Califoria-Arizona Postgame Quotes

"Great defense. Ten quarters without giving up an offensive touchdown, this is great. I thought our defense did such a phenomenal job tonight of flying around. In the goal line stand down there, we we
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 01, 2005

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Oct. 1, 2005

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California Coach Jeff Tedford

On defense:
"Great defense. Ten quarters without giving up an offensive touchdown, this is great. I thought our defense did such a phenomenal job tonight of flying around. In the goal line stand down there, we were there and they really stepped up and kept them out of the end zone. Interceptions, I don't know how many we had, I think at least three. Great pass rush all night long, I don't think they had many sacks, but it really hurried their pass and throw into some coverage, which allowed us to get some interceptions. I was very happy with the way our defense played."

On when defense is playing well, then turning it over to the offensive line:
"We try to do that a little bit but they were stacking the box with so many guys. They are probably the best tackling secondary around. They have big and physical safeties and they did a nice job of throwing up in there. We didn't break passes to safeties tonight, normally we are able to make a safety miss when they are stacking the box and then they turn it into big plays. Their safeties, you have to give them credit, did an excellent job of tackling our backs in the holes."

On interference with first and goal:
"There is no question that it provides a lot of momentum and excitement, especially for the defensive team. Those guys were feeling it, you could tell they were in a frenzy; they were flying around and hitting people. When they went laterally on the goal line and then we stopped them for negative yards. Then they had the pass interference and we still held them out of the end zone, it was great."

On Marshawn Lynch limping off the field:
"Yeah, him and Joe (Ayoob) banged knees on one of the run plays and they fell down. He just has a charley horse. Nothing serious, they just banged knees."

California Players

Daymeion Hughes, CB

On Arizona's offense:
"We really expected them to come out and run. So when they came out and passed the ball that was big for me."

On Pac-10 conference play:
"For Pac-10 play we have to step it up a few notches. You can loose at any given time."

On Arizona's offense:
"They were the first team that lined up in pro. I think we did a good job on the spread offense."

Tim Mixon, CB

On being 5-0:
"This entire week we worked so hard, so it feels good to come out with a win and be 5-0."

On the shutout victory:
"I'm excited we shut them out. Last year, we put up a goose egg on them, and we did it again."

On stopping the run at the goal line:
"We had a few guys that were relentless on the goal line and stopped the run."

Ryan Foltz, LB

On penalties:
"Today we played better because we limited the penalties. We didn't have any personal fouls or jumping off sides calls,"

On Arizona's offense:
"Lining up against our own offense prepared us for their offense."

Arizona coach Mike Stoops

"We're disappointed. To go eight quarters without scoring is unacceptable. We didn't play well offensively, we didn't coach well, and we didn't execute anything, The inability to run the football really hurts us. We're not a one-dimensional team. We can't play that way. That's it in a nutshell.

"We were getting in long yardage situations and you can't do that with good football teams.

"Cal is a very good football team. They played awfully hard. We had two or three opportunities in the red zone and came up with nothing, and you can't do that against a good football team. Defensively, we played pretty well. We made the quarterback pull the ball down and throw it over our safety, and that is just not smart football. But overall, I thought the defense hung in there and gave us a chance to get back in the game, most of the night."

Arizona Players

Bryan Copeland, DE

On how the loss felt:
"It was a tough loss, we came here thinking we could play. We did do some good things."

On defending Cal's running game:
"It wasn't for a lack of working that we allowed their successes. They are just really good."

On his performance:
"I was happy with my performance, but there was room for improvement."

Richard Kovalcheck, QB

On Cal as a team:
"They are a solid thinking team. They are very well coached."

On the performance by Cal's defensive backs:
"Coming into the game I thought their defensive backs were the strength of their team; I still do."

On his performance:
"It's tough not capitalizing. I made huge mistakes trying to do too much. The interception early on was a big mistake."


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