Southern Miss.-Cal Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  12/12/2010

Dec. 12, 2010

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BERKELEY - California head coach Mike Montgomery

On the last play
"We didn't have a lot of bigs. It was pretty obvious that's where they were going to go. Jorge, of all the guys, might do the best job of getting a strip. They did a good job of getting the ball to him. Maybe you would like to deny the ball to him if you possibly could but it was pretty obvious where they were going. Flowers was pretty good down the stretch. He didn't miss many plays. He's very good off the glass, he's got great touch and he didn't miss any foul shots. We pretty much had trouble defending him all game long. I thought Jorge was our best bet. I still think the same way."

On the fouls
"First half was brutal, abysmal. I don't know what the heck was going on. Harper plays 22 minutes the whole game. Markhuri fouls out. Thank goodness for Nigel and Richard to go in and play. I thought we should have been up a whole bunch in the first half. It was difficult, and I thought we were a little bit tentative defensively because of foul trouble late. We needed to be more aggressive. Poor Markhuri can't move too well. I thought we should have been able to take more charges when the drove. They obviously weren't looking to draw a kick, they were looking to go to the basket. I thought there was an opportunity to take some charges, but they're pretty athletic and pretty quick with the ball. It's hard to get them square but, we have to do a better job and not reach as much."

On Nigel Carter
Nigel came in and made shots. He was very confident. We had some great looks. I thought offensively we pretty much got what we wanted to get. We just didn't make shots. When Nigel came in all of the sudden he made shots and he kept us in the ball game. Thank goodness. We would have been in big trouble because they were a hard team to defend with their athleticism. They get up on the glass and they go get it. We weren't physical enough to keep them off the glass. It was tough."

On the bench and the turnovers
"Emerson made a nice play. Robert went in and I don't know if he's played all season. We just didn't have any other options. We obviously did not take care of the ball at the end of the game. That's where you have to have really good guard play at that point. We made some bad decisions in terms of getting shots and running clock. I think if we just would have run clock, and forced them to have to play through the whole clock, I think they probably would have ended up fouling us, although we did miss two out of four. But we would have been able to maintain the lead. When Harper passed to Jorge, which was not what you would have wanted, that was one turnover, and then Brandon had a couple and those were critical."

Junior Forward Harper Kamp
On Gary Flowers
"He played well tonight. He's a good player, and he has a nice touch from the outside in and around the glass. Personally, down the stretch, I think I played a little soft. I thought if I could come up with a few stops there we would have won the ball game."

On the foul situation and the last play
"You can't let that affect you, especially down the stretch. A stop at that point is more important than anything else. On the last play there, I tried to force him left, he had been going right all night. I thought I did a decent job on the last play, but I guess not."

"Jorge is just a smart defender. I think they just wanted to put Jorge as a smart veteran guy on him and be able to stop his quickness because he was quicker than most of our bigs. Hopefully he would get a steal or charge or something. I thought they played good defense on that last possession, he just made a tough shot."

On the pace
"The first half was definitely pretty choppy. You have to be able to adjust to that. I think we did a decent job coming out the second half, playing through it and not worrying about the calls or what was going on and just worrying about ourselves. We started to try and do some of the little things."

On Nigel Carter
"He played great. I think our whole bench played really well. I wasn't surprised to see him knock down so many shots. He's really been working all summer on his game. I was happy for him to get out there and knock down a few and play well."

On the schedule
"Obviously, tonight is discouraging, especially considering the last few possessions of the game and knowing that we probably should have come out of there with a win if we had made a couple better decisions personally and as a team. All it came down to was those last few possessions. But, the toughness of the schedule is going to help us in the long run."