Postgame Quotes: California-Utah

"We didn't play well early. You have to give credit to Utah. They came in with a good game plan and ran their cuts hard. We did a good job once we figured out where they needed to have it. Offensively
By Cal Athletics on Thu, February 28, 2013

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Feb. 28, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On Cal's slow start
"We didn't play well early. You have to give credit to Utah. They came in with a good game plan and ran their cuts hard. We did a good job once we figured out where they needed to have it. Offensively we were spotty. The fact is they were not going to let us run the break, and they didn't really send people to the offensive glass they ran four people back. As a result we were coming down on the push and didn't really have what we wanted, but we would make a pass and shoot the ball. We didn't handle that very well, we needed to flow into something. We got moving and got stops, and as a result were up able to get up ten at half. It is just hard, because we beat them there and our guys react to stuff like that a little bit."

On Utah's defense
"They showed zone to try to get you to run zone offense, and pick up man. It is mainly to get you to go into a zone offense and lose your continuity. We mostly ran man offense against it. They topped Allen (Crabbe) and they did a good job getting physical with him. We didn't do a good job of establishing anything in the paint. They defend certain people harder than others. We tend to find people that are open and we think that is what we want, but it really isn't what we want. But nonetheless it worked out for us."

On the February run Cal has had
"The fact that we have been able to defend, we've held together and not gotten down on each other. We've found ways to win, and at the end of the day as long as it goes in the left hand column that's what's important."

On the margin of victory
"I would have not liked to be in a close game. We were not moving the ball with much alacrity. We were stagnant the way we were moving the ball. We've done that from time to time and I'm glad we had some cushion."

On Colorado
"We are going to have to be smoother offensively; we are going to have to execute better. They run the floor very well and they are aggressive at the point of attack. They will take it right at you and create foul situations with penetration. A lot of pick and rolls. They are very good defensively. It has been a tough matchup. It is tougher there, they run you hard and try to get you tired. We had to bring everything we could to win last year."

Junior Guard Allen Crabbe

On the mentality going into the final games
"Keep playing harder and to keep building off our success. We can get it done."

On the recent success
"I guess you could say that we have more team unity. We're really taking pride in our defense. Play harder from here on out. We just want to roll. Nobody likes to lose. We know we've got to play harder from here on out. We trust each other more as a team. We get people the ball when they need it. Everyone is contributing. That's what we need to be successful."

On the play of the bigs
"I feel like they're playing with a lot more confidence for us. Things are going good for them on offense and that carries over to their defense. They're rebounding the ball, blocking shots, and making their presence felt on the defensive side. Everybody's confidence is high right now and that's what we need from everybody if we're going to make a run at the Pac-12 title and the NCAA tournament. It's one game at a time. We want to just keep growing on our success."

On his rebounding
"The ball just happened to come to me tonight. Coach is always talking about how the wings are always leaking out. Utah happened to be one of those teams that sends at least four players for the offensive rebound. It's a lot easier when David and Richard are boxing someone out and my guy is at half court. Then I can just run and get the easy rebound."

Junior Guard Justin Cobbs

On the slow start
"We didn't come out with enough energy. We came out thinking we could outplay them. They're a solid team. We've got to do better things on offense. We needed to execute our offense and get the right people the ball."

On 24-2 run
"I just think that the right people were getting the ball. Allen made some shots. We were getting stops and getting easy buckets on the break. When those things happen we're really hard to stop. Everybody likes to run and get those easy buckets."

"I think this team has developed a defensive mindset. We don't rely on our offense to win games. We know it's important to play defense. We're maturing a lot and taking pride in the defense and getting stops."

Freshman Guard Tyrone Wallace

On the winning streak
"I'm really excited for our team's success, but I know that the job still isn't done. We've got two tough games and we lost to these two teams. We've got to come out and play as good as we have been during this winning streak. Hopefully we'll do that."

On his shooting percentage
"I've been putting a lot of time into my shooting but it's still not falling like I want it to. I'm just going to continue to work and hopefully some shots will go down."

Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

On Utah's turnovers
"We gave up 15 points in the first half off of turnovers and we had eight of them. If you do the math, that means every time we turned the ball over they scored two points. I thought defense and game plan was there. But, we continue to have these mental lapses on our passes and decision making. It was more of a self inflicted wound than something they did to us."

On Utah's missed shots and turnovers
"It is going to be a rough night when you have combination of turnovers and missed shots. I don't know how many of those shots were an inch off. You don't have much of a chance to win in this environment if you have a combination of those two. That has been a story of our season. Defensively we were doing a good job; you just can't defend turnovers."


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