Mississippi-California Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  03/16/2011

March 16, 2011

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BERKELEY - California head coach Mike Montgomery

On Harper Kamp being sick:
"I was thinking, holy smokes. It was just not what we needed to hear. Markhuri (Sanders-Frison) was going to be a huge loss just because of leadership. We were planning that they might zone inside and we could run a double zone, but you can't really do that with Bak and Richard (Solomon). Harper felt a little better by noon. We went through the walk-through and by the end of it he was pale. He felt a little better and had a little food. We told him we could rest him, fortunately Bak and Robert (Thurman) did a good job to keep him out a little longer. We were concerned to keep him hydrated. Obviously Richard (Solomon) hasn't played those minutes, as he cramped every muscle in his body. It was a pretty gutsy performance given the circumstances."

On Cal's defense:
"We played zone in the first half. We felt like we had to do that to save the bodies. We probably should have been up a little more at the half. What I wanted to find starting the second half was if we could guard them in man. In three or four possessions, I had to figure out what was going to work. We had a reasonable amount of success, and changing back and forth got them out of rhythm. If we played man the entire second half, we would have gotten in some trouble. We were able to use both types of defense, and in the end, we knew (Chris) Warren was going to get the ball and try to make something happen."

On Markhuri Sanders-Frison's injury:
"He just hurt it coming up to the high post trying to get the ball. On tape we saw them overplaying everything, and we wanted to figure out how to get our wings and the post open. He just pulled his arm up and it got caught wrong and popped out. The injury was on a weakened place, and it just went right out."

On Emerson Murray:
"Emerson actually made some good defensive plays. There was another time that as a guy drove, he reacted as the ball came back at Warren. He played well, and that gives us some more confidence to use him again. I told him not to be nervous, just go play. We don't have a lot of choices so they are going to get to play."

On traveling to Colorado:
"They are good and it is a tough turnaround for us. This is worse than a Seattle to Pullman deal, because of the distance. I would have been much more comfortable with a Saturday or Sunday game. I think we are going to spend a normal day tomorrow and leave in the evening. There is no question it will be a tough contest, especially with them coming into the Pac-10 next year."

Junior guard Jorge Gutierrez

On Cal's injuries:
"We tried to stay as positive as we could. We knew we didn't have him, so we had to play. I just tried to play my game. I just do whatever it takes to win."

On Cal's bench:
"The bench gave us a lift, and some rest. The rest was more important. They played hard and they played smart."

On Ole Miss' final possession:
"We knew (Chris Warren) was going to take the shot no matter what. I just wanted to make it as hard as we could. I was there just to get a bigger body on him, to be physical."

Freshman guard Allen Crabbe

On Harper Kamp's shot at the end of the game:
"The shot gave us a cushion. We just had to play solid defense and make them force up a bad three."

On the Colorado game:
"We know they are a good team. It is going to be competitive, and it will be a good game for us to win."