Cal-Portland State Postgame Quotes

"Early, they were trying to blitz and plug all the gaps which left DeSean (Jackson) one on one. We never really could get the running game going consistently. We made some good plays. Too many times,
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 16, 2006

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Sept. 16, 2006

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On Portland State's defense:
"Early, they were trying to blitz and plug all the gaps which left DeSean (Jackson) one on one. We never really could get the running game going consistently. We made some good plays. Too many times, we got stopped behind the line of scrimmage. They were penetrating and we weren't getting the edges blocked so our backs didn't have any place to go and we got caught in the backfield a couple of times."

"You have to give them (Portland State) credit. They're a good defensive line."

On deciding when to put in substitutes:
"We were going to give the offensive line one series in the second half and then take them out, which we did. We started substituting at the end of the second quarter with a lot of our defense. We substituted a lot in the second quarter. It's going to pay dividends down the road."

"To be able to get those guys in in big time situations is much different than practice. It's very important because as you go through a long season, there is going to be attrition. Guys are going to go down and we're going to have people step in. It's always nice when it's not their first time on the field."

On Bryan Schutte:
"Bryan Schutte played pretty well. It was nice to see (Bryan) Schutte out there. He did great in camp. He's a very solid tough player and it was nice to see him get some action."

On Cal's turnovers and penalties:
"It's something we're definitely going to address this week. We had way too many turnovers and we're not going to tolerate it. There were poor decisions by a couple of guys. We're definitely going to address that."


DEFENSIVE BACK Daymeion Hughes

On his interception:
"I was just sitting back in the zone, waiting for the quarterback to make an error. I got the ball in my hands and took advantage, going to the end zone. We don't get many touchdowns on defense, so we need to capitalize on those opportunities."


On the offense:
"The timing and the flow of the offense was smooth today. Nate looked good today. We got some points on the board early, which is always good. Timing is a big part of our offense. We just have to take it one game at a time and play with confidence."

On the defense:
"The defense was good today. They had a lot of three and outs. They practiced that hard all week. Like Coach Tedford said, get three and outs every time and let the offense get back out there and get some touchdowns."

LINEBACKER Desmond Bishop

On how the nonstarters played:
"It was good to see the young guys play; it builds their confidence. It builds everyone's confidence when we execute our plays. We need to continue executing those plays next week. We go into the same mindset each week for every game and today everything went well for us."

QUARTERBACK Nate Longshore

On adjusting to Portland State's defense
"They were waiting on us to run the ball, so we had to be ready to throw the ball to loosen things up and open the running lanes. The offensive line did a good job of opening up the holes and the running backs did a good job of running through them."


General Comments
"Number one, they're probably as good as advertised on offense, because I think we're good on defense and they totally dismantled us. I don't think we played really well, but a lot of that probably had to do with them. I give them a lot of credit. They do great things on offense, and that tailback [Marshawn Lynch] is for real."

On Quarterback Injuries
"Sawyer Smith's X-rays were negative, so that's good, but how fast he can get back, I don't know. We need him to be back. The other young man [Tygue Howland] will probably have to an MRI on Monday on his knee. But my hat's off to Rob Freeman; he's our third quarterback playing against the Cal defense, and he made some good throws. I've got to give him a lot of credit for us getting 16 points. When you're the third quarterback you really don't think you're going to play any meaningful time, but the game got a little out of control and he got to play against the first [string], and he did pretty well."

On Wide Receiver Tremayne Kirkland Lining Up as Quarterback
"We'd like him to be more of the package, too, and he probably will be. He started three games at UNLV as the quarterback, so he knows how to get there and do the stuff. It's just a little wrinkle we can throw into the game, and it's something else that everyone else has to prepare for."

Did QB Injuries Limit What You Could Do Today?
"It took a lot of the things that we would do as far as at the line of scrimmage. Sawyer is really smart, been here for five years and started 12, 13 games now, and we would have loved to have him for the entire game. It's unfortunate that happened to him, because I know he was looking forward to this game."



General comments:
"The biggest difference between us and them is their depth. Their two's are just as good as a lot of team's one's in our league. Cal is also just fast at every position. A couple teams might have a couple fast guys but they are just fast all over. Cal is a great team."

"We came into the game knowing they are pretty good up front so we were thinking we might have to throw the ball but it's kind of tough when you're top two quarterbacks go out in the first quarter. That made it hard on us."

On quarterback Rob Freeman:
"Rob came in and did some nice things. I was pretty impressed with what he did. Coming in as a third string quarterback, you're probably not going to think that you're going to be getting into the game. I was impressed with what he did when he came in. He was pretty calm in the huddle and that was nice to see. We tried to rally around Rob as best we could but it was just too little a little too late."


General comments:
"It was a good experience but unfortunately we didn't get the outcome that we wanted. Cal is a great team. It's unfortunate we didn't play a good game. It's one thing to lose but if you don't play well you really don't know what the outcome would have been."

"Cal's a great team and they're well coached and this was a good experience heading into the Big Sky Conference."

"Cal has all-around talent. You might have good guys at certain positions in a Mountain West team (Kirkland previously played at UNLV), but at every spot Cal has an All-American. That was a good experience. They were fast on defense. The speed was a big difference. It should help us going into the Big Sky."


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