Hawaiian Q&A With the Golden Bears
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  04/05/2012

April 5, 2012

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BERKELEY - It seems fitting to recall the Golden Bears' trip to the picturesque shores of Hawaii as the No. 1 California softball team prepares to visit a terrain known for its chilly temperatures in Salt Lake City. From March 14-17, Cal played five tough games against top-notch competition. In between games, the Bears had the chance to explore Honolulu and spend time on the beach. CalBears.com caught up with the Bears to find out what their favorite parts of Hawaii were and how they felt about losing their first game of the year.

Valerie Arioto -
I love everything about Hawaii: the beach, the shopping, the great food, and the beautiful views! I think the Hawaii trip was a defining moment for our team. We had a few bumps in the road during our trip, but we got through it together and made it a successful week!

Cheyenne Cordes -
I love Hawaii!! My favorite part of the trip was getting to play good ranked teams and challenging ourselves. Though we came out with a loss, I feel that we grew so much and got a lot stronger as a team.

Ashley Decker -
Hawaii was so much fun! I love that our team is able to have fun together on and off the field.

Frani Echavarria -
Even though we lost, I feel it only made our team that much stronger and hungrier to go to the World Series

Arianna Erceg -
My favorite parts about the Hawaii trip is that we played some great games against really good opponents, being able to spend the week with my parents and going to the beach!! I think the team did very well in Hawaii. We beat two very good teams, and, even though we suffered our first loss, we never gave up and fought the entire game, and we bounced back with two wins after that.

Danielle Henderson -
My favorite part of Hawaii was being in Hawaii and playing right next to the beach. I loved being able to relax next to the ocean. The last day was so fun because most of the team went to a beach house, and we went kayaking, boogie boarding and just hung on the beach for a long time. Plus, not only was the weather in Hawaii amazing, but I think even the team performed well. It was nice having a challenge and learning as a team what we can improve on.

Jolene Henderson -
I went to a friend's beach house and had a blast there. It was on the beach and was just so much fun! Jamia, Elia and my sister went, too, and it was cool to share more memories with them. I'd have to say the competition we faced in Hawaii was the best part! I love the pressure games we played in and how much the team came together in the wins and the loss, making us better for the rest of the season. Jamia and I also rode a canoe!

Victoria Jones -
My favorite part of the trip to Hawaii was spending time at the beach and shopping with my teammates. I feel like our team played really well. Even though we had our first loss, we still outplayed the other team and things just did not fall our way. Overall the team played great all the way around.

LaRisa Jones -
There were so many memorable and hilarious moments from Hawaii, but a few of my favorites would definitely have to be spending 10 hours on a plane with Laura Dixon, our amazing trainer, playing beach football, our annual chicken fighting in the ocean and trying to "rip some serious curls" on our pathetic floaties with Victoria and Ashley. My all time favorite would be Jacey's brutal fall into a bush.

Breana Kostreba -
My favorite part of Hawaii was the beach. I had to finish a few assignments while we were there, but I still got to have fun. I think the team did very well and stayed focused on what we came there to do.

Mary Lee -
We made so many great memories in Hawaii this year! I enjoyed all of the time I got to spend with my team on the field and on the beach. I think we came out strong and left our best effort on the field. We always have things we can take away from the games to build upon.

Nikki Owens -
My favorite part of the Hawaii trip was going to a beach house/private beach with some of the girls on our last day there. We ate, laughed and swam a bunch, and I got to tip Jolene and Jamia out of their kayak. I also had a really good time just hanging out around the hotel and trying not to get burnt to death on the beach. I'm really proud of our team for the way we played. We were all exhausted from the travel schedule and tough competition, but we managed to hang in there and push through it.

Elia Reid -
My favorite part of Hawaii was watching Jamia and Jolene get on a one-person canoe and go out about 150 feet into the ocean, while Cheyenne, Ari, and Taylor helped them go out farther.

Jamia Reid -
I would have to say going to Lin and Warren's home. It was a beach house, and it was beautiful. I think the team did very well, and I was very proud with the outcome. It shows us that we just need to continue to work hard and take it one game at a time.

Alex Robben -
Hawaii is always great. It is both business and pleasure when we go there. It is always fun to spend quality time with my teammates, go to the beach and have some down time. The funniest part of Hawaii was almost missing the plane with Britt Vonk and Taylor Vincent. It was both hilarious and scary at the same time!

Jordan Wallace -
I always enjoy the Hawaii trip because our team really gets to bond. I love being able to spend time on the beach and visit the international market. It's always a blast when going to Hawaii, and it makes it even better knowing that we usually win this tournament.

Jace Williams -
My favorite part about the Hawaii trip is seeing my family who make the trip from Maui to come see me play. I only get to see my little brothers, stepmom and father twice a year, and this trip is one of them, so it is always extra special for me. We always play tough teams in Hawaii, so that is always a good test for us leading up to Pac-12 play. My little brother Zachary has been our bat boy the last three years, so it's awesome getting to hang out with him in the dugout. I felt we "rolled with the punches" well, although I wish we could have gone into the Pac-12 season undefeated. But it is what it is, and now the taste of defeat is something we do not want to experience again. We learned from the experience, so the loss doesn't sting as bad.

Taylor Vincent -
My favorite part of the Hawaii trip was going to a private beach with a bunch my teammates. Ari, Cheyenne, and I waded out on a reef until Jo and Jamia decided they wanted to join us on a kayak, so went in and pulled them past the crashing waves. I think overall the team did well. The loss was hard, but we learned from it.

Britt Vonk -
For me it was our last night in Hawaii, when we got together with the girls. We had a nice dinner at the beach and were just enjoying our last night in Hawaii.

Lindsey Ziegenhirt -
My favorite part of Hawaii is exploring the area around our hotel. I love walking around in the sunshine along the beach and people watching. The shops, restaurants and beaches are all fantastic, and my family and I have even started traditions of eating at the same places and shopping at the same stores as years before! I think we played well in Hawaii. Even though we may have lost, we didn't lose without a tough fight. Our tenacity on the field was apparent when we battled hard with Texas and then came back to battle Hawaii. I was especially proud when we came back the next two games and stepped up our game.