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"I'm very proud of our kids. There was a lot on the line today. It was the seniors' last time walking down the tunnel, so it was a special occasion for them. It was the Chancellor's last game in offic
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 15, 2003

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Nov. 15, 2003

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California Coach Jeff Tedford

General Comments:
"I'm very proud of our kids. There was a lot on the line today. It was the seniors' last time walking down the tunnel, so it was a special occasion for them. It was the Chancellor's last game in office, so that was also nice. I'm very proud of how our kids rebounded after last week. They really bounced back well and practiced hard this week. The coaches did a tremendous job of preparing them and had them ready to play, so I was very proud of them."

"There were a lot of big plays today. The offensive line did a tremendous job of blowing holes so our backs could get through, and our backs did a tremendous job of running. A lot of guys made plays today and put it all together."

On the possibility of Cal playing in a bowl game:
"I don't know exactly what the possibilities are. I haven't looked at the combinations or anything like that. I know it's a pretty tight race in the conference and I don't know who has to win or anything like that. We know what we have to do; we have to win one game to have a chance to be in a bowl game."

On the upcoming week:
"This is a huge week coming up. We have a lot on the line- the axe, Big Game, a bowl possibility. It's going to be a very exciting week."

On Cal's kick coverages:
"We came into this week on a mission to cover kicks and not miss tackles. It felt like last week we gave up a few plays because we missed tackles on kick coverages, whether it was our kickoff cover team or our punt cover team. We felt like this week, they really did a nice job of getting down there and securing the tackle. "

On Cal's first touchdown:
"In that formation, they (Washington) left one-on-one coverage on the outside. We felt like we were going to take a shot and get down the field. It was a great throw and a great catch. There was nice protection also."

On Washington's defense:
"They (Washington) do a lot of things on defense and they really try to get after you. I thought Coach (George) Cortez did a nice job of calling the game today. He really kept them (Washington) off balance with the run and the pass and different formations. It felt like we locked them into some things by formation and that gave us an advantage, and then our players did it from there as far as executing."

On Cal's injuries:
"It's really been our mindset that we don't spend a lot of time worrying about who has gone down (to injury), even though it's unfortunate that they have. We don't make a big deal about it; we just move on. The next guy steps in and it's his opportunity to play. We talked about that this week. When Garrett Cross broke his leg, it was time for John Rust to step up. I have great confidence in our players that they all prepare very well and they pay attention to the game plan and things like that. And our coaches do a very nice job of getting them prepared. I'm very proud of the people who stepped in."

California Players

OT Chris Murphy
On the Cal Offensive Line:

"We did our job. We opened the holes and J.J. was able to hit them. He made some good cuts and got some long runs."

"We didn't even know how many yards we had until the end of the game. It's always cool to break a record and go down in the history books."

TB Marcus O'Keith
On his performance:

"It felt great. I know Echemandu went down and I had to fill in his spot. I had to come in and play as hard as I could, in all phases, on special teams and offense. When I got up there I just wanted the ball every time. Every play I was thinking, touchdown. I wanted to make sure my pass protection was fine and I wanted to do all phases well. It came out successful."

On Special Teams:
"We lost McGrath and that was big for us because he's a big-time special teams player. We had to make sure we filled in our gaps, and his spot, and everyone played 110%."

Aaron Rodgers, QB
"The running backs played great today. J.J. Arrington had a great game. He's got a great vision. Marcus O'Keith coming off the bench and rushing for 100 yards was big too."

On the opening play of the game:
"Coach told me we were going to run that play and I was confident with that. I wanted to put it up and give Geoff a chance to run under it. Geoff's a great receiver."

"We knew we had a good game plan, it was just a matter of execution. We got them early. We had a stretch in the 3rd quarter where we didn't move the ball very well, but other than that, to put up 54 points against a good Pac-10 defense is remarkable. It says a lot about our coaches."

On facing Stanford next week:
"They've been playing well lately. We're going to have to play another good game. It's going to be a big game, the big game. There are a lot of bowl implications on the line, for both teams, so it should be interesting."

Washington Coach Keith Gilbertson

General comments
"We got beat every way imaginable. We refused to get off a block. We refused to tackle. We gave up big play after big play. It was an awful performance on defense - just a pitiful performance on defense. The offense didn't move the ball. They beat us in every fashion."

On what he told the team after the game
"I told them I was damn embarrassed and that I'm a little tired of it. We'll change when they want to change. We'll keep playing like this until they decide to change."

On allowing over 700 yards by Cal's offense
"We were terrible on defense - awful. The defense has stayed relatively the same all season. It's been on offense that we've been up and down. Today on defense it was just a sad day."

On how this loss compares to last week's loss to Arizona
"Last week had it's own set of markers. This one's different. We missed tackles. We didn't cover."

On next week's game against Washington State
"It's your archrival, the biggest game on the schedule. They're one of the hottest teams around. It's really a pride shot. That's all that's left."

On the impact of Cal's opening play touchdown
"It just puts you in shock a little bit."

Washington Players

OT Khalif Barnes
On losing:

"We got dominated on both sides of the ball. We just couldn't get it rolling. I'm just embarrassed right now. I started here for four years now. I'm embarrassed for myself and for coach Gilbertson. I'm embarrassed for the whole program."

On coming into this game after the Arizona loss:
"I thought we had a spark in practice. We took it tough from Arizona but I thought we would bounce back. Every time we have played here, we have played pretty good football. But I just don't know what to say right now."

On what was going on in the locker room after the game:
"Nothing at all. It was quiet. We just took a shower and got ready to leave. I hope no one was laughing or making jokes. I'm just embarrassed."

DT Terry Johnson
On losing:

"Im just dissapointed. We're just trying to find ourselves right now. We just couldn't get anything going."

On how Cal racked up so many yards on offense:
"We couldn't stop anything they were doing. They were prepared for our schemes."

On this being the lowest point for the program:
"It is. It's low. Our big guns...I don't know if were out of ammo to go out and shoot. We got to find a way to come out next week."

On who should take the blame for this loss:
"Im not going to get into coaches and players. The thing is that we have two or three big guns on both sides of the ball. When teams take away those guys we become helpless."


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