Postgame Quotes: California-George Washington

On the play of his bench "That's what we expect from Justin [Cobbs], really. We think he's capable of doing that. His focus was really good. He made a difference. That's why we like him, off the bench
By Cal Athletics on Sun, November 13, 2011

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Nov. 13, 2011

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On the play of his bench
"That's what we expect from Justin [Cobbs], really. We think he's capable of doing that. His focus was really good. He made a difference. That's why we like him, off the bench, because he changes things, if we're not doing things or if we're having problems. He has the ability to come in, and change things. He's done it, twice, for us, now. That's what we need for him to do. I have been very impressed with [David] Kravish. He's easy to play with. He's a great rebounder, and he got a shot block. He's always in the right spot; he's moving and he doesn't disrupt anything. I've been pleased with Emerson [Murray]. He made a couple really nice passes, and he was good, on defense. He gave us a lot of energy, in there. It was better. The rebounding was better. We've been harping on them about rebounding. We've been harping on them about bench play; we got better performances there."

On using so many bench minutes
"What I'm trying to do is develop depth. I don't want to run Harper [Kamp] and Jorge [Gutierrez] and [Allen] Crabbe into the ground. I'm trying to keep other people in the game. We have to find combinations of people that can play together. If we're good with a certain group, and we get a lead, I'd like to put other people in and keep that lead. A couple times, we've been up quite a bit, and then we've let them back in, and almost had to put those guys back in. I don't want to be dependent on that, mentally or physically. We're just looking to develop eight, nine, to ten guys that can play quality minutes and maintain a certain level of play."

On the slow start and the adjustments
"We didn't start the game like we did the other night. We were a little bit lax. The other night, we were charged up, and we had a lot of students here. I thought we just had a good edge. We didn't have that tonight. Every time you play, the opponent is going to give you a different look. This group is very athletic and they reached a lot. Crabbe looked like he was stumbling around out there. Jorge [Gutierrez] had a couple of uncharacteristic turnovers. We were just not in sync. I think part of that was just our mental preparation. It was after we had substituted around and everybody had had a chance to come out and relax a little bit, but once that happened, we found a group that played well together, and we started executing."

On using so many players
"Certain people in certain situations are better. Jeff [Powers] might be better if a team used a zone and tried to play a certain way. Powers might be better than somebody else. I'm talking about guys who can sustain, or even increase a lead, but I'd like to get to ten. If I get somebody in foul trouble, it's not like the whole world falls apart. It allows people to stay aggressive."

On the defense
"I think you all know about Jorge [Gutierrez] and how good he is, defensively, and gets into guys' heads and so forth. I think the guy you don't notice, as much, that's doing a tremendous job is Harper [Kamp]. If you watch Harper, he's always helping. He's always in a position. He knows exactly what is going on, and he sees who is open. He and Jorge just have a knack, defensively, to know what's going on. He's just physical enough to take you out of your rhythm. Brandon is good, on the ball. Allen is getting better. Justin is good, on the ball, but he loses concentration, sometimes. We also made an adjustment on the three-point shooter when they were setting the ball screens. We made a little adjustment, and they did it, very nicely. But it was Harper that made it. We talked, but he did it. That kind of stuff is immeasurable."


Justin Cobbs, So. G

On coming off the bench
"I think just coming off the bench, we come out and bring effort and intensity. We just make sure we pick up where the five starters left off, or even pick it up, like we did in the second half. David [Kravish] was able to contest shots, get rebounds, and get us out on the break."

On the offensive outburst late in the first half
"Coach talked to us about defense. We were getting their first move, stopping them, and getting out on the break. That's what helped us; getting on the break, getting fast outlets, and getting down the court."

On the slow start
"They're physical, out there. It's not just making the first move, it's about getting to the second. They were just out there being more physical than we were, and we then made the adjustment."

On comparing his performance, tonight, with the first game
"It's just getting my momentum going and getting out there, and getting my feel for the game. Coach tells me to be aggressive and make plays. That's what I tried to do, this game, instead of just being so passive and letting people get into me. I just came out with the mentality that was I going to be aggressive and make plays tonight. That's the main thing coach talks about. It's not about having five or seven guys; it's about have eight, or nine, or ten; having a rotation, just in case anybody goes down or anything happens. We need to have depth off the bench. That's what me and David [Kravish] bring. We bring intensity and effort, and that's the main thing we're doing right now."

David Kravish, Fr. F
On playing meaningful minutes
"It's real nice to get out there, especially because it's the second game of season. When it's really close and you've got everyone around you, you know the game is on the line. It's really fun playing with the team when everybody is really going together, bringing the intensity and effort that we needed.

On the slow start
"At the beginning we were going too fast and we had ten turnovers, early. That's crazy. [Coach] was just telling us that we were going way to fast. We were playing their game; the game they wanted us to play. He told us to slow down, and play our game, and influence the way they play, so, that's what we did."

On getting so many minutes as a true freshman
"I just came in with the mindset that I was going to work my hardest in practice, and in the games, and do whatever I had to do to get on the court. So, that's just what my mindset was, coming in."

On playing with the starters
"It doesn't necessarily mean more. It's fun to be out there with the starting team. It's fun to be out there with all the different guys in all the different combinations. Just to be on the court is an amazing opportunity. I just want to take advantage of all of it."


On Cal's run to end the first half, and the game in general
"I've never really been involved with a run quite like that. I tried to call a couple of timeouts, and I wanted to give them credit, but I thought our shot selection and different things really added to that run. We just lost our composure and the toughness, rebounding, and not getting to the free throw line are things that a good team does. They killed us on the boards and shouldn't have nearly doubled us on the boards. This was disappointing, and I'm glad we didn't pack it in during the second half but the game was basically over after that run."

On what went wrong during the run
"I think with our team, we have too many guys that tried to go one-on-one and we really only have one player that can create like that, which is Tony [Taylor]. Some of the guys were just trying to force the action, and bad shots we took ended up as layups at the other end. It was very disappointing that we never really got our composure back, the rest of that half. To end it that way, not even scoring points, in a game like this, hurts."

On if he was encouraged by the play of Tony Taylor
"Yeah. But he turned the ball over, a little, and they played physical with him. He's got to respond to that better. We need him to have monster games to keep us in games, especially against a high-level team like tonight."

On if travel was a factor on how the team played
"I don't think that had anything to do with it. We were well prepared and focused, and I thought that was obvious because we came out and played with them, early in the game."

On Cal
"They are a good team. I watched the last game, on film, and they run good stuff. They are well coached, and they play hard, which is a good combination. Then that Gutierrez kid is tough, and that is something that our guys have to respond to with toughness. When we have the ball and they are just taking it from us."


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