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"It was a fantastic game. Today's game was typical of a California-Oklahoma series. We have really had some dogfights out there. Both teams came out really wanting to win that game. I give a lot of
By Cal Athletics on Fri, May 28, 2004

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May 28, 2004

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General comment:
"It was a fantastic game. Today's game was typical of a California-Oklahoma series. We have really had some dogfights out there. Both teams came out really wanting to win that game. I give a lot of credit to Vicky Galindo for starting us off with a home run and Kelly Anderson coming in and saving a spectacular game and shutting OU down. Again in the bottom of the eighth inning for Vicky to get a walk and start us off all over again. She's been the catalyst of our offense this year and when the bases were loaded I knew we would win that game because there were just too many good hitters coming up to bat that were going to drive that run in. I'm really proud of the effort that my players came out with today."

On becoming a consistent team in the WCWS:
"I definitely think this program is coming to a different level. With six consecutive trips to the World Series, this team is not just coming to show up. They're here to be in that final game and win that national championship. It's the credit of the athlete that we've been able to recruit and their commitment as a group to want to win a national championship. Once you've won a national championship you always want another one. These kids are giving us everything they have and have given us a lot of heart and a lot of dedication. I'm just so proud of their effort."


On using two pitchers this year:
"I have to give Kristina a lot of credit because she's doing a great job. I think it's really great now that we have two pitchers because if someone gets tired, another one can come in and get the job done. I think we have an advantage over other teams because we don't have to ride out one pitcher. It's a great job by both of us."


On her third-inning solo home run:
"I was going for a double and I didn't think it was going to go over. I think she threw me a rise outside and I just got under it."

On the final play of the game:
"I was going on the hit. As I saw it was in the air, I got back as fast as I could. Luckily I made it. I didn't really see what the (centerfielder) did. I was just going as hard as I could"


General comment:
"Of course we're very disappointed. We played hard. Kami (Keiter) pitched extremely well. We win as a team, we lose as a team, and that's the way it's been from the start and that will be the way it finishes. This team has fight, they will not quit, and we are extremely anxious to get back out on the field. We had opportunity, we just couldn't cash in. I thought it was just a well-played, hard-fought game by two teams that are after the same goal, same mission. The good thing is we still have life, and as long as we have breath we are going to continue to fight with everything we have."

On missed scoring opportunities:
"Usually when it's all over, you remember the last play. That's unfair to Kristin Vesely. I look here (at the box score) and we have 10 runners left on base. We had opportunity. We just didn't get the timeliness. We've been pretty timely the last couple of weeks. We are disappointed, but at the same time we know that we're a team that's still hot, a team that still has capability of making noise in this tournament. We're a little down, but we're definitely not out of this yet."


General comment:
"I feel like we were tough on defense the whole time and it just came down to the last inning. I was disappointed in the walk in the leadoff. It all comes down to getting the leadoff batter out. It was a hard-fought battle both ways."


On missed scoring opportunities:
"I thought we hit the ball pretty hard. Our hits just weren't timely today like they have been."


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