Post game quotes: Feb. 9 vs UCLA

"UCLA does a really good job of making you play ugly a little bit and we acquiesced to that for about thirty minutes, with the exception of the first ten minutes of the second half. But I love that o
By Cal Athletics on Thu, February 09, 2012

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Feb. 9, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"UCLA does a really good job of making you play ugly a little bit and we acquiesced to that for about thirty minutes, with the exception of the first ten minutes of the second half. But I love that our team was able to grind it out in the areas that we needed to, against a team that is really tough and talented and then obviously we were able to get separation by doing what we needed to do at the start of the second half with some adjustments. I am excited to get the win and I think it's a big one to get some separation in this conference and we will get ready for Saturday."

On why the team was more efficient during the first ten minutes of the second half than the rest of the game

"I think we recognized some of the things that they were doing at the end of the second half; a lot of pressure on the ball, a lot of switching on all screens, and so we made a couple of adjustments at half time to kind of take advantage of that and I think our players did a good job. We can draw up whatever but if they don't make the play, it doesn't work. I think we finished better, I think we took advantage of the looks, and we made plays. And once we started scoring, I think we settled in a little bit. They make it really tough to score. They did it down there against us and up here, and then we tightened up and I think the first couple of buckets allowed us to breath and gave us a chance to play a little bit more of Cal basketball."

On what UCLA did to adjust to Cal's adjustments

"They are very good. There are no questions that their pressure bothered us and we turned the ball over too much and that are what kept them in the game. I thought our defense against them was a lot more solid, I think we didn't give up as many easy looks as last time, obviously we shot the ball really well in the second half, 68%, we just gave it back too many times. Again, I credit them, they make you play that way. It's funny, during the scout we realized that they had won the last two of their four games in overtime and had extreme comebacks. We knew that they were going to put the press on, that's what they've done, they can't really do it for forty minutes, I think because of depth. I thought we did a really good job of breaking it initially, and they were fast. Sometimes it means that there are going to be a lot of quick buckets, Boyd to Grey, and we heard that one before; and we made a couple of turnovers with it but that's why we have a young team and we keep getting better and we are trying to prepare for post season as well."

On the ability to make adjustments today they couldn't make when they played UCLA earlier this season

"We are better now. I think that we feel more confident to go to different parts of our game. Coming off the nonconference schedule, we had abused so many people in the paint and at the free-throw line, not that we shot it 100% of the time when we got to the line, but we got down to LA and we didn't make those plays that we had been making and I didn't feel like we necessarily felt as confident. I think that from that point on our players did a really good job of listening to our coaching staff's messages and saying that we need to get better in these areas and we've seen now that we can respond in games different ways. Obviously Layshia can hit big shots and Brittany has really stepped up her game and I think the ability to play off each other, Sherb hitting threes when people sag in and I think that we are just a better basketball team than then and more resilient than we used to be."

On what is happening to Brittany Boyd in the lane

"I have said this many times, there are hundreds of reasons why I love coaching Brittany Boyd. I love coaching her. She has a really high basketball IQ, she's obviously incredibly talented, as talented a player that I've been around, and she wants to learn. I have a feeling that I need to let her learn through doing and instinctually; she often does the right thing. It's funny, we were breaking down the front line pressure and I don't think anyone else could have done that and then we were in attack mode, and it cost us two turnovers, and then the next two or three plays we scored off of it. So part of it is like, I have to live with some of the decisions and she'll learn when to make which pass, who she's passing to, where people like the ball, being able to adjust on the fly. I think those are things that will just come with film and we will get better with it and I know she doesn't like to make turnovers but I feel like it's all part of the process of becoming a more mature point guard."

On the difference when Layshia Clarendon was sitting with foul trouble

": Layshia is really good. On our team, she has the best ability to create her own shot and she has a really complete game where she can shoot the three, she can go all of the way to the rim and she can pull up. The other thing is, she plays a lot of minutes when we are in a rhythm and we turn the ball over in those last few minutes, I expect all of our players to perform at a really high level, and they do. It is the time of year where you understand who can do what and we are relying a lot on Layshia when things are stagnant and I think Layshia and Boyd create for other people and they can create for themselves a little bit more than some other people. We had Grey and Layshia out with foul trouble at the end and we are a team, you usually don't miss a beat with that. Back in the day when we had Ash and Dev (Ashley Walker and Devanei Hampton) I would literally lose sleep at night worrying that they would get in foul trouble because we were so reliant on and now it doesn't really matter that much because we are so deep. But there's no question that Layshia helps us with our ability to put the ball in the basket."

On being in second place in the Pac-12

"I think that we the coaching staff just try to keep them focused on tomorrow and the next game and the next challenge. But as we get closer to March, there is a lot of talk about post season and your resume and how ready are you and I think it's big. I think it's important and we are now starting to stockpile some meaningful wins. I think if you look at the last ten games, we are now 9 and 1 of our last ten games and when they look at those charts and all of that, we just need to make sure that we are better in help side defense than we were today."

Freshman forward Reshanda Gray

On what changed for her in the second half

"I realized that I wasn't attacking the boards and I was just going up soft so I knew that I had to pick it up in the second half, I just kept going at them. When we were in LA, Raquelle snatched the ball out of my hands so as I was watching film, Coach G kept playing that over and over so I was like, I'm taking this too personal."


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