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"Thankfully, the tests came back negative. When he came off the field, he had full movement. It looks like it was just a pretty serious concussion. When it happened, it was unbelievably scary. He was
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 07, 2009

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Nov. 7, 2009

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On the injury to TB Jahvid Best
"Thankfully, the tests came back negative. When he came off the field, he had full movement. It looks like it was just a pretty serious concussion. When it happened, it was unbelievably scary. He was out of it pretty good. There is always great concern for any player on the field like that. Our prayers go with him overnight as a team to make sure he recovers."

More on the injury to TB Jahvid Best
"It is very sobering when that happens. The team was in a mindset once they knew he was OK, they regrouped and play again."

"First and foremost, without a doubt, the most important thing when something like this happens is the health of one of your players. It puts football in the right perspective. But we are also disappointed to lose a football game the way that we did. We got outcoached today. We got outplayed in every phase of the game. Give credit to Oregon State. They played great and we didn't."

On his own comment about being outcoached by Oregon State
"When the numbers are like they are and we can't get anything going on third down and their winning field possession with special teams. They had an advance plan and they executed it and we didn't. Any time you lose a game, it is not just on the players. They are the ones on the field, but it is the coaches' responsibility to put them in a position to be successful. We obviously did not do a good enough job of that tonight."

On the biggest problem trying to get something going offensively
"We couldn't run the football. It seemed we were in a lot of long yardage situations. In the first half, we had poor field position, coming out of our own end zone. Couldn't run the football. They were more physical than us up front. We didn't win at the line of scrimmage. And we didn't make plays in the passing game for a lot of reasons: pass protection at times, missing receivers. We didn't execute. Plain and simple."

On the problems with the run game
"It starts at the line of scrimmage, but the line of scrimmage is everyone involved in the run game, from linemen to tight ends to fullbacks, to everyone. We have to make sure we are doing the right things and that our players are able to execute it. We just got outplayed today."

On looking ahead
"We're 6-3 now and we have a great Arizona team coming in here next week. We need to regroup and make sure we are ready for that one. Next week is the last home game, and it's our seniors last time down that tunnel, so there is a lot to play for. We need to learn from our mistakes, identify what they are. I have all the confidence in the world we'll come back with a good week of preparation for next week."


On Jahvid Best's injury
"It was a huge motivation for us; one of our brothers was down. We love Jahvid, but when one man goes down, it's the next man up. We had to keep moving. It was a hard moment for us to see Jahvid down like that, to see anybody down like that. We had to keep going. We had to rebound and just keep pushing."

On his first reaction to Best's injury:
"When I saw him fall, I thought he might have hurt his shoulder. The way he fell, I guess his head hit the ground, too. I saw he was shaken up, but I was thinking, 'OK, he's going to get up.' I saw a couple people running around, and he still wasn't moving. It got serious then. Everybody moved over there, and there was a bit of concern. It was silent. It was scary. For a lot of guys, like me, it turned into a little bit of anger, a little bit of motivation. I wanted to get out there and get going. I wanted to hit somebody."

On the Oregon State offense
"The quarterback (Sean Canfield), he just played lights out. We had a hard time stopping him."

On Jahvid Best's injury
"It was tough. You hate to see that happen. It kind of motivated everybody. We said, 'Let's go out and finish this for him.' We didn't get the win, though."

On Oregon State winning at Cal a lot recently
"They're a good team. They show up every time they play us. They just outplayed us out there today."

On facing Arizona next week:
"We have to keep our heads up and stay positive. We have one more game at home. Hopefully, we can get the win. We want to finish the Pac-10 with three more wins. We'll keep working."

On stopping Oregon State RB Jacquizz Rodgers
"It was about everybody getting to the ball and holding up gaps. We really had to hold on to him. He's a real elusive type of running back and he's real strong. It was about swarming to the ball, and making a clean tackle or at least holding him and let everybody surround him and bring him down."

On Jahvid Best's injury
"I was scared for him. He fell so awkwardly and he just laid there. I said a prayer for him and his family. You just have to really go out there and fight for him. That's what he would want. He'd want us to fight for him."

