Freshman Follow-Up: Q&A With Arianna Erceg
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  08/24/2011

Aug. 24, 2011

BERKELEY - In her first year of collegiate ball in the most demanding conference, pitcher Arianna Erceg earned herself wins against two top-ranked teams. In her 47.1 innings of work, Erceg went 5-3 with two of those five victories coming against Oregon and Arizona. On the other side of the ball, she had one hit and two runs scored in five at-bats for a .200 average. chatted with the Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., native to get the lowdown on her freshman year. Now that you've got one year of collegiate softball under your belt - what was the best part of the softball season?

Arianna Erceg: The best part of the season was being part of such a fun, determined and hard working team and making it to the World Series together. What was the best part about your fall or spring semester?

AE: The best part of the spring semester was being in season and being able to travel. After two semesters of college academics, what are you planning on doing differently or the same next semester in terms of school?

AE: After these past two semesters, I now plan on being more organized and getting ahead in readings and work. What is something you didn't know before you came to Cal but you now know?

AE: I now know that Berkeley is such a crazy place to live but that's what I love about it. What was the favorite class you took this year?

AE: Education 98. What was the best part about Cal softball this year?

AE: My favorite part about Cal softball was being apart of such a great team and making it to the World Series. What was it like to balance top-notch academics and playing on nationally ranked softball team?

AE: At times it was definitely stressful. But as the year went on, it became easier because I started to learn how to balance everything. What was the first trip to the postseason like for you?

AE: My first postseason trip was a ton of fun with being able to see a lot of new places and then making it to the World Series. What is one of your most hilarious or embarrassing stories from your freshman year?

AE: There are so many to choose from but funniest thing I saw was when LaRisa Jones fell out of a tree. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

AE: To work hard on and off the field and to enjoy every minute of it because it goes by way too fast.

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