Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes

"We didn't do a very good job of shaking free today. I thought their corners played very well. There the type of corners that if you're ever going to beat them, they're not going to let you because
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 04, 2003

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Oct. 4, 2003

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

Opening comment:
"We didn't do a very good job of shaking free today. I thought their corners played very well. There the type of corners that if you're ever going to beat them, they're not going to let you because they're going to hold you. So we couldn't shake free today and I don't think I gave the offense the right answers to help them shake free. So that's my fault for not having something where guys can get open."

Why wasn't the ball run more often in the first-half?
"Because last week doesn't mean anything about this week for one. And number two, that was a pretty good defensive front, secondary. They played a lot of man coverage outside. We could've been more patient with the run."

Cal has played seven straight games in seven straight weeks, does that have anything to do with today, fatigue maybe?
"No. I don't. I don't think fatigue has anything to do with it. I think our players are in great shape. We're bagged up, we have injuries like anyone else, it's been a long stretch for us, but that's no excuse for today."

On OSU running back Steven Jackson
"Great player, great player. You just don't bring him down with one guy and with an arm tackle. You really have to put a body on him and two and three bodies to bring the guy down. Their offensive line does a very nice job of blocking for him. You know he's got great speed when he does hit the corner or find the crease, and he can get around and go. He's a tremendous running back."

Was Aaron 100% healthy?
"Well I don't know if he's 100% healthy, but he missed some balls today and as far as other times, we're getting collapsed in the pocket things like that a little bit where I don't think he could see some things going on. I take it on my shoulders if we'd done something different in the game planning a little different in the game plan to shake guys free maybe a little bit more and things like that and that would've given him a better chance to do some things."

What were you doing to break guys free?
"Motion, cross, do all those type of things. You know, just to try to give your guys a little bit of an advantage in running routes and those things take time to throw down the field. They were pressuring us pretty good. I thought they really came after us. Normally they're a two-safety type team. They played with a single safety and came after us pretty good and played man."

How did you think the offensive line was doing, picking up the blitz?
"I have to watch the tape, but I think sometimes we did okay, sometimes...I don't think guys came free, I didn't get the feeling that guys were coming free, but they had a good front push and I think that effected his vision a little bit and he had to pull the ball down."

California Players

Joe Maningo, LB
On OSU's Steven Jackson:

"He's a good running back. I really have to give it to him. He pounded and pounded. They stuck with what worked. As a defense, we have to make plays, and even when we did make plays, he made a better one."

On his health:
"I felt good today, just a step slow. I'll be there in two weeks."

Vincent Strang, WR
"We couldn't get separation. They did a good job. We tried to work the outside because that's what they were giving us but they hung with us pretty well.

Aaron Rodgers, QB
On his performance:

"I'm embarrassed. I embarrassed my family, myself, my team."

"I wasn't comfortable in the pocket today but I should have stayed with it a little longer. I had a lot of opportunities to make good throws but I never got into a rhythm. I fumbled. 22-yards in the first half is a little embarrassing."

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley
"The two big keys coming in, I thought, were stopping the run game and making blocks. I thought we played with real definition. We knew what we wanted to do with the ball."

"When they scored at the end of the first half and the start of the second half, that worried me. I thought the next drive was going to tell how the game was going to come down."

On winning on the road
""It's early, but it's big. You can't do what you want to do at the end if you don't take care of things now. Our players talked about it, winning on the road. We just played a lot better than the other game (against Fresno State). I hope that was just demons from our past. We just melted down. We just played well today."

On OSU's early lead
"It was really important. I thought we had a nice edge to start the game. Our guys played hard. We were in attack mode on both sides of the ball."

On OSU tailback Steven Jackson
"I think Steven's awfully good and the offensive line did a nice job opening holes."

On limiting Cal's passing offense
"That was huge. I thought defensively we were pretty relentless. We didn't blink in any way."

On the high number of penalties
"They continue to haunt us."

Oregon State Players

Richard Seigler, LB
On game plan:

"Our defensive coordinator did an excellent job. Our eyes were wide open after a real relaxed week of practice. We came out with a lot of fire. We just know where we want to go."

On the OSU defense
"Our defense is very fast. People like to keep secrets, but the secret is coming out."

On explosive OSU players:
"DA has been playing tremendously well. Stevie J is making plays as always. We have a lot of playmakers on this team. Its nice to see us using them.

Derek Anderson, QB
On the second half:

"It got kinda quiet around here. We fought to bring out our energy. We stuttered in the second half but still pulled it out."

On confidence from the game:
"It's a big confidence boost. They (Cal) have been doing well all season. It will be good for us to get a week off. I can get a chance to work on my golf game."


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