On OSU quarterback Sean Canfield
"He's really good. We watched film on him. He's good if he can get his feet set, make reads and throw the ball. He took a lot of shots deep on us today, more than I thought he would. He has a lot of confidence in himself and his players. He put together and a good game plan and made a lot of good reads."


On Jahvid Best's injury and whether it took a lot out of Cal
"I don't know if it did or not, but it was scary to see the injury, that's the one thing that is a fact. It is always an eerie thing in a game like that when it's so quiet and somebody gets hurt like that, it's just scary."

On whether he thought he needed a huge day from RB Jacquizz Rodgers to pull off a victory
"They did a nice job defending us in the running game and that's why you need to be able to do something else. I have a lot of respect for, and still do, for their defensive front. I thought they played very well and I thought we protected our quarterback pretty well to allow him to throw the ball. So those two things were big factors. They played well up front and really held our running game in check, but to counter it we were able to protect and throw the ball."

On OSU's defense
"I was really proud of it. I love the fact that it appeared to me our offense, defense and special teams all played nice roles in this game and all had a part in contributing to the win."

On how he talked about the goal of a winning season and whether or not he's gotten that out of the way now
"Now we're just going to keep going and try to get better and play our best game next week, that's a beautiful way to live. I'm really proud of our team because they focused and played hard in every game. I think we have gotten better in a lot of ways and I think if we can keep doing that, who knows what can happen. I'm really proud of them and they stay in the moment, work hard and they play the game looking like they're well prepared."

On QB Sean Canfield playing as well as any quarterback in this league
"I don't get to watch every quarterback every week, but I think it's a good point, I don't know who would be playing better than him."

On answering on third downs
"Well at least early in this game we were as good on third down as we were bad a week ago, which was a really neat thing because we're having a very good year on third down. We fell apart last week, but then we started out this game converting some stuff that looked good."

On it being hard to imagine winning five in a row in someone else's stadium
"They're all separate games to me, they've all been pretty special wins I know that. I think this is a big win for our team."

On whether he was trying to get the defense more aggressive from the start
"Our guys just prepared them to play against this offense. I thought they were well prepared and from the simple things - getting lined up and adjusting to the formation shifts and movements that Jeff [Tedford] uses which is always taxing. You spend a lot of time just getting coverage on, especially when you play Jeff's team. But then I thought we played very aggressively and they played."

On Gabe Miller and Matt LaGrone starting at defensive end:
"You know it was absolutely a point of Gabe playing well and Matt playing well. We need all of our ends to play and rotate in, so it was good and that was exactly why."


On Jahvid Best's injury
"I think they were in the wildcat. I was in the middle of the field and I ran to the outside. He went airborne into the end zone, and I tried to tackle him. I hope he is all right. I believe he came down wrong. It is really unfortunate. I wish the best for him, the Cal team, and his family. As a team, we took a knee and said a quick prayer for him. As a competitor you never want to see something like that happen to anyone."

On Oregon State's defensive performance
"It was one of the more complete games our defense has put together. We are definitely happy about that. We let down a little bit near the end of the fourth quarter and they scored again, so it wasn't a totally complete game. But, we definitely feel pretty good about it. I think that for the most part everybody did their job. We gelled as a team and we took care of our responsibilities."

On how the loss of Best affected Cal's offense
"They are a great team. Best is one of their star players. But they have a lot of other weapons as well. We knew they were going to come back. They also have Vereen, who is a very talented back. They also have a very good quarterback, but we knew it started with their running game."

On Oregon State's performance on third down
"It was great to see so many guys contribute. The guys have been coming along since the beginning of the season. Damola [Adeniji] and Joe [Halahuni] are accounting for a lot of what we do on offense."

On any adjustments made when Cal seemed to stop Jacquizz Rogers
"No, not really. We stuck to the game plan we had been running all week in practice. You are going to have games where the defense is stuffing the run. That just means you have to make some throws down the field in the passing game, and we did that. We kept our composure and put up some good points in the first half. I think we are very close, offensively, to putting up a lot of points."

On getting the sixth win
"It's a win. Every week is different. We live in a vacuum, like Coach Riley says. It is a great win to beat Cal down here again. I've never lost down here, and it's nice to go out that way. We've got three games left. It is still early. A lot can happen. We're just going to take it one game at a time."


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