Post game quotes: Feb. 11 vs USC

"This was a really heartbreaking way to lose a basketball game and I feel for our players in that they obviously laid everything out on the floor and to lose a game like that I obviously credit USC fo
By Cal Athletics on Sun, February 12, 2012

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Feb. 12, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"This was a really heartbreaking way to lose a basketball game and I feel for our players in that they obviously laid everything out on the floor and to lose a game like that I obviously credit USC for being really good. They are very talented. But I told them in there, as much as I much as I love them today, as much as I ever had, I feel like we had a lot of passion and heart. I think that more than any other game, we can look at ourselves and say that we didn't do the things that we needed to do to win the ballgame, and in some ways that makes it easier to take. We need to go back and say that we have to get better at the little things to take care of opponents; and some teams don't make you pay but USC made us pay. It was a great basketball game, I loved the crowd, loved the atmosphere. I think our team is getting battle tested and tournament tested, but the lesson that we need to learn from this one, once we take away the hurt and the emotions it needs to be a hard look at how we could have been better and how I didn't do enough and I credit USC for taking advantage of every single error that we made."

On what the team needs to work on

"Where do I start? They murdered us on the offensive boards. I know they had thirteen and we had nineteen, but to me the numbers don't tell the story; they had critical offensive rebounds that we daggers. We put them on the free-throw line in situations where we could have controlled and some that we couldn't have, we needlessly put them on the free-throw line. I think we took bad shots, we weren't in an offensive flow in the first half and it's not that we didn't know that they were going to sag, I thought that we disciplined with that. We didn't go over ball screens at the end and let Ariya get hot, and I could go on and on. It's good, we can look at all those things and say the little things make you pay. I expect our team to be a little bit tighter and more disciplined with those things at this point."

On what made Gilbreath and Crook so effective

"Ariya made shots at the end. We fell asleep a couple of times and went under the ball screens and she made us pay. She obviously felt confident with the ball in her hands, that's who she is. She's going to take big shots and sometimes that's going to work for her and sometimes it's not. I've seen her play a couple of times and we needed to tighten up on her. And for Briana, she's really good. She's one of the most complete players in this conference. She lived at the free-throw line which is going to make it tough to limit her touches, and she had that little spree in the second half where we let her get free. I remember she hit one three off of an offensive rebound, that's replaying in my mind, but she also got some good looks off of ball screen action that we didn't do a good job on."

On her two point guards fouling out

"Yeah, I looked at them in the time before the over time and said this is why we are built this way, with depth. If the point guard fouled out and the second point guard fouled out, oh we have a third one who happens to be pretty good and we can bring in two wings that are starters. Afure is a starter, she started eighteen games and Sherbert can play as well. I think that's one of the things that with Grey and Talia in foul trouble, the entire beginning of the first half and some of the second half, you can go with Hartman and Gennifer and you don't miss a beat, those are all good things for us and I think they are all positives. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around so many of the ways that we hurt ourselves tonight. Again, I don't take anything away from USC. Marinacci is very hard to box out and they make plays off of it and they got an offensive rebound and Gilbreath makes a three, and I credit them. This was a game where there were a lot of good things that kept us in it but too many things that we hurt ourselves on."

Junior guard Layshia Clarendon

On the shot that sent the game to overtime

"It's kinda just like thank god that shot went in and we had all of the momentum to take the game in overtime, but we make a couple of mistakes down that stretch, the last few minutes that cost us. As long as it goes in I don't care who made it. "


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