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Lyle Setencich Assesses UCLA game
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  06/21/1999

October 22, 1998

BERKELEY - Cal defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich sat down with the Bay Area media Tuesday and offered the following comments on the Cal defense and the upcoming UCLA game.

On the UCLA offense:

"The thing that they have going for them right now is their execution is superior. You can go through a 70-play game and it is very similar to Nebraska running, you don't see a blown protection. They don't make a whole lot of mistakes. They don't penalize themselves."

On the play of Sekou Sanyika:

"Sekou Sanyika is very bright - one of the brightest football players I've ever seen around. Once he gets a rep of a situation, he usually doesn't ever mess it up again. There are not many plays that he will not play if he hasn't seen it. It's just the experience, and he's just bright. I said to someone last week that he may be better than I think he is. Could he play inside linebacker? Yes, he could, and he could be very good at it. It is much more difficult to get someone to play on the tight end. It is really a unique and tough position to get somebody to do that because you really have to be unselfish and because you're not going to have the opportunity to make a lot of plays. It takes a unique personality."

On the attitude of the defense:

"The biggest issue we have, as we struggle offensively, is when defensive players begin to try to make plays, trying to intercept the ball, trying to make a fumble, trying to get good field position. I have to address that this week because we did some of that against Washington. Some of us became frustrated and tried to make some plays and took some chances. We gave up some plays we shouldn't have because we were trying to play for an interception and not the tackle, or play for a route and not a receiver. And that is because there is some frustration as to whether we can score or not. And I've addressed that issue with them all season. There is nothing we can do about that. We have to do our job as well as we can as long as we can correctly. The biggest thing I've told them this year is that you have to play what your eyes see and not what your mind thinks."

On facing UCLA this Saturday:

"This is a lot like playing Nebraska. I've said this to them against Nebraska, and I'll say it to them today against UCLA, this is a team that you are playing that could blow you out. You have to be exact and you have to play extremely hard because if you don't, they can blow you out. I think what they do out west is probably the most efficient offense, both run and pass, so it's a different challenge than a team like Nebraska, but they could score 60 points on Saturday, and our players have to be aware of that."

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