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"Like I said last week, the belief and trust is still there with our team. I thought some guys stepped up big tonight. Kameron Jackson came in and played a great game. We got some turnovers; that is k
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 06, 2012

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Oct. 6, 2012

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General comments:
"Like I said last week, the belief and trust is still there with our team. I thought some guys stepped up big tonight. Kameron Jackson came in and played a great game. We got some turnovers; that is key. We managed the game really well. Coach (Marcus) Arroyo called a great game; he kept them off balance. Still too many penalties, but we'll continue to work on that. I am really happy for our team and our coaching staff."

On QB Zach Maynard:
"I don't know what his stats were; he didn't incomplete very many. He managed the game really well. When he had pressure he didn't force it. That guy made a great play on the interception. One of the touchdowns to C.J. (Anderson), he saw the blitz coming and made an adjustment on the slant. He really managed the game well and was on target with a few big throws."

On the first conference win:
"(The win) was much needed. It has been a tough few weeks. That is definitely going to give us a boost. There is still a lot of football to play. We got banged up a little bit tonight, but not too bad. It was nice to see Richard Rodgers come back finally. The thing we are talking about in (the locker room) is that we can't wait to get back to work on Tuesday. Even though this is a satisfying and gratifying win against a good football team, we still know there is a lot to work on."

On Cal's defense:
"Clancy (Pendergast) and the defensive staff did a nice job. We are pretty thin at the defensive line. Guys just stepped up and played really hard. It was a gutty performance by our team. It is fitting being Joe Roth Game. We watched his video last night, and that was really inspiring for the team. All of our older guys understand who Joe Roth is; but we show it every year because it is a great inspirational message. He talks about character, and don't quit. That really brings a lot of emotion out of our guys."


Zach Maynard, QB
On getting the win:
"Early on we lost some games and went through some adversity. We had a huge week of practice this week. Everybody has been focused since Tuesday. A lot of guys watched film and broke it down. We prepared ourselves well to win this game. We had a lot of fire on our backs and our fans supported us really well today. It was a great outcome for us."

On Richard Rodgers:
"Richard came up huge for us tonight. Not only catching the ball, but he did a huge job blocking as well. We know he can catch the ball and we know he can make plays down the field, but he also solidified the blocks for the running backs. They kept bringing the blitz and we kept burning them. Richard made huge plays when we needed them. One guy couldn't tackle him. That's what we needed this week."

On shaking off the interception:
"I just had to shake it off. When the first ball you throw an interception early in the game, it's just unfortunate. I thought Keenan [Allen] was going to come out of his break a little bit faster, but he was double covered. I should have just thrown out of bounds and not made a bad play worse."

On exploiting the defense:
"They doubled Keenan a lot. That makes Richard open a lot. Richard hasn't played in a couple of game so they don't know how he moves. They probably didn't know how nifty he was. That opened up stuff for the other receivers as well. The running game opened up too. The game plan was great this week and it was huge for us. The quick game was there all day. When we had our big shots downfield we took them."

Richard Rodgers, TE
On the game:
"I think it's really exciting for us to win like that. As you could see, we were jumping around and ecstatic. It's just a great feeling to win and we just have to do a lot more winning throughout the season. We're not done yet. We've just got to keep our heads in the right place and do what we do.

On contributing tonight:
"My foot was definitely feeling better. I won't say I'm 100 percent, but whatever I can do for the team to help us, that's what I'm going to do, and I think I did that tonight. I contributed in the pass game. It was just fun out there. It was a fun game and a night game. The fans were excited. We were excited. It was just fun to get out there and play."

On sitting out the last few games:
It was tough. I think at Ohio State when [Spencer] Hagan got hurt, that was the low point for the tight ends. We were already running low and that was devastating. We came together as a team and we came together as a tight end unit and we said we need to get healthy and we need to start playing. That's what we did and it showed tonight."

Kameron Jackson, CB
On his three picks:
"I've never had a game I'm this. I'll just say that I'm blessed. That's all I can say. I saw that he was just trying to throw it out there. He did it to me one, and then he did it again, and then he did it again. Three times, three picks."


