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"We got beat in all phases of the game. You have to give Washington a lot of credit. They executed in all phases. Great job on defense. They had a lot of big plays, [Washington QB Jake] Locker put the
By Cal Athletics on Sun, December 06, 2009

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Dec. 5, 2009

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Opening thoughts
"We got beat in all phases of the game. You have to give Washington a lot of credit. They executed in all phases. Great job on defense. They had a lot of big plays, [Washington QB Jake] Locker put the ball where they could catch it. They made a lot of the plays, and we didn't. And that's what happens."

On Washington QB Jake Locker and WR Jermaine Kearse
"We knew he's [Jermaine Kearse] a big guy and he got deep on us a couple times. Locker put the ball where it needed to be. Give him a lot of credit."

On Washington's defense
"They did a nice job of pressuring us. They played very, very hard. They had a nice scheme coming after us and just beat us."

On Cal DB Syd'Quan Thompson
"He had a high ankle sprain and didn't practice all week long. We thought he might be able to go time to time but the ankle didn't respond."

On Cal's early drives
"The game was still early at that point. There's a lot of football left. Any time you don't get points when you go down there, you obviously want to score. But still there was a lot of football left."

On going for it on fourth down in the third quarter
"We were down in there and we needed touchdowns. Field goals weren't going to help at that point. We needed touchdowns, so that's why we went for it."

On Washington's offense
"It's about matchups. We played hard, but Washington had a great game plan. Washington had guys one-on-one at times and they won one-on-one matchups. They design plays for Jake [Locker] to run the ball, he does an excellent job with that and he can improvise when things break down."

On Cal's execution on offense
"They had a lot of blitzes. We didn't block very well. On offense, you have to execute. All 11 guys have to execute. We just got beat today."

On Kevin Riley's fourth-down run that came just short of a first down in the third quarter
"We talked about it. As far as spots are concerned, you challenge spots, it has to be obvious to be overturned, so we decided not to."

On the bye week's effecting the outcome at Washington
"I'm not gonna make excuses about the bye week. There are no excuses. They played better than we did. It had nothing to do with Stanford, it had nothing to do with the bye week. We came in here with high expectations, and they beat us."

More on Washington's defense
"They ran some formations and shifted out where there was some confusion there."

On Cal's upcoming bowl game
"I have no idea who we would play. Like I told the team, the fortunate thing is that we get to play again. We don't have to end the season on that note. We'll go back and work hard and get prepared for the bowl, whatever it is. We're looking forward to a great experience."

On Washington QB Jake Locker
"He's a great player, great person. I have a lot of admiration for him. He's really improved in throwing, he's very accurate throwing the football. He can do so many things. He's a big physical guy, they use him really well. He's one of the most dangerous players in our conference."

On the team's lack of focus
"I'm not sure we were ready to play. We were in position to make some plays but we didn't make plays. Very first drive, we had a corner who was right there and just didn't make the play."

On not making plays
"We've been up and down all year. It just kinda goes back to making plays when you need to make plays. We just didn't do that. They kind of feed off each other, but there's ebbs and flows of every game. For the most part, we didn't do good today. We've got to find those ways to make the plays when we have to."

On DB Syd'Quan Thompson's injury
"Not having [Syd'Quan Thompson] out there hurts you. But that's a time when guys got to step up. Guys got to step up when it's their time to play. We expect our guys to do that. It comes down to making plays when we got to make plays."

On Cal's defensive effort
"We did pretty decent against the run. Their plan was to throw the ball. We've just gotta go back to work."

On Bryant Nnabuife "He was there, there were a couple times he could have broken the arms a little better, time the jump a little better. It's not like he was completely out of position. He's got to find the ball a little bit. Separate the man from the ball.

On trying to match up with Washington
"They came out firing. Our energy level wasn't quite where it should be."

On the team's bad field position
"We're used to it. I don't mean to be facetious. We're kind of used to it. We've got to get better at field position. It doesn't matter. We've gotta go out and get stops."

On Washington QB Jake Locker
"He's a great player."

On comparing Stanford QB Andrew Luck and Washington QB Jake Locker
"They're both pretty good quarterbacks. Gifted, both can throw. Two good players. Hopefully he'll go out (note: as in, Gregory hopes Locker will leave for the NFL instead of returning to the Huskies)."

On LB Mychal Kendricks
"Just some other guys were playing a little bit better. He played today and has been playing."

On reasons the defense was not able to recover
"Performance anxiety. We started to play a little bit tight, pressing a little bit."

Opening thoughts
"We gave up too early. The one-on-one opportunities, we got beat. We couldn't get back up on top."

On the team's defense
"Miscommunications. It's on the players. We have to take responsibility. It's on us. A few times we got beat, a few times it was miscommunications between us. We've seen them do everything. I didn't expect them to pass so much."

On Washington QB Jake Locker
"We knew he was going to come out and run."

