Mikayla Lyles: Cub Reporter
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  02/22/2012

Feb. 22, 2012

The following feature is a CalBears.com exclusive, written by Athletics Communications Intern Megan Lee

California Women's Basketball sophomore guard, Mikayla Lyles is a very mature, self-composed, and calm player on the court.

"I would say I kinda just want to be in the position where I am there for everybody. If something needs to be done, it gets done. If something needs encouragement, it gets encouragement."

But playing basketball is not Mikayla's only passion. Lyles has recently developed an interest in Media Communications and is now UC Berkeley's very own `cub reporter'.

"Last year, after entering college, I became very interested in the whole broadcasting thing. I started paying more attention to a lot of the analyst things going on, like on ESPN, and found that it was really interesting to me. I thought I would enjoy it, so I kinda just went with it."

Growing up playing basketball, Lyles has been around sports talk her whole life. What really interested her was not just watching sports, but also listening to the commentators talk about sports and break everything down during the games.

"I enjoy hearing the actual opinions that different analysts have on sports players. I like hearing the overall conversation."

Now, she has partnered up with Cal Sports Report and has done numerous segments where she interviews her fellow basketball teammates. While this is the first real experience she has had, working in front of the camera, Lyles has picked it up gracefully and eloquently.

"The first interview, I was a little nervous, probably [I would] say before the interview actually happened. I wanted to make sure I knew what I wanted to ask and how it was going to present. But as I got into it, it just became more natural and I had a lot of fun with it."

Lyles' Cal Sports Report features showcase her teammates, which also helped to make this new experience a little more lax. For not having any experience, Lyles is a natural. Displaying comfort and ease when conducting her interviews. Lyles has enjoyed the opportunity she's gotten to interview all of her teammates.

"I've enjoyed all of [the interviews] because all of my teammates have something different and something interesting to say."

Mikayla covers a broad range of topics, asking all kinds of questions. She hits the personal questions, the fun and quirky questions as well as the sports related questions.

"Personally, I like the embarrassing moment question because it allows people to kind of open up a little bit. Be a little vulnerable to something they don't generally want people to know about, but also it brings a little intimate relationship between the viewer and the person."

While interviewing her teammates has been a lot of fun, basketball is not the only sport this burgeoning reporter is interested in. Her ideal sport of choice, football.

"It's so exciting. There's always something going on. There are always things to say about it because it is a very complex sport. You really have to know positions and formations and techniques. I think talking about another sport is more interesting to me."

To catch Mikayla in action, tune in to the Cal Sports Report, airing on Wednesday's and repeating at various other times throughout the week on Comcast Sports Net California. Mikayla's player interview segments also get posted to the All-Access section of CalBears.com. Here are links to a couple of the features:

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