Joanne Boyle Press Conference Quotes

"This is the kind of event I really enjoy. I just came from my formal induction as chancellor. As of a half an hour ago, I'm official as chancellor of this university. My first joyous task as formally
By Cal Athletics on Fri, April 15, 2005

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April 15, 2005

BERKELEY, Calif. -

Cal Chancellor Robert Birgeneau
"This is the kind of event I really enjoy. I just came from my formal induction as chancellor. As of a half an hour ago, I'm official as chancellor of this university. My first joyous task as formally the chancellor of the university is to make a few comments in advance of Sandy (Barbour) introducing our new women's basketball coach. This is the second of these types of press conferences I've had the pleasure participating in. The first was when we resigned Jeff Tedford as coach of our football team. I have absolutely no ambiguities that our new women's basketball coach is going to do for women's basketball what Jeff Tedford has done for football."

"I only got to meet Joanne Boyle a few days ago, and I said to Sandy, 'We have to get her because she's a fantastic person.'"

Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour
"Thank you Chancellor Birgeneau, particularly on your day today, for sharing it with us in this way athletically."

"I would like to thank the chancellor for his support and guidance during this process. High profile coaching searches these days have become very elaborate and complicated processes. Without the significant assistance of a large number of key individuals, especially Chancellor Birgeneau, today's phenomenal result would not have been possible. This was truly a team effort."

"As I embarked upon this search, I was struck by two things. One, the interest that this position attracted was almost overwhelming. That was a clear signal to me and to us that the Cal women's basketball program had all of the elements in place to be a nationally successful program. Secondly, I made a trip to the Women's Final Four to meet with a number of candidates. As I sat there that Tuesday night and watched Baylor and Michigan State in the championship game, it was not lost on me that just five short years ago, those two programs were in very similar positions that we find ourselves here today."

"They each put in place strong and determined leadership, and I think the results speak for themselves. The California athletic program is about excellence. We've set high standards for ourselves in our various athletic venues, in the classroom and in the community. Joanne Boyle embodies these standards. She has achieved success in every turn in her professional career. As an assistant coach for nine years at Duke University, her alma mater, she was an integral part of building the program to its present national prominence. She then took her experience and skills to the University of Richmond, where she took a previous sub-.500 program to three straight 20-plus win seasons, three consecutive postseason appearances and the program's first NCAA selection in 14 years."

"As impressed with Joanne as I am as a coach, and I have no doubt that her abilities will take this program where we want them to go competitively, I'm most excited about attracting a coach of Joanne's character, intellect and integrity to join the Cal family."

"Joanne is a person of great strength. She will provide strong leadership for our women's basketball program, serving as a great role model for the young women in our program. Additionally, I believe she and her staff will be wonderful additions to our athletic and university staff and to the Bay Area community."

"One of Coach Boyle's quotes from the Richmond media guide probably describes the new California head coach better than any words I could use. Joanne is quoted as saying to her players, 'Choosing to do something difficult makes life richer.'"

"I think that tells us most of what we need to know about Coach Joanne Boyle."

Cal Head Coach Joanne Boyle
"I would like to thank everyone for coming to be a part of this. It's pretty exciting for me traveling all of the way from the East Coast for all of this publicity. It's shocking but very thoughtful. I'd like to thank Chancellor Birgeneau and Sandy for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Cal athletics and to be a part of the Cal family."

"Her vision in terms of how she sees Cal's programs, her coaches and their athletes is tremendous. We've talked so much this week about institutional fit. There's been so many successful coaches, so many successful athletes and so many successful programs, I can't tell you how excited I am to get in here to talk to a lot of those people about how they became so successful. I'm looking forward to it."

"My journey started back at Duke when we were last in the conference in the ACC. We had about seven players on the team and one was a walk-on. Our starting point guard was a walk-on. Gail Goestenkors had taken over the program, and we thought what the heck did we just do. Nine years later, we were able to build a national powerhouse. The challenge wasn't only building it, but how to sustain it and stay on top. That was probably my best tool, resource and breeding ground for understanding what it takes to build a national championship. I was fortunate enough to go to Richmond from there. It was a mini-Duke. We were able to see a lot of success early. That was fantastic. So much of it went in to the groundwork that had to be laid in order for that to happen."

"When this job came open, and I had heard so many good things about Sandy from so many people, and I knew that there was such a commitment. I thought, 'Can my dream be lived out at a better fit for me?' The more homework I did and investigation I did about the school, I thought you couldn't find a better fit for me."

"The fact that it's on the West Coast is not a big deal to me. For me, academics, where the campus is located, the commitment of the athletic department and the Top 10 recruiting class, you couldn't ask for any more of the groundwork to have been laid. For me, it's been an unbelievable journey these last two weeks to take this team and to do something special with it."

"I had a chance to meet with the team a little while ago, and we talked about a lot of different things and what it takes to be at the national level. There's a lot of hard work. But first and foremost, there has to be a passion about what you're about to do. There's a huge commitment that goes along with that. We're going to try to identify some leaders within the group, and we're going to embrace each other, and we're going to walk on this journey together. From where I came from and having to do it for the last 12 years, I feel like they're so much potential here."

"I met with Sandy at the Final Four and talked a lot. At the end, she said, 'I want you, me and this team on a journey to winning a national title.' When she said that, I got goose bumps, and I said, 'Where do I sign?' It was somewhere between that and getting a call from Adam Duritz that convinced me that this is the place (for me). I honestly don't know who had more influence. I'll call it 50-50 right now."


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