Post game quotes: Jan. 19 vs. Washington

"I thought it was a really good crowd on a Thursday night. I think people were excited about our team and told our team in the lockerroom that we did a good job of taking care of business at home. E
By Cal Athletics on Thu, January 19, 2012

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Jan. 19, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"I thought it was a really good crowd on a Thursday night. I think people were excited about our team and told our team in the lockerroom that we did a good job of taking care of business at home. Every game of the Pac-12 is going to be tough and I thought that they really owned the game plan. We knew that Rogers and Davis were going to be their leading scorers and we wanted to limit their touches, and I thought we did that; that might have been Regina's lowest shooting percentage of the season, I imagine. I thought our players hung tough. I thought that everyone who came in contributed, played their role and these two [Boyd and Caldwell] were spectacular in what we did tonight and definitely our catalyst for the night. I thought it was a really good team win and we were happy to be back at Haas and beat the Huskies."

"We wanted to push the tempo because if they get the chance to get set, then Regina is going to be score over. And I also thought that early on when we did try to attack her directly, we realized that our strength was that we have dominating post players that if Regina is guarding Talia on a post up, then that gives Gennifer a little bit of a look on a back side seal, or Reshanda or whomever, I thought we mixed it up and found the open player. When I saw the fifty-two points in the paint I told them that it was a good job by our guards by finding our bigs, and sealing and getting to the rim. Brittany really to the rim, Layshia did a good job when we got out in transition."

On the game plan to contain Regina Rogers

"Well, we said that the person going in against her is going to have a tough job to do because she is such a physical presence, and as Talia said, has really good hands and feet and she does a good job, particularly this year, of finishing around the basket. So we thought that our wings needed to discourage passes to her, we wanted limited touches. And against Regina, limiting touches was using our wings to sag a little bit and then recover to their player. And we wanted to limit touches to Jazmine by making her life a little more difficult on the full court with some pressure and denying passes back. So I thought that we did a really good job of that and we said let's make other people beat us or let's make these two have low shooting percentages and I thought defensively, the players did a really good job of that."

"Well we definitely had the game plan around Regina, whether you want to call it Regina rules or whatever, but we were kind of off when she was out of the game because no one else has that kind of presence so we sifted our game plan a little bit when she was in and when she was out. They did win a big game last weekend against Washington state when she didn't play due to injury so we know the other players are capable, so we didn't want a let down when she was out of the game but I think it allowed us to put more pressure on their guards when she was out. I thought that we did a really good job of telling the players of being opportunistic when we pressured. You saw Brittany and Eliza get their hands on things and they doing that out of the sag and the pressure and we knew who we were going to pressure and who we were going to sag."

On the play of Brittany Boyd

"I think Brittany has worked really hard, and even just re-watching the film against Utah, just the decisions of understanding, she get the ball back on the perimeter and even if people aren't tight on her, that she can be really selective with what she does and I think her finishing has been great, going to the basket. And we know that when she goes to the basket and people collapse on her, that she is going to find open people and she's been really good at that."

Junior center Talia Caldwell

On Defending Regina Rogers

"It was fun. It was a fun game. She is always fun to play against. Other than size, she is also a very skilled player, she has good footwork, she has good hands. So it was a good challenge to freshen up my defensive skills. It was good, I always really like playing against her and she's a really good player."

On the difference in her game this year

"Gennifer is taking all of my offensive rebounds. I'm just doing what I'm capable of and I know I can drive and I worked on a lot of aspects of my game so if I'm not focusing on one part, like just offensive rebounds, if I have the ball and I can take a step then I will but nothing in particular though."

Freshman point guard Brittany Boyd

"I just wanted to come into the game with patience and I just helped my team get the win."

On getting the ball inside

"I don't think it was hard at all. I think they were lost a little bit. Pretty much we just tried to get the ball out fast and catch and shoot."


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