Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  01/23/2010

Jan. 23, 2010

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On overall impressions of game
We just can't stand prosperity. That 1-3-1 really gives us problems, there's no question about that. We just lose our aggressiveness. There's things we don't do physically. We turned it over in inopportune times. We get a little soft on defense. It's very difficult. Jorge [Gutierrez] practiced one day. Theo [Robertson] gets in foul trouble early, then Omondi [Amoke] gets in foul trouble, then really I've got my two 4-men out. I don't have a lot of options. Right now I'm starting Omondi. Markhuri [Sanders-Frison] has a back problem. I could have played Max [Zhang] and played two bigs, but we elected to go a different way because they spread the court and do a lot of back cuts. So, now I'm in a situation where I really don't have anybody I could play at the 4. With Jorge being out, I play Nikola [Knezevic] and I play D.J. [Seeley]. D.J.'s been playing well lately. He came in and couldn't get a shot down. It is a zone. They do 2-3 and they do 1-3-1, so I had four ball-handlers out there. The ball wasn't going down. Patrick [Christopher] got two early, and they did a great job of taking Pat out. We don't do a great job of finding the hot shooter. I got on Markhuri. I felt a little bit bad; he takes a 17-footer. Well, you're open for a reason. That's not a shot you shoot in practice, that's not a shot you shoot very well or you do much of. Of course, he looks at me like `I'm wide open.' But we need to get shots for guys in context. Get it deep, let him put it inside.

On Oregon State
We had a hard time penetrating. Oregon State is very unique. It causes you problems. It's a different deal. They're very big with it. They do a great job of playing passing lanes. We just had a hard time with it and I don't know if that's going to change a whole lot. If you turn the ball, the guy's a great handler and drives into traffic. I think last year up there Jorge did a real good job because we turned it and Jorge penetrated and made plays on that second side. We just seemed to get into a funk at the end. They're smart. They play, they mess around, they play different defenses at the end. They made a little run, then they go to that 1-3-1 that they really trap aggressively and all of a sudden maybe they win and get out and you go "How did that happen?" In fact, that's kind of what happened last year--same principle.

On Oregon State Guard Calvin Haynes
For some reason, we're good for career-highs. We probably didn't do as good a job game-planning as we did for Oregon. It's not as clear-cut what you have to do in this particular situation. We get hurt much on the back cuts. He did a good job. He did some things that we haven't seen. He posted up Jerome [Randle], we hadn't seen anybody really go to that very much and that cost us some buckets. They were comfortable with it; it wasn't like they were just throwing it in there. [Jared] Cunningham had a great game. We talked about getting help on the back side for all the back cuts and tried to pressure the ball. [Roelan] Schaftenaar was not as big a factor. Then we kind of made a mistake in terms of understanding that Haynes was the one guy who could shoot it. Frankly, he's been shooting not a great percentage and been averaging not very many points, and all of a sudden he jumps up and gets 25 against us. When you do something and you tell kids something, like `This guy does this, or that guys does that,' it doesn't mean he can't play. It just means here's the tendencies, here's what you need to be aware of. We tend to take it pretty literally and sometimes that bites us.

Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson

General Comments
We have to figure out what we are doing as coaches and staff members to get them to play like this all of the time. This league is wide open for people to take their shot, so I have to examine what I'm doing at practice to get these guys ready for an effort like this all of the time. It was nice to see that we could come back after a flat Thursday and play really well early on Saturday. We felt that if we kept them on their heels we could keep the pressure on them. We had a little bit of a lull right after halftime where they came out and hit some big shots. That was the difference in the game. If we had not had that little respite there I think we would have been ahead.

On Oregon State Freshman Guard Jared Cunningham
I think we found ourselves a player there. We've been trying to nurture him along so that when he was ready to have a breakout game like this it would be something that was important and needed. He gives us something else to add to our toolkit and I'm really excited about that. He performed like a basketball player. Everything he got he got because of his knowledge of the game and his feel for the game. It's nice to see him rewarded for all the hard work he's been doing. He imposed his will and we're really excited about having him around for the next few years. He's a willing student and he's an aggressive player and that's what we need out there.

On California Senior Guard Jerome Randle
I know Jerome from Chicago and I think he's a terrific player. I think he's got a chance at the next level. When a kid is that good you have to focus on him and that's what we did. He's the straw that stirs that drink. He makes them go.