On Cal's 2009 season overall
"It was a roller coaster. I actually think that's kind of what's kept us together as players and coaches. Just knowing our potential, peaks and valleys, we hit them all. It's ... frustrating. Guys are playing for pride and playing for each other. It's frustrating. It's disappointing right know but like always we're going to regroup. We never gave up."

On the team's upcoming bowl game
"We're going to respond like we always have. We're going to get back to work. It's over, all we can do is look to the future. There's nothing we can do about it now. We're going to go out and try to win this bowl game."

Opening thoughts
"They beat us. Offensively, the first few drives we're good getting down there and didn't get the touchdowns, and after that they did a good job with disrupting our passing game with some pressure. I missed some throws. Late in the game, couldn't take care of the ball. We didn't play well and they did."

On whether he was surprised with the outcome at Washington
"We had a good bye week practice and good practice this week, and I didn't think it was going to happen like that. They're a good team. I don't think people were looking past this game but it wasn't a good effort on our part."

On the early part of the game
"We went down and drove all the way down the field. They started rolling ... Things didn't go our way, and we didn't execute well."

On Washington defense
"They do a lot of different fronts and we practice against it. They just executed well. Some one-on-one matchups they won."

On losing the game
"It's not fun. We started the season 3-2, we lost one game [prior to Washington after that] but won the rest after that. It's nice that we have another bowl game. We'll remember this feeling and work harder. We've got to work harder whatever game we're in. We have to show up to play."

On pressure in the pocket by the Washington defense
"There were a lot of times where I was trying to throw the ball to get rid of it because of pressure. I just tried to hold onto it a little longer, and they got to me."

On Washington's defense
"They had some good defensive calls ... They did a good job defensively, and we didn't do a good job offensively."

On Cal's momentum
"Our offense and defense feed off each other. When we score touchdowns early, our defense plays better in games. It's obvious. ... They went down and scored, we went down again and didn't score. We really do feed off each other.

On Washington QB Jake Locker
"He's a good player. He threw the ball well. Everyone knew that coming in."

"We're a little down right now. It's obviously not how we expected to play. We expected to come in and win. They played a great game. They beat us in every aspect of it. They deserved to win."

On Washington's offense
"I'm not sure, they had a lot of formation motions and shifts, and that threw us off a little bit. [Washington QB Jake] Locker played a great game, throwing and running. Our defense was just too porous today. We just gave up too many yards."

On the difference between Stanford's Andrew Luck and Washington's Jake Locker
"I think the experience really comes into play. There were a couple times where it seemed [Luck] got flustered. Locker really took command of the offense, when he had to make the play on his own he did and he ran with it. He did a great job. He sure is fast."

On Cal's 2009 season
"It's real frustrating. It was our goal to turn the season and try to get to 10 wins. It's not a possibility now. We've got to go back to work and focus on our bowl game, whatever that's gonna be."

On Cal's upcoming bowl game
"We're hoping for a better bowl. It's probably not gonna be ... I don't even know how that's working out. Especially coming off a loss, last game of the season, I think we'll be up for it."

On finishing the season strong
"Anytime you get blown out like that it's not easy on the players, coaches, and fans. We've just gotta keep working, I guess. It is tough. We've gotta finish out the season on a positive note."

On reasons for the lopsided loss
"As a team, we didn't play good as a team. I don't think there's one aspect. It's a combination of things."

On the reasons for the loss
"Execution. We didn't execute very well tonight. We had times where we did and did pretty well but at the same time we didn't finish those drives."

On the team's futile start
"Starting fast on the road is huge, it's critical. Getting points in the red zone is even more important than at home."

On Washington's defense
"They threw a lot of stuff at us. They came often they came hard. You've gotta give them credit."

On what Cal was expecting Washington to do
"I don't think they brought anything that we didn't expect, that we weren't ready for. I think at times they just wanted it more."

On the team's upcoming bowl game
"It's pretty frustrating. As a team we've got to be prepared, we've got one more game, we've got the bowl game to kind of redeem ourselves."

On having one more game to play
"I think right now we're just happy that we get another chance to go out and play. Regardless of what bowl game it is, we've got to come together. We've got to perform better than we did tonight."

On the feeling after the loss
"Any loss is frustrating regardless of how it comes. It's more of a team thing to kind of overcome adversity together."

On not being ready to play
"We might have been overlooking Washington a little bit. That's where it went wrong because they played really hard today. Every point, every stop that they got they earned. I think a lot of it was, we were looking forward to the bowl game and not worrying about Washington. We came out and it bit us in the butt."

On the team's energy level
"It's hard to pinpoint exactly where we lost it. But it definitely wasn't there."

On the weather effect
"Not at all. It wasn't too bad. We just weren't ready. It's pretty disappointing."

On what he thought the team's chances of coming back in the second half were
"We definitely did. We were down on ourselves because we knew that we had messed up. We had stopped ourselves by not executing. We just needed to execute as an offense."


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