Cal-Syracuse Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  11/19/2009

Nov. 19, 2009

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On tonight's game:
As I told the team, I don't think that was who we are, but I knew we were going to have problems. Their size was going to cause us a problem and it did. Their zone was going to cause us a problem and it did. Unfortunately, some of the things that we worked on did not translate to the game. They got 19 points on turnovers, which is really a high number. Your objective always is to if you make a mistake or miss a shot to get back and have an opportunity to defend and not give them a good shot. We didn't do that. They had a lot of run outs, dumps, breaks, follow-ups. And it's hard to do that in a game against a team that good. So that really put us in a tough spot. They're much bigger than us. We knew that was going to be a problem for us and when Markhuri (Sanders-Frison) got two and Jamal (Boykin) got two it really put us in a tough spot not having enough big guys to compete in there. But they're a good basketball team and they shot the ball very well. I think part of the reason was they were very confident. I don't think they fell threatened and when you don't feel threatened you can play kind of loose and easy and I think that's probably what happened.

On injury to Theo Robertson:
He won't play tomorrow. We expected him to play to be honest with you. It kind of got worse between the time we left Cal and got here. We knew not to practice him yesterday; that was part of the equation. But he expected to practice, but it was more painful so we completely kept him out. Today it was just worse.

On Syracuse's play:
I don't think there's any question that their size... they had nine blocks. In the first half, I thought there were probably five occasions we got to the basket that we could have had a score or got to the foul line and instead we got a shot blocked. And that takes a little bit of wind out of your sails. I don't know that I can remember somebody has blocked nine shots. It took away our inside game. Again, I think we got very tentative. I think turning the ball over as many times as we did forced us to be tentative. So I thought that was a factor as well. But they're big, strong, long. (Wesley) Johnson just jumped up above us and shot over us like we weren't there. And that's discouraging. They made shots and we were having a very difficult time scoring. And we did get a little discouraged.

Senior Guard Jerome Randle

On moving forward after tonight's loss:
Hopefully we respond well. We have a game tomorrow, which is great. We just can't be down right now. If you go into the game tomorrow thinking about this game we just lost, we'll lose again. So we have to let it go right now and just come back tomorrow and try to get a `W.'

On injury to teammate Theo Robertson:
I actually did not know that he wasn't playing. When they passed out the jerseys, Theo was still in his warm up. So it kind of surprised me, but that's why you have a team. You have to step up. Someone had to step up. But they just came out aggressively. We backed down today, but we have to respond back tomorrow.