Cal vs. UC Riverside Quotes

"I will take the win. Give credit to Riverside. I thought they played well, and they did a great job on the scouting report. They also came in here expecting to take a win and did everything they coul
By Cal Athletics on Wed, January 31, 2007

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Jan. 31, 2007

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BERKELEY, Calif. -

California Head Coach Joanne Boyle
"I will take the win. Give credit to Riverside. I thought they played well, and they did a great job on the scouting report. They also came in here expecting to take a win and did everything they could to do that. I was quite disappointed in the defensive effort by our guards. They need to understand the importance of playing that end of the floor. They need to understand the scouting report and get stops."

On the pressure defense
"We were going straight five for a while, and I felt like they were scoring on us, so we changed to a three-quarter court press to try and take time off the clock and maybe get some tips and steals. That was working for us, but then we started to get tired, and they got looks at the basket. We tried to switch back and forth, it was about the 3:40 mark that I looked at our team and said, `We have no more defenses, what do you guys want to do?' They committed to straight five. I didn't see a fire in us to get stops."

On Riverside's defense in comparison to Stanford
"Riverside played defense just like Stanford will. They totally sag off; they double and triple-team our post and give our guards wide-open shots. You can only run so many things. You just have to be able to knock down shots. That's what it comes down to."

UC Riverside Head Coach John Margaritis
"We had our chances; it was a hard-fought game; we did not capitalize when we had the chances. The timing for when we got close was right. Sometimes you can catch up too early and give the other team too much time to re-group. We timed it right, but we could not finish it."

"Cal did what they had to do. They beat us on some aggressive plays, some rebounds and some loose balls. They earned it."

"Their whole team is very talented. They do a great job of complimenting the perimeter and the inside game. Their three guards provide the perimeter threat and their post game is very strong."

California Forward Ashley Walker

On looking past Riverside
"That's the one thing I think our team doesn't do. I think we are good at staying in the moment. But I think once we got up 14, we had a little lapse. It's something we talk about and talk about and talk about."

"Me and Dev [Hampton] knew we were going to have to play on the wing tonight. They like to stretch the floor. We had to stay on the wings and watch their cuts. They have very good movement."

On what Cal needs to improve
"We need to communicate better. We know what to do on defense. We just need to talk to each other better."

On the Stanford game
"Of course, Stanford's our rival and you want to win. It's a big deal if we win, but (if) we win, we go on to the next game. You know it's a big game, but it's just as important as any other game. We're going to go out and do things the way we usually do. We're going to play hard and wear people out like we usually do."

On what Cal wants to do against Stanford
"We want to do a lot of things. We want to win, first of all. We need to work hard on the defensive end and fix some of the things that went wrong the first time we played them, go back and watch film and fix the aspects of the game that didn't work."

On playing without Alexis Gray-Lawson
"It was hard in the beginning. We had to figure out what her impact was and spread it amongst the team. It's a team effort, and we are figuring it out without her. We miss her defense, leadership, talking, and communication on the floor. I'm soft spoken, not really the captain on the floor."

California Forward Devanei Hampton

On Ashley Walker
"We have good communication on and off the court. Having Ashley on the court is like me having Alexis [Gray-Lawson] on the court in high school. We run the high-low very well. She's a tremendous rebounder and scorer. She's a leader on the floor. She's soft spoken but you can't help but respect her out there."


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