Cal-Washington State Postgame Quotes

"They played a great football game. That's a very tough offense to contain. I thought Coach Gregory and his staff did a great job putting a plan together and the guys played unbelievably hard. I thoug
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 03, 2007

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Nov. 3, 2007

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On Cal's Defense:
"They played a great football game. That's a very tough offense to contain. I thought Coach Gregory and his staff did a great job putting a plan together and the guys played unbelievably hard. I thought the secondary did a really nice job as well. It was a great effort by the defense."

On Zack Follett:
"It was nice to see Zack back in action, coming off the edge, rushing the passer, doing things. He had some pass break-ups. He played a great football game. It's nice to see him back in the swing (of things) and feeling good. He got banged up a little bit at the end and we had to take him out for the last couple of plays. But he played extremely well. It's nice to see him back."

On Cal's Long Drives:
"We need to make touchdowns at the end of those drives. We didn't execute the way we needed to; we had some dropped balls and some fumbles. We need to be better than that. But it was nice to keep our defense off the field on those long drives and get them some rest."

"There weren't many big plays. There were just really methodical long drives. At times when we've been successful on offense, it's been because of big plays. It was nice to see them putting drives together."

On Justin Forsett:
"They (Washington State) were doing a nice job on defense. You have to give them credit. They were shooting gaps and we had some guys that were unblocked at times and Justin was running very hard. There were a lot of collisions inside for him and he just kept plugging away. We knew we'd have to be a little bit patient with the run game with all the stuff they (Washington State) do inside. But it was nice to see him pop that last one in. Without a doubt, he was a difference in the game."

On Cal Winning:
"It's been a hard three weeks. We've been in very close football games. It really makes you appreciate the wins. When we were winning and things like that, it was- I don't want to say routine- but it was something I don't think people were getting fired up about. It was another day at the office. We really need to make sure we enjoy the victories because they are hard to come by."


Worrell Williams, LB
On the win:

"We had to get a win today. We were waiting for other parts of our team to make a play and today, we had to step up. Today I thought we stepped up pretty well, other than that last touchdown at the end."

On Cal's offense:
"They were on the field forever. [The defense] was well-rested and that was exactly what we needed for a game like this. We got to rest because the game was riding on us. We needed to step up and make plays."

On the win:

"By far, we went out and had fun finally. It was a night game; we had no pressure on our backs. Coaches kept it simple for us, just to go out and play. We didn't have to think too much. We're all just playing for each other. We all saw the March to Victory, and it was probably one of the worst ones after three losses. We just started playing for each other because that's all we've got."

On winning after three loses:
"We can finally have a smile on our face after the game. It's hard when you work so hard and come out and lose again. It's not like we're not working hard, we're giving it our heart, we're playing with all our heart each game. It feels good to finally smile."

On pressure on the team:
"There's no pressure. We lost three straight, go out there and play. The coaches us let us [have] a little more freedom, they weren't harping on us as much. It's tough when you have a lot of pressure and coach is riding your back, you don't really get in the zone. You've got to kind of worry about what your coach is going to be yelling at you next. I think today, we finally got to get in the zone, all the players out there, and made plays."

Lavelle Hawkins, WR
On the win:

"This is a big relief because we've been losing. I'm tired of being sad. I'm tired of talking with y'all with my head down but now my head's up, I can smile and joke. It feels good."


General comments:
"They battled their butts off. Cal's a really good football team with great speed. If you compare our defense today to what it was a month ago after the Oregon game, it's a difference of night and day. The kids are playing well and playing hard."

"Cal is a team with great team speed, both defensively and offensively, and I think that was the difference in the game."

"I think Cal's front is good too. They have three gifted kids and they were able to get pressure with a three-man rush at times. They also have excellent speed. I thought they had good pressure on him (QB Alex Brink) all day. He didn't have much time to sit and throw. I thought his last throw was awesome."

"They (Cal) are a classy bunch of kids. I thought both sides did battle and they were classy. There weren't any cheap shots or anything like that. They are a good team."

On WSU's defensive rush:
"They protected well. I really respect their offensive line. They can move their feet. I thought they did a nice job protecting the quarterback. We got a little pressure on him and got him to throw off his back foot and we hit him a couple of times."

On the fourth quarter field goal:
"I asked if they wanted to go for it and they said kick it. That way we're down four. On the road, we talked about it, and if we scored late we'd probably go for two and take our chances and try to come out of here with a win. But I thought if we cut it to at least four, then all we have to do is score. If that would have been late in the game then obviously we wouldn't have kicked it, but that got us within four and then they scored and we got the two point play anyway."


On needing to make big plays at the end of the game:

"We made too many mistakes. We had a lot of opportunities to score today and we waited until the last five or six minutes to really try to play. I have to take my hat off to the defense. They took a lot of criticism this year but they've been keeping us in it these past two or three games."

On the Cal defense:
"There was nothing unexpected. We knew they were a fast defense and we prepared for that. Every look they threw at us, we were prepared for. It just came down to executing and mistakes, and in the end, they made the least."

On being able to get off the field:

"Those first two drives, we started off pretty slow. I thought that the defense came together like we always do. We just need to start off faster. The last drive, we had some mental lapses and when they hit that one seam, they're gone."

On Cal OL Alex Mack:
"Mack, he's a good offensive lineman. He uses his feet really well and he has good hands but I think I did alright. I gave a few moves here and there but it was a good battle. He's a good player."

On the Cal offensive line:
"They have this wall and we just couldn't penetrate it. That was really the big issue. We were all in our spots but we couldn't penetrate the wall they built. I would beat two guys and still have to fight and it felt like I was always so close yet so far."

On needing to come back at the end of the game:

"I give our team a lot of credit. We battled through some things and we stuck there until the end but at this point in the season, there are no moral victories. Cal played better than us and they made pays when we didn't so that's frustrating."

On the offense being out of synch:
"In the first half, we were just a little bit off. We picked up the tempo a little in the second half and started throwing a little bit better. We were just one step or one inch away and it's frustrating because against a good team like this, we needed to make those plays and we just didn't do it."


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