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"I thought this was a great game by our kids. Stanford is such a good team. I know they lost something when JJ (Hones) went down. You're not put in situations like this very often. We challenged the t
By Cal Athletics on Sun, February 04, 2007

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Feb. 4, 2007

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STANFORD, Calif. -

Cal head coach Joanne Boyle

Opening Statement
"I thought this was a great game by our kids. Stanford is such a good team. I know they lost something when JJ (Hones) went down. You're not put in situations like this very often. We challenged the team over the last two days with what do you want? They stepped up with the biggest win in our program's history with their fight. As a spectator, to see those bigs battle in there, it was fun to watch. I'm so proud of this team. They took a lot away from Devanei (Hampton) and Ashley (Walker) and our guards had to come to play, and they knew that. We tried to not over-rotate and to take simple shots and one dribble pull-ups as they're flying out off the rotation. And, we knocked them down. Later in the possessions and later in the game, we could get touches in to Dev and Ash. Our combination of the inside-outside play really won the game for us."

Other keys to the win
"Lauren was feeling it. She came into the huddle and said I'm feeling it. Give me the ball. She was very smooth with one dribble pullups. She had a couple of easy looks. Tasha had to guard Candice (Wiggins) and score 19 points. That's tough and make her free throws down the stretch. Her play really settled us. She had a little bit of a bad stretch there in the second half. Our guard play, they did what they needed to do. When the guards started knocking down shots, that's when you saw Ash and Dev be able to work a little more one-on-one inside"

On when the team felt comfortable in the second half against Stanford
"Never. You never feel comfortable against Stanford. Anything can happen. Just look at the free throw situation over the last two minutes. I don't think until the buzzer sounds can you really feel like you have it. They know how to get things done. We did a great job taking things away from the. Stanford was 0-for-16 from the three-point line in the second half. They shot 26 percent. We had a game plan as well in terms of not leaving Candice open for looks and doubling off of everyone else. If everybody else was going to beat us, that's how we would go with it. You take your chances with things, and it worked out for us. "

On creating a rivalry between Cal and Stanford
"When people talk about a rivalry, you have to win some of them. Today, we get the win. Hopefully, we're creating that environment. As I said before, if you're a spectator watching that game, that's some great basketball. That's what we want to continue to build at Cal."

On Devanei Hampton's performance
"She knows. I told her a couple of games ago that I love when she says, `I got you Coach Boyle.' She came out and was like, `Come on, get it going." She fires me up when she plays like that and has that intensity. I'm watching that kid play on the floor, and she is dominating in there. She wasn't scoring necessarily early, but it was the rebounds and the defense and the presence. When she brings that, she is unbelievable. On every aspect of her game, she came to play. I could see the confidence in her and the leadership. She's someone I want our kids to follow. It was fun to watch."

Sophomore forward/center Devanei Hampton

On the excitement surrounding the win
"Didn't you see me out there? I'm thrilled. I didn't get to play last year on their home floor. Coach Boyle mentioned that this is actually our first game here. Overall, I feel so happy how the team played. We have to get our free throws back. We are warriors. We have good chemistry on the floor. I lost my voice because coach always tells us she wants us communicating instead of talking on the phone. Communicating with each other on the floor and rebounding and rebounding and rebounding and rebounding was good for us."

Freshman guard Natasha Vital

On whether Cal thought Stanford was shaken when its point guard, JJ Jones, went down early with a knee injury
"I didn't really notice if they were shaken or not. I was just concentrating on our gameplan and what we were trying to do and trying to run my team as the point guard on the floor."

On the team's ball movement in the second half
"In practice, we emphasize getting to the back end of things. We were moving the ball around and trying to make the defense shift."

On what the win means to the Cal program
"This is a big win for us. I'm a freshman, and Cal hasn't won a game against Stanford in awhile. This is the beginning of a very good rivalry in the Bay Area."

Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer

Opening statement
"First of all, I want to congratulate Cal. I thought they played very well. Their post players stayed in the game. They scored even when they were doubled sometimes. I thought defensively we needed to do a better job. Their perimeter people stepped up and made some shots they didn't make the last time we played. It was really upsetting for our team to see JJ (Hones) go down, but we have to be able to play through an injury like that. I'm really proud of how hard Candice (Wiggins) played and how hard Brooke (Smith) played. We need to give them more help. We needed to knock down some perimeter shots we didn't knock down. We need to make free throws. Playing Candice at the one is something she hasn't had to do all year. That's something we have to evaluate. Are we going to play Candice at the one the rest of the way."

On how this game will help Stanford down the road
"We haven't been in a lot of really close games. This type of game will be helpful for us. We need this kind of battle in our conference. We're just trying to look forward and say that this will help us in the (NCAA) Tournament."

Stanford forward Brooke Smith
On the battle inside
"They have really great post players in Dev and Ashley. Ashley didn't have as good a game as she has. Devanei played really well, shot the ball well. They're very tough. They play hard. It's a great challenge for us."


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