Arizona State-California Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  02/03/2011

Feb. 3, 2011

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BERKELEY - California head coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"We were having a hard time. Arizona State played extremely well. Fortunately, we didn't lose our confidence. We got a string of pretty good shots, but we didn't make any of them, and then they ran out and hit those three threes and got that lead because we just we're recovering on defense. Then we took a timeout. We came back out and got aggressive. We started driving the ball; which you have to do against their matchup. If you stay in one place, they're going to match up with you. You've got guys that are pretty good athletes. All of the sudden we start driving and getting to the line and, because they're moving around to find you if you're moving people, once you start driving it becomes a question of what do I do. He [Jorge Gutierrez] was aggressive, made his foul shots and he did a good job on Abbot. We let McMillan get away from us early. McMillan did not play against us the first time. Obviously, he really hurt us early. We were up two at the half, but we felt like if McMillan hadn't have had those three threes, it probably wouldn't have been as much of a problem. Jorge is a good player and we rely on him. Allen I thought was tentative and I thought he was having trouble getting open. Obviously, when you're the leading scorer and you're putting up the numbers he has, people are going to start defending you. He was having a hard time getting shots, but he found a good time to make one at the end. I think had Jorge not rolled the ball across the lane, they might have figured out that they needed to defend him. But because he kind of lost control going through, they turned and looked and all of the sudden they hit that shot, which was absolutely huge."

On Allen Crabbe
"He's a shooter, and he's confident in his shot. I think that was one of the few times that he caught the ball stepping in with his feet set. That's what he does best. We were not able to get him that shot much. To Arizona State's credit, they took it away from him. That was one of the few times he actually got an inside outside look where he stepped in. Allen is a guy that is going to score big shots I think. He made his first shot and his last shot."

On the winning streak
"I think we're playing with some confidence. We feel like we can win. We've got a pretty good mix of players. Markhuri missed some shots that we were kind of used to him making. Harper is kind of a hybrid that does a few different things. Jorge is a driver, Allen is a shooter and Brandon is doing a heck of a job of running it. We've got a good combination of people out there that work together pretty well."

On the final minutes of the game
"I think that one of the things we've got the ability to do is focus in shorter time periods. I think they figured out that the only way we're going to do anything is to put some energy into it. Part of the issue might be is that starters know that they're going to play a lot of minutes and they're thinking that they don't know if they can play that hard for 40. That's one of the dilemmas that they have. We were on the ropes, we focused and started playing harder knowing that there were only seven minutes left that they had to do that."

Junior guard Jorge Gutierrez

On the game
"I'm pretty tired right now, but I'm happy that we won. We knew the zone was going to be hard to break and we knew that they could shoot the ball, as well. We just had to work on both ends of the floor, defensively and offensively."

On Crabbe's big trey
"I actually saw him as soon as I grabbed the ball. I don't remember who passed it to me. I grabbed it and I just started penetrating to kick it to him. I lost it, but I tried to pass it to him and he made the shot."

On the timeout when the Bears were down, 59-52
"We needed to play harder. We were doing alright offensively, but we knew that we had to stop them. When we got the stops, we got confident and we started making shots."

On the rest of the season
"We're just working hard. We have pretty good practices, and we're thinking about the next game. We can't think about the past and we can't think about the future. We just need to think about the next game. We're winning. I think it's working out for us. We are getting used to each other a little more as the season goes by. There has definitely been a lot of improvement since the beginning of the season up to now."

Freshman guard Allen Crabbe

On the final shot
"I knew it was down. The shot clock was at two seconds. I just shot it. I had to hit at least one tonight, and I'm glad it came there. Jorge found me and I just knocked it down. You have to have confidence when you shoot the ball. I can't just shoot it and hope it goes in because that doesn't work. I was just confident in myself and I let it go. It gave us a good margin for the four-point lead. I felt comfortable after that shot."

On his night shooting
"It was just one of those nights. I wasn't moving around to get to the open areas like I should have. The coaches were telling me that I was doing a lot of standing in the zone. I just got to move to open places so I can get better shots. We have leaders on the team that keep telling me to shoot the ball, and I'm a shooter, so they tell me to shoot it. I just have to stay confident. The shots that come in the past have to stay in the past. I was just telling myself 'keep shooting, one of them is going to have to fall before the night is over,' so I'm glad I made it there. The first thing is team.... I'll definitely sleep better tonight knowing we got this fourth game in a row."