Cal-UCLA Postgame Quotes

"There were a lot of great hits tonight on the field. It was a hard-hitting football game. You have to give UCLA a lot of credit. They played very, very well. I was really impressed with the quarterba
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 04, 2006

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Nov. 4, 2006

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General Comments:
"There were a lot of great hits tonight on the field. It was a hard-hitting football game. You have to give UCLA a lot of credit. They played very, very well. I was really impressed with the quarterback (Pat Cowan). Their running back (Chris Markey) ran hard. UCLA is a good football team."

"It was nice to see Lavelle (Hawkins) play today. DeSean (Jackson) got in the action. Marshawn (Lynch) made some big plays. Robert (Jordan) had a couple of great catches. Everyone played a role."

On Thomas DeCoud's Block:
"Number one, it created a lane for DeSean (Jackson) to hit a seam. That was great hustle by Thomas. He was hustling to get there and make a key block. I'm just happy that they're both okay. But it was a huge play, a huge hit."

On Not Thinking Too Far Ahead:
"I thought our guys did a very good job of focusing on this football game. I was pleased with the preparation throughout the week. I told them on Thursday that I thought we had one of the best practice weeks we've had in a long time. I think our guys are mature enough to understand that they need to prepare each and every day, each and every game."

On Robert Jordan's Catch in the Second Half:
"He ran a great route. They (UCLA) were really cheating the safety down low to stop our run so we play-actioned and went over the top. It was a beautiful throw."

On Nate Longshore:
"He was pretty efficient. He was very, very sharp. He didn't really force any balls. He threw the ball away a couple of times. His incompletions really came on smart plays and throwing the ball away."


On kicker Tom Schneider:

"He's been good all year and consistent. He's made some key kicks for us. I'm very pleased with the progress he's made from his first two years until now. He kicked one tonight that was 52 yards; we had no hesitation about bringing him in. It would have been good from 55 yards, probably."

On DeSean Jackson's punt return for a touchdown:
"He is a real special returner. This week, to help him out, we worked on doubling up on the gunners to take them out of the play. If you give him enough room and time, something magical very well may happen."

QUARTERBACK Nate Longshore
On the UCLA defense:

"They have a lot of different coverage schemes, and some of them were working great against our plays. We tried to mix it up and use some formations that we don't normally use. We were trying to catch them off guard and get ourselves in a situation that was preferable for us."

On working on special teams this week:

"We emphasized special teams after what happened against them (UCLA) in 2005. We worked hard and it showed today."

On Jackson's punt return touchdown and his block:
"After the hit, I was dazed and I fell down. I didn't know he scored until I made it back to the sidelines. I saw he was excited, so I put one and one together. I would have been a little bit surprised if he hadn't scored. He is a great returner, and he could take it to the house at any time. If he gets a good block, he should be able to do what he does best."

On his punt return for a touchdown:

"We practice never showing the way you're going to run. You want to try to fake them out and go a different way. I was just trying to stick to the basics and get into the end zone."


General comments:
"Our players played hard. It was unfortunate that we had two interceptions and couldn't put points on the board. I think we showed some growth with this offense. It wasn't the best execution but it was progress. Pat is getting better. I think our team played hard. We had some penalties in the first half that killed us. Defensively, we didn't tackle well."

"I was really pleased that we got some scores on the board in the fourth quarter. This is a team that is growing and getting better but we keep losing and that is unfortunate. You've got to score when you have a chance to score and we didn't do that. We are hungry for a win and we are still going to work our tails off to win games. I know it's there and we showed signs of that tonight."

On California Football:
"Cal is a very good football team and they had some big plays against us. They've got a good quarterback that can operate that offense and they have some great receivers."

On California wide receiver DeSean Jackson:
"Jackson is one of the best players in the country."

On California wide receiver DeSean Jackson's punt return for a touchdown:
"We were still in range, so that was a big momentum-breaker."


On what went wrong against the Bears

"We had a couple of penalties earlier in the game that kind of killed our drives, and we had a couple of interceptions, but overall I think we had a pretty good day. It just wasn't a complete game for us as a team. We came up short against a pretty good team."

On how UCLA is reacting to adversity

"Though we had a loss today, our team was so close and so strong together--you know, we've faced a lot of adversity this season and it's just amazing how everyone's staying positive. The team's moving in the right direction."

On UCLA's preparedness for Cal's schemes

"They did everything we expected them to do. We just weren't making the plays we needed to make, and they popped a couple of big ones on us."

On how Marshawn Lynch rates among backs the Bruins have faced
"Marshawn is probably one of the most talented backs in the nation right now. He's a very strong, powerful athlete. He's real shifty, that's the thing. You think you have him in one spot and he'll just move around and give you a look that you don't want. He's a playmaker."


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