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Coach Jeff Tedford's Comments on Today's Recruits
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  02/05/2003

Feb. 5, 2003

Below are selected quotes from Coach Jeff Tedford's press conference regarding letters of intent.

On Wide Receivers:
I think all the wide receivers have great speed. When you talk about Devin Stearns, Noah Smith, Sean Young, Sam DeSa, ... all those guys can really run.

On the secondary
The secondary guys can all really run - Brandon Myles, Kenny Frank - so really, as we're looking at all these skilled players, one of the factors in our recruiting is that they all have very good speed.

On Noah Smith:
Noah Smith is a world-class runner, and really gives us the ability to stretch defenses and really puts a major threat with speed on the field. If you watch the tape you can see that he really can go deep, and has tremendous break-away speed once he catches the football.

On Aaron Rodgers:
Aaron Rodgers is a very talented quarterback who we feel great about. He's a qualifier out of high school. We feel very fortunate that we found him. We did a search for a junior college quarterback - as we investigated, he was a qualifier and he could be here for three years. Very gifted player, strong arm, very smart, athletic ability and a tough competitive young man - which is going to bring a lot of positive to this offense.

On why Rodgers wasn't recruited out of high school:
I think mainly because the system that they were in didn't showcase his talents as much as if he were at a more populated city as well as a more explosive offense.

On similarities between Butte's offense and Cal's offense:
It's fairly similar, they move the pocket from within and he did have an escape dimension. They threw short, intermediate and long balls. It looks like he has the ability to move the pocket like we like to do. He has the arm strength to move the ball down the field. He is extremely smart, which our quarterbacks need to be.

I think he'll compete (for a starting job). I look for him to try to come watch practice. We're really going to have to increase the learning curve for him so he'll have the chance to compete in the fall.

On J.C. Players:
When you look at the J.C. players, those guys are brought in for a reason. All the J.C. players will have the opportunity to compete for playing, if not starting time. As far as the freshmen are concerned, it's always hard to tell until they get here and you see how they adjust to the speed of the game. Obviously the kicker (Lucas Everett) has the ability to come in and play right away.

On Cary Dove:
No, not right now he's not (physically able to play as a freshman, weighing in at 175). He is here early for a couple reasons: 1) to get a jump on his academics 2) to get his feet wet with the offense. He's a young guy, - he needs to mature. He's got tremendous range, great arm strength and can throw all the balls. I think he can throw the long ball as well as any high school kid I've ever seen. He's very smart and very competitive. By the time he finishes here he'll be 225 pounds.

On recruiting Devin Stearns:
He was here on the UCLA recruiting trip. I think he enjoyed the atmosphere. He felt very comfortable with the recruiting coach. It was a very heated battle for him, he was highly recruited - Ohio State, Washington, Oregon, were all in the running.

All these guys are heavily recruited. That shows that they're quality players.

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