Quotes from Cal's 3-1 Win over New Mexico in the Second Round of the NCAA College Cup

"I thought we played a pretty complete game. The players were really excited to play. When you have a bye weekend and a seed, you have a long break in between matches. The biggest thing I found was th
By Cal Athletics on Wed, November 15, 2006

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Nov. 15, 2006


Head Coach Kevin Grimes
General Statement:
"I thought we played a pretty complete game. The players were really excited to play. When you have a bye weekend and a seed, you have a long break in between matches. The biggest thing I found was the guys were really enthused about playing a game and coming out with a lot of energy and a lot of effort."

On Whether He Was Concerned About the Effects of Having a First-Round Bye:
"It's kind of a Catch-22. You can have a little bit of a letdown when you have a long break, or you can come out fresh and revived. So I think it just depends on where your team is at the end of the season. Some teams need rest and some need to keep playing to keep that rhythm and momentum going. We were just happy to compete in the playoffs and we were ready to play, whether we had to play a first-round game or whether we had a bye."

On How the Bears Were Successful Against a Strong Defensive UNM Team:
"Our guys tried to focus on themselves and their execution, and not look at any stats from the opponent. They went out and said, `Let's just play our game, and if we play our game, we have a good feeling that good things will happen.'"

Forward Jacob Wilson
On Scoring the First Goal:
"It's always great to score a goal first and set the tone. We were just pumped to come out there and to get that first goal was a real boost for us. You can get a letdown after getting the first goal, but we know not to do that. We just kept going forward and doing what we usually do."

Goalkeeper Justin Myers
On the Bears' Performance on Defense:
"I thought our defense played great. It's going to be important for us to continue getting better every day, and we look forward to the next match."

New Mexico

Head Coach Jeremy Fishbein
General Statement:
"It's not the way we envisioned ending our season, but Cal came out to play. We didn't play as we expected and are capable of playing, but hats are off to our opponents. They finished their chances. The university here did a great job of hosting the event. We were really treated in a first-class manner, and Cal's team carried themselves that way, too. It was a tough result, but we lost to a quality team.

On the Goal by Cal in the Second Minute:
"We came out very flat. There's not an excuse. They took advantage of it and put one in. I was interested to see how Cal would come out, having had a bit of a break since their last game. I thought we were pretty sharp; we'd already had one tournament game under our belt. But we gave the ball away at inopportune times and paid the price for it."

Goalkeeper Mike Graczyk
On Falling Behind So Early in the First Half:
"We pride ourselves on our team defense and being in shape, but we came out flat. We didn't have the best warm-up and it showed in the first minute or two. They were banging some balls in and we weren't able to get good enough clearances, and balls fell to them. I think we rebounded well after we got scored on, but after that second goal, it hurt. Unfortunately we just had an off-day today."

On Why Cal Was Able to Create Chances in the Lobos' End:
"We were allowing too much space for them to get good services into the box. We had a bunch of mental mistakes. We gave up a bunch of balls we don't usually give up, and credit to Cal - when you do that, a team like Cal is going to make you pay."

On His Perspective on the Season Following Today's Loss:
"By no means do we feel satisfied losing in the second round. Our program has very high expectations, and losing in the second round is not one of them."


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