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"I was proud of the way they (Cal) played. They were very serious when we came out and hit the field. There were very few mistakes on offense as far as turnovers are concerned. The defense came up big
By Cal Athletics on Sat, December 06, 2008

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Dec. 6, 2008

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General comments: "I was proud of the way they (Cal) played. They were very serious when we came out and hit the field. There were very few mistakes on offense as far as turnovers are concerned. The defense came up big. I was proud of the way they stayed focused and played today."

"I was really pleased with the way they (the team) practiced during the week. I was nervous yesterday. I was a little bit more on edge and they (the team) will probably tell you I tried to tighten the screws a little bit just to make sure we understood about today. I made a little swing through the locker room before the game, which I never do. I just tried to get the mood where it needed to be."

"I feel for Tyrone (Willingham). He has always been a great competitor. He's always been a quality guy who cares about the game of football and college football and student athletes. I wish him all the best in the future."

On Jahvid Best's school record: "When you are that close to something, you want to give the guy an opportunity to get it. Thankfully, he didn't have to take too much pounding in order to get it. He had a great day; there's no question about it. As you've seen, when he gets in the open field, it's a foot race and he wins most of those."

"I'm very proud of him. He's a guy who has played through a lot this year as far as injuries are concerned. You have to take your hat off to him. He comes out every week and he tries to practice, and we have to sit him down and rest him. And every week, he shows up at the game and puts his best effort forward. To have a school record is a big thing because there have been a lot of quality backs who have played here in the past. It's a great thing for him."

On the senior class: "I'm really proud of this senior class. They had a year where they went undefeated at home. We talk a lot about this being our house and we own our house. This group has had three out of five years that were undefeated at home. I'm really proud of this group. They've won a lot of games here. They're quality kids on and off the football field."

On Nate Longshore: "I'm really happy for Nate (Longshore). Going into the game, we were going to put him in the second quarter and let him play. It was nice to see him have some success and get a touchdown pass. He's one of the seniors that has provided a lot of great moments for this program, so it was nice to see him go out on top today in his home stadium."

On Kevin Riley: "I thought Kevin (Riley) did some good things today. He threw a ball right on the money that was dropped in the end zone. He didn't come out of the game because he was playing poorly; he came out of the game because it was planned going into the game that Nate (Longshore) was going to play in the second quarter. Kevin continues to need to practice and do well just like all of our quarterbacks do. But today was no reflection on Kevin's ability or the way he played. It was planned going into the game."


Zack Follett, LB On Coach Tedford Motivating His Players Before The Game: "He was connecting with the seniors. We've been with him for the past four years and it was our last time going through the tunnel. The team camaraderie [was strong]. All the younger guys fought for the seniors and the seniors fought. It played out exactly how I wanted to play out. Just go out there, do our jobs, and let the young guys go out so we could relax the second half."

On Potentially Playing in Emerald Bowl "I'm excited. It's one more chance to play in front of the home town. I'm going to have a lot of family come up for it. Hopefully we get a big name opponent. It's going to be a big game. We'll all get up for it and try to represent the Pac-10."

Worrell Williams, LB

On Improving On Last Year's Performance: "I think things speak for themselves. Our defense wasn't as good as it is this year. I think our leadership [was stronger]. We just did not have any letdowns."

On Potentially Playing in Emerald Bowl: "I hear that we may play an ACC opponent, so that will be good to redeem myself [after the Maryland loss]. I really don't care who we play. I got another game to play, one more chance to give what I got to all our fans out there."

Jahvid Best, RB

On Record Performance: "It's an honor. Seeing the types of guys who are on those kinds of lists, having my name in that type of category is an honor and something special.

On Maturing Through Season and Learning to Play With Injuries: "[I matured] a lot. If I wasn't able to do that, I probably wouldn't even be playing right now. It's something that I took in and focused on and realized that I had to do it."

On Performance Of Senior Blockers: "That's what this game is all about. It's Senior Day and I wanted to make sure those guys go out in a good way."


General Comments: "We played a good football team today, a team who we were concerned about the explosiveness of their backs and we did not find a way to contain them and therefore they exploded on us."

"I'm disappointed I didn't get done what I came here to do."

"There is a sense of disappointment. Disappointment for our young men and disappointment for the Husky program, that we didn't get done what I came here to do."

On Washington's 0-12 season: "You hurt for your kids. You hate to see them have to deal with anything of this nature."

"I've learned a valuable lesson from my junior high basketball coach. He said "Those that usually complain about the way the ball bounces are the ones that drop the ball.""

On what is next for him (Coach Willingham): "I become a normal citizen today."

On losing his last game as Washington's head coach in Memorial Stadium: "The only disappointment is that in this stadium I was pretty good for a long time."

On Washington QB Taylor Bean: "I thought Taylor Bean did a heck of a job. He showed himself as a tough guy and a fighter today and I was proud of that."

On Cal's TB Jahvid Best: "Four had an unbelievable day and we couldn't shut him down."


Kavario Middleton, TE

On playing the last game of the season at 0-11: "It's the last game of the season, but you also want to play hard for the older guys."

On the new coaching staff: "It (feels) good. There is a lot of energy and excitement for the new guy."

On losing twelve games: "For me personally it's a big thing. I can't remember losing twelve games in my life. We can't really go anywhere but up."

Taylor Bean, QB

On scoring Washington's lone touchdown: "When we do things right, we can look pretty good. On a bootleg (the quarterback is) always the third option. They turned their back on me and what happened happened."

On coming into the game as the backup quarterback: "You always have to come prepared. I have been preparing as the number two quarterback. I feel like I came out strong with nothing to lose. Getting the experience was a pretty good feeling."

Donald Butler, LB

On the Washington season: "0-12, couldn't get it done when we needed too. There were changes we needed to make, unfortunately we weren't recognizing them fast enough."

On Cal RB Jahvid Best: "He is fast, he is bursty. He is up there (with the best running backs I have seen)."


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