Post game quotes: March 9 vs. Washington State

Thank you. Thank you all for being here. Your coverage is really important to us. First thing I'd like to do is credit a Washington State team that not only gave us an absolute battle today but has
By Cal Athletics on Fri, March 09, 2012

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March 9, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

Thank you. Thank you all for being here. Your coverage is really important to us. First thing I'd like to do is credit a Washington State team that not only gave us an absolute battle today but has had a terrific run in the tournament.

June Daugherty is one of the people in coaching that's reached out to me personally and been a mentor, but also does so many good things for the women's game. I think that group of seniors that went to Washington State maybe before that was something that you were supposed to do is pretty impressive.

Jazmine Perkins is a Berkeley kid and April Cook. I just really commend them on finishing their careers. And their impact that they're going to have on that program is really lasting. So just wanted to say that first.

Very excited to be coaching our group tomorrow in the championship game. I thought we responded really well coming out of the halftime. I asked them to get a little tougher or a lot tougher on the defensive end and to be more patient at the same time on the offensive end. I thought shooting 58% in the second half and getting some critical stops, they really did that.

We're really good when we're playing with a lot of energy, and I thought in a very short prep for Washington State, we were able to take away some of their looks. Our big players made plays. Brittany and Gen in particular really like space. They like to make plays in space, and they found those gaps.

When I see a look in both of their eyes, sometimes it's a toughness look, and sometimes it's a smile. But when I know they're right there locked in, we're tough to beat.

So I thought it was a really good team effort today. Second day in a row, we had four people in double figures, and just excited to be representing the University of California in the championship game tomorrow.

On the match up with Stanford

I don't get to enjoy it for 30 seconds before talking about Stanford? They're so good. They're really a terrific basketball team. I thought at their place I thought we were able to kind of control the tempo and maybe at times get them back on their heels and be the aggressors.

At our place, they came out and shot the ball so well. When you have the best post players in the country and then you're going to knock down shots, it gave them some separation that kind of put us in desperation mode a little bit.

So hopefully, we can come out, get stops early, and control the tempo of the game a little bit better. I certainly have some good film to look at from a week ago, and we will be better. I just think they're a terrific team, but I think our players are real competitors and we're going to make some adjustments and hopefully come out and do a lot of things better tomorrow.

On the rebounding differential

I think it's a real luxury as a coach to be able to look at them in March and say the rebounding thing is part of our identity. That people aren't going to be able to game plan for that. When you come into a win or go home game and say do what we do on the boards, that's a real factor for us.

Obviously, making a lot of shots on our end and holding them to a low percentage is going to help that differential. They only had 17 defensive rebounds partly that's because we shot a high percentage, but partly because we're giving 17 offensive rebounds, giving ourselves second chances.

That's become part of what we do. If you break down and analyze our team, it's one of the reasons that we win a lot of games. I don't think any of us, especially not Brittany over there, is happy about the 25 turnovers. But I think you can handle something like that when we're able to limit them to one shot and get multiple attempts on the other end.

On the play of Talia Caldwell

Yeah, Talia, we really trust our entire post group. When you can bring in four different people, sometimes they match up differently, sometimes can you put them in different situations, but we made a concerted effort in the second half to get the ball inside until they did a great job of keeping them on her high side. Brittany found her a couple times on those lob plays and she finished.

It's not something that we don't expect, and that's a good feeling. But she really finished it, and I thought Reshanda came in and made some critical ones as well. But we want to go inside.

Obviously Washington State's defense tries to extend you, and you can do that off the bounce. Brittany and Layshia and Eliza are picking them apart that way, or you can do it straight off post entry passes; and we just look to do that in a concerted effort kind of way coming out of the locker room at halftime.

On the Gen Brandon becoming Cal's single-season rebounding leader

What are the numbers? Ashley Walker had 317 a couple years back, and Gen got 319. Just to speak to that for a minute, Ashley, I still talk to Ashley all the time. She's one of my favorite people and players of all time. But she probably played 38 minutes a game that year. I think it speaks to the depth of our team. Our players just want to win games.

Gen plays 25 minutes and she's going to try to be as productive in those minutes. She's an absolute monster on the glass. When she wants to do that, I don't know if there's anyone that can keep her away from doing that. So I think it's a pretty remarkable stat given the depth that we have, and that everyone's willingness to play whatever role we ask them to play.

Redshirt sophomore forward Gennifer Brandon

On what makes her a good rebounder

I would say the main thing that makes me a good rebounder is a person's determination to want the ball for their team. Yeah, that's about it. Just determination to go get the ball. Like some people are good with just jumping and snatching it, and some people use techniques like boxing out. So it's determination and hard working to after the ball in any way you can.

Freshman point guard Brittany Boyd

On whether the Washington State team they played was the same as during regular season

I think they were kind of more the same team. But as they got into the tournament, I feel like their confidence went up a little because they were a winning team. And their energy level, I have to respect their energy level and how they came out at halftime and before the game. So I just think that their confidence was really high.

On which stat line she was most proud of

I would have to say my assists because I like feeding the ball to the post and the wings. But the ratio right now, the 9 to 8 is not really what I'm happy about. But I would have to say my assists overall. So, yeah.

On what the team needs to do against Stanford Yeah, I just think it's focusing in and doing the coach's game plan and following and trusting in their game plan. Just playing hard. It's the championship, and I believe that we're going to bring it and Stanford's going to bring it. So just play hard. Yeah, go on with the game plan and focusing in.


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