Quotes from Tom Holmoe's Media Luncheon

Below are selected quotes from Tom Holmoe from his weekly football media luncheon. The Bears host Washington State Saturday at 2: 30 p.m. at Memorial Stadium General comments on Cal's game against F
By Cal Athletics on Tue, September 26, 2000

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Sept. 26, 2000

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    BERKELEY - Below are selected quotes from Tom Holmoe from his weekly football media luncheon. The Bears host Washington State Saturday at 2: 30 p.m. at Memorial Stadium

    General comments on Cal's game against Fresno State:

    "Reflecting back on last week's game against Fresno State, that was very difficult, very painful. You have got to give credit to Fresno State for playing a very good game, being motivated and inspired for a big game against Cal. They basically won that game flat out, fair and square. We came into that game and did some good things on special teams and defense, but offensively we've got to score points. The bottom line was that we were not scoring points. We had our opportunities. What we are doing right now is lining up with some things that we think will help us and making some adjustments in some of our philosophies."

    On what was gained against Fresno State:

    "There have been some positive things. As you look at the run game, 28 carries by our two running backs, 14 apiece and averaging about 4.9 yards per carry between the two of them, that was positive. But we've got to get a little bit more, more yardage, more carries, out of those guys and be able to establish a little bit more. I don't think there's an identity on offense right now. There's really not a personality. We need to be able to come through with something to hang our hat on, and those are things that will be addressed in the next couple of days before this next game."

    On Cal's overall record to date:

    "Quite frankly, we wish we could have been 3-0 with our non-conference schedule, 2-1 would have been good. But 1-2, that's where we are at. And as far as being bowl eligible, we have to go 5-3 in the Pac-10 and that's a tough chore, especially with our schedule and the teams that we have to play. But we have a clean slate. We have every opportunity to create our own destiny. I still believe in this team. I believe our offense is in a better position to correct the things that have gone wrong than we were last year. Personnel-wise on offense, we are better off than we were last year, and we just have to overcome some of the failures that we've had in the last two years."

    On Cal's no-huddle offense:

    "I think we'll do it to a degree. I think that one of the things that it helps us with is giving us an opportunity to check some plays. It's been positive for us. We have never felt like we've run out of steam. We always feel that we have a little bit of an advantage in the conditioning part of the game. Most teams don't run the no-huddle, and therefore, most defenses don't have an opportunity to see it very much. We don't think that our no-huddle has had anything to do with the causes of our problems. We think that the pace that we are going at is good. We worked on that, we just didn't throw it in for our Utah game. We worked on that in the spring, and we worked it a large amount in our summer and fall camps. We'll fine-tune that. There are a few things that we will do a little bit different in regards to the calling, the signaling and the huddles, but we're fine-tuning that."

    On the effects of Cal's no-huddle offense:

    "Utah really wasn't prepared, and it hurt them. They were tired. Their defensive front got tired. Illinois, after a game, knew what we were going to do, but I think that we didn't wear them out, but got them tired. They didn't break. Fresno State, they were tired, but we just couldn't take advantage of it. There were times when we caught them standing still but we still couldn't score points. Now, it's not a surprise. People know that we are going to come out in a no-huddle. But now we can change the tempo on them a little bit, maybe slow it down and get them a little off-balance. We leave ourselves some options."


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