General Comments:
"Tough game for us. First of all, Cal is a talented team that played very well tonight, so we need to give them credit. They did an excellent job the entire game of playing with tremendous energy and making plays when they needed to make plays.

"That being said, we did a lot of things tonight to hurt ourselves. Starts with the six turnovers. You know, when you go on the road, in a hostile environment and you turn the ball over six times, it's going to be tough to win games. And so we've got to do a better job with that. We've got some protection issues tonight. They rushed us and they did a really nice job with that, so we've got to get that squared away. We didn't tackle as well as we're capable of tacking on defense.

"And then I think I've got to do a better job to help our defensive players with some calls. I think we've got to make tackles and we've got to cover them and all that stuff, but I think that part of the responsibility of a head coach is to help them out. And I don't think I did a very good job with that tonight. Just all around - we got beaten by a good team, and we got beaten solidly. What we're going to do is we're going to recover from it and we're going to figure out how we can get better from here and we're going to get better from here. We're discouraged and we're disappointed, but we're not going to let it linger too long - 24 hours - and we're going to go on to the next one and try to get another win."

On UCLA's Protection Issues:
"They were relentless. They were maniacal. They did blitz a lot. They did bring a lot of pressure, and we've got to learn to handle that better, and we will."

On Whether or Not Cal Blitzed This Much in the Past:
"They've been pretty aggressive on defense. They were probably a little bit more aggressive tonight than we'd seen on film, and when you get the lead like they had the lead, and you're got a team reeling a little bit like they had us in terms of protection, a good defensive coordinator does what their defensive coordinator did tonight, and that's turn up the heat."

On LT Torian White:
"Torian's knees were bothering him, and he was really struggling to move. We made the decision to pull him out. He was disappointed, but he was really having trouble moving."

On All the Mistakes (turnovers, penalties) this Game:
"I just think that's football. You get in an environment where you're competing your butt off, and you're playing against a good team. It's part of the game. You don't like it. It's not a fun part of the game. But you just do the best to avoid it and keep working through it."

On QB Brett Hundley's Play:
"He was under a lot of pressure. And when you get down like we got down, sometimes you force some things. You make some throws sometimes you wouldn't make."


Brett Hundley, QB
On the six turnovers in tonight's game:
"Just stuff didn't bounce our way. They're always tough moments in games and we've got to be able to respond back to it. [Things] just didn't bounce our way tonight so it was definitely tough."

On being pressured by Cal's defense:
"We just have to be able to stay sound in what we do and do it well. There was a lot pressure but I could do better. Keeping my downfield and going through mind reads. I can still do better while still under pressure so everybody can do better. We've just got to back, watch the film and get better."

On whether this experience can help his development as a QB:
"You can take positives out of every negative so you always want to learn from what you do bad and keep it pushing ... On all the mistakes you make and you just learn from then them. But it's not just this [game] but from every week. These lessons can mature you off of the field but you still have to get better even if we did come out with a [win] tonight you can still get better from every game. You've just got to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward."

Johnathan Franklin, TB
On Cal's aggressive and physical defense:
"Every year that we play Cal their defense always have great schemes and they came ready to play today."

On how the turnovers affected the offense:
"Just mistakes. We made a lot of mistakes. A lot of penalties, a lot of sacks. We just have to get better, that's all we can do. You have adversity in the road you've got to learn from it. We've got to come back tomorrow and watch film and all we can do is get better and work harder."

On the cause of the penalties:
"Just mental mistakes. All I can do is speak from my standpoint, but it was just mental mistakes."

On whether Cal's defense surprised them:
"No, every year that we play Cal it [becomes] a great game. They always have a great defense and they came ready to play today."

Shaquelle Evans, WR
On the couple of miscues between him and QB Brett Hundley:
"It was just [simple] miscommunication that we'll have to work on during the week. Just make sure we stay with the game plan [and] things like that. We just messed up and it's things that we can fix up easily so we'll fix it this week in practice."

On penalties disrupting the offense's rhythm:
"We shot ourselves in the foot tonight. A lot of penalties messed up our righty. We were moving the ball as you could see. Every time we got in the red zone - penalty. It's just something that we have to work on in practice with a sense of urgency. Just getting your technique right because all of them were technique penalties: holding and that's what we've got to work on during practice and we'll be good."


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