good Oregon team. I thought their defense was very good. Our offense had done some very good things through the course of this year- moved the ball and had first downs and completed third downs- and it seemed like every time we had a play called, they were right on it."

"Their offense is very effective. I think (Joey) Harrington is a quarterback who comes out as a Heisman Trophy candidate and nobody is really talking about him because his numbers are down, but he just did everything he needed to do today to help the team win. He didn't have to do it today. They (Oregon) ran the ball. They didn't get any big touchdown passes over the top but they pounded the ball and did whatever it took to win. They are a very good football team and I think they have a chance to be one of the teams that will fight for the Pac-10 championship."

"We didn't play very well on offense. We didn't execute. We had a couple of key plays where we had open receivers and we went to the wrong guy. We had a couple of plays that we felt were important in the course of the week for us to get off, to get us started and to set the tempo, and they (Oregon) stopped them every time. I think that was the key. They jumped on us early. We kind of held them off for a while, but we just couldn't score points."

Offensive Coordinator Al Borges

General comments
"We had opportunities today. There were plays that weren't defended well, and we just did not take advantage of them."

On what went wrong with the offense
"We missed a receiver, we threw it bad, it was a different thing every time. We never had any rhythm with our offense. On offense you either go for the quick strike or you're methodical. We weren't either."

Running back Joe Igber

General comments
"(Oregon is) a good team. I think that this is one time that the score did summarize the game. They capitalized on mistakes. The players on their defense weren't the biggest and most physical, but they made plays."

On preparations for this week's game
"It won't be much different from any other week. You don't go into a game thinking that you're going to lose. You practice all week, and then you go into a game and hope you do well."

Wide receiver Charon Arnold

General comments
"We're just not getting the breaks. I don't know if we can coach that, or play harder, or what. Every time that there are tipped balls, balls in the air and fumbles, the other team gets with it."

On turning around the season
"A win is a remedy for everything. We just have to find a way to win."

On this week's practices
"We'll see this week. We'll see what kind of attitude we come out with. We've got six games left. We're either going to turn it around, or we won't."

Oregon head coach Mike Beloit

General comments on the game
"I thought we played well. I'm very pleased about our defense. I harped a lot on the defense and the whole team about playing with more intensity. It can be a problem when you come out strong. You tend to relax. But we did not. We played great defense and managed to run the ball - those were the two keys to this game."

"We thought we could get to the quarterback. We wanted to win first down, win the defensive battle, and we did."

"Overall there was significant improvement. We played a complete game. We continue to get turnovers."

On the quick start
"We were able to take some chances on defense. The turnover-takeaway ratio - being on the plus side of that is amazing." "When it was 21-0 I thought we were doing the things we needed to do, but that was the first quarter. I knew we had three quarters to play. I was pleased we played with intensity the entire second half."

On Oregon's defensive effort
"We did two things. We communicated better. (Defensive coordinator) Nick (Aliotti) had a great game plan. And then we made tackles and played with purpose."

On QB Joey Harrington
"I wouldn't trade Joey for any player in the nation. He's a great leader. He's a great quarterback. He's a great player. He's one of the reasons we're where we are today."

On the team's 3-0 road trip
"It's a very positive time. This group of kids proved that they can do it. But we want to go home. We like Autzen Stadium, too. I'd say it went better than expected because not only did we go 3-0, but we continued to get better. My mantra, my motto, is we have to find a way to get better."

Oregon Player Quotes

Quarterback Joey Harrington

General comments
"It felt good. We played well from the start and jumped out on top. We're playing well now. We're scoring early. That's the biggest key. It feels good top to bottom."

"I'm more than willing to do whatever I need to do to win football games."

"I think I'm throwing the ball pretty well. We've improved. That's the biggest key. I think we improved this week. That's a very tough defense. That guy, Scott Fujita, is a great player. To win against that defense felt great."

On Cal's defense
"They did some different things but we've come to expect getting some of that every week. We expect there to be some little wrinkles from the defenses every week."

On Oregon's offensive line
"We're throwing the ball well. I have so much time back there. Those guys up front are doing a great job."

Linebacker Wesly Mallard

On the Cal offense
"We expected a lot of screens and they ran a lot of screens."

"They tried to attack us at our weak spots."

"They tried to widen us out and pound us inside. They tried to influence us one way and then bring the ball back the other way."

General comments
"Everyone knows their job and they do it. They don't try to do too much."

"It feels good to go back home. We love to play at Autzen Stadium."

"To put points on the board helps a lot. We can be a little more aggressive then. It's great when the offense is clicking. We want to be able to get those take-aways and cause turnovers."


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