Post game quotes: March 4 vs. Stanford

"I'm sorry that we didn't make it a better game. I don't think we did our part to make sure that this game was representative of the type of basketball that we play and they type of rivalry that we c
By Cal Athletics on Sun, March 04, 2012

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March 4, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"I'm sorry that we didn't make it a better game. I don't think we did our part to make sure that this game was representative of the type of basketball that we play and they type of rivalry that we can make it. That being said, I can't credit Stanford enough, they are really good. I was having some conversations with people this week as I was watching film and I was saying that I think Nnemkadi and Chiney might be the best post combination to play. I also credit the supporting cast who played very well and they played very, very hard, which made life difficult on our end. I hope that we can use this to teach us a lesson that we have to be the team that plays the hardest for forty minutes every single game. We will get our team regrouped, we'll go down to LA and hopefully we can use this to kick start us to have a really good post season."

How hard it is when Stanford's three-point shooters get hot

"I think that's probably what they've been looking for all year, with that kind of shooting to complement the inside game. Our game plan was definitely to put a lot of pressure on the ball and I think that's one of our strengths. We wanted to make them uncomfortable on the ball and t the same time be able to have a lot of help inside of the paint and double team Nnemkada [Ogwumike] and Chiney [Ogwumike] when they caught the ball. I thought that we gave them a few too many open looks off of things where we could have been on them a little bit more. Again, I credit them for being able to knock them down. And when you can bring someone like Bonnie off the Bench, and just let her be a marksman out there, it's troubling. And when they can extend the defense then it makes them, as they are, one of the top teams in the country."

On whether she expected to have better luck with the press

"Yeah. I think the major problem in the first half was that we couldn't score, we couldn't get into it. When we were really having trouble scoring, we couldn't get into a flow and we couldn't press. Obviously I think they are so well coached for them to be prepared for the press break, but at times I think it bothered them. And then obviously in the second half they really picked it apart. So I think for the game to have gone our way, or been more competitive, we really would have had to keep them off balance with the press, and that just didn't happen as consistently as it could have."

On what Stanford did to take Cal out of their game plan

"Everyone, early on in the year, talked about this post matchup. I think the angle which people talk about is how can we stop the Ogwumikes? And I think the other part of that conversation was that we score through the post a lot too and all of a sudden it's a little bit tougher for us. We don't get the things that are easy for us that we get against other people so I think that they do a good job of limiting our easy baskets. I thought that we were a little bit impatient and our offense didn't make them work for things. But they do a good job game planning. They were really physical with Layshia, not letting her get any looks, and then they packed it in on our post a little bit."

On what changed for Brittany Boyd after her quick start

"Early on in the game that's exactly how we want to play. We get a stop, we get to push in transition, whether she makes them or not, that's a good look for us and that's the way that we want to play. I thought that the first three or four minutes we really got that and the looks we wanted. We then got stops less frequently, they started hitting shots down and they were game planning a little bit. It makes it tougher to attack in transition when you are not getting the stops that you need to get. The post disappointing fact is that we gave up 86 points. It's hard to do anything that we want to do if they are scoring. And again, I credit them, they are really good, but we let them score too much and it affected our flow as much as anything."

On whether or not Cal is headed to the NCAA Tournament

"I don't think it's a question, I really don't. I think that there can't even be a question that the second best team in a BCS conference, that's higher in the RPI than the ACC I think there's no question. Would I feel better by getting a couple of wins in the tournament? Absolutely. But my focus is on winning a Pac-12 championship, that's where I want their mindset to be and being at the most elite level possible, that's where I want to be."

Junior guard Eliza Pierre

On whether she is disappointed

"I think we gave up a little bit. We gave them open threes and we let Toni [Kokenis] get off a little bit and it is hard to stop the Ogwumikes. But if we can just do our job on Toni, it will make the game a little bit more even. With her scoring twenty-three points, you don't expect, she's just a really good player. You can't expect her to score but to give her twenty-three points and then Bonnie [Samuelson] comes in shoots the lights out of the ball it makes it a little bit harder to stop Stanford."

On whether the loss rattles the team's confidence for the Pac-12 Tournament

"Not really, I think that we all wanted to win this game, but this game doesn't hurt us. Like coach is saying, they are a great team, you have to respect them, but are they twenty-five points better than us? No, I don't think they are. I think that we are going to come back in tomorrow and regroup and be ready for the tournament."


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