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"Obviously there was a lot of rust; pregame jitters or whatever. And we turned the football over down deep. We need to gel. We need to be more consistent. It has a lot to do with communication. Fallin
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 03, 2011

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Sept. 3, 2011

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On first game issues:
"Obviously there was a lot of rust; pregame jitters or whatever. And we turned the football over down deep. We need to gel. We need to be more consistent. It has a lot to do with communication. Falling down 7-0 - nobody whined or blamed each other. I thought our defense did a nice job for the most part. Special Teams did well except the extra points early. It was a combination of protection issues and not getting the ball in the air."

On QB Zach Maynard:
"I think he would say he wishes he would play better. It was good for him seeing game speed; this was his first live play. He didn't have any delay of game calls - he handled the clock well. He made good decisions, except the first ball. I'm not sure what happened there. After that, he threw the ball when he needed to. He made some plays with his legs to get us out of bad field position - we had bad field position all day. He made some big throws and some big runs. After the first pass, he just shook it off. Early in the game he was playing a little fast, but as the game progressed he calmed down. He adds a dimension to the offense, being able to run the ball around. Overall he played okay. He missed a couple balls, but also made a great play down the middle of the field to Marvin (Jones). He slid to his left (out of the blitz) and threw it right on the money. There is a lot of room for improvement, but all in all we are 1-0."

On WR Keenan Allen:
"Keenan played pretty well. He dropped the ball, which you don' really see with Keenan. Normally if a guy drops the ball, you shrug it off, but with Keenan, he never drops the ball. He did a nice job with the wide screen that got called back. If that didn't get called back, he'd have close to 200 yards receiving. He played well, blocked well. He made a great block on Isi's touchdown (1st quarter)."

On playing backups:
"I wish we would have played a little better so we could have gotten some more guys on the field at the end there. We just didn't play well in the first half offensively."

On the defense:
"We were physical up front. They popped a few runs, but we were solid up there. They threw a couple go routes, but they were really just going to match our protections. It looked like they were a little afraid of our pass rush."

On the passing game:
"(Maynard) has a lot of confidence in the receivers, obviously in Keenan (Allen, his half brother). He has been working with Marvin (Jones) a lot. There is a lot of improvement to be had. We will enjoy this one and go back to work on Monday."

California Players

Sophomore DB Steve Williams

On the play of the Bears today
"We came out with a good effort. We came out playing really fast and (also) we knew what to do. Coach (Clancy) Pendergast gave us the keys to the game and we just came out and executed."

On the first game and win of the season
"I think that it's a great step because we have a new bond as a team and we're also more accountable for each other. We rely on each other better and that we also know that we've got each other's backs."

On describing this year's team chemistry
"The team is much more together. We are the most together team that I've ever seen here at Cal."

On there being more Fresno State fans at the game than Cal supporters
"I noticed it a little bit when we were coming out during pregame that the Fresno State fans were really loud and then our fans came later. But that really wasn't a big deal. It doesn't really matter: home field advantage, no home field advantage. It doesn't really matter to us because we know that we can play (with) anybody, anywhere."

Freshman LB Cecil Whiteside

On describing his force fumble play
"It was a contained rush. The quarterback clutched it and I stuck my hand out on the second pump and (DE) Trevor Guyton scooped and scored."

On whether or not he was congratulated by DE Trevor Guyton in helping him score
"It's all a team effort. I do as much as I can for him and he does as much as he can for me so we all get the benefits and reap the rewards."

On getting the chance to play and contribute
"It was great. (LB) coach (Kenwick) Thompson told me that he was going to put me in because there were going to be obvious pass downs. He just wanted me to get after the quarterback. So, I did what I could and obviously it was a great play."

Junior QB Zach Maynard

On self and team assessment of the first game of the season
"Four-and-a half, five (stars) out of 10 I felt like. A lot of mental mistakes and not being very consistent with the ball. We had some good plays, but we've got to be a lot better than this. A lot of mental mistakes from our guys along with first game jitters. We got them all out and we're going to be ready for Colorado next week."

On describing his first interception on the second play of the game
"I really didn't think about it, I just shook it off and got ready for the next series."

On talking to Coach Tedford after the game about his first interception
"It's something that I'm conscience of as a quarterback, you always feel as if you can do better. I guess it takes a lot out of you when you throw your first interception in the second pass of the game ... of the season really. As a unit we can all do better, we just have to make better decisions."

On bouncing back on the next offensive series after the interception
"It was very important. I got to the sidelines, talked to my guys and they rallied around me. Then we got out and drove the ball at will.'

On further describing the interception and the speed of play against Fresno State
"Well, I rushed the pass a little bit. I just felt as if it was going to break earlier for me, but it didn't. I threw it up field and it got picked. As the game progressed, the speed is a lot faster during the game, even more so than practice and I haven't gotten hit in a long time, so as the course of the game changed, I felt a lot better."

Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill

"I'll give credit to Cal. I thought they came in and obviously looked a lot more like a precision-type team then did tonight. I thought they played faster than we did. I thought Cal did a really good job. I was impressed by their quarterback. They made the plays and that's what counts."

"I have to give Cal some credit for protecting their quarterback tonight."

"We didn't play like we needed to play tonight. I still believe this is going to be a very good football team. We are going to go through a few growing pains with this team but that was a good football team we played tonight."

"We didn't past the exam tonight."

"Our kids never quit playing. They played hard until the end and I'm happy about that. We've got a lot of work to do. We're going to get back and regroup. I think for a lot of our kids that was an opportunity to see what they look like in a Division I game for the first time. I thought our kids played hard."

"It's a long season and we've got 12 games to go and I have great confidence in this team."

"We made it hard on ourselves by getting down by three scores. But I really liked the way we competed on that last drive."

On Fresno State's defense:
"Other than a few big plays I thought most of the evening our defense played well enough to keep us in the game. The big plays really got us."

Fresno State Players

Redshirt sophomore QB Derek Carr

On the difficulty of establishing a rhythm early in the game:
"I wouldn't say it was tough, but they are a good defense. They were first in the Pac-12 last year for good reason. Once Richard [Helepiko] went down, it was new things for Cody [Wichman] to learn. I thought he did a good job... he doesn't want me to get hit. He is working his butt off. It is not his fault. He is young and he is going to learn from it and we are going to move on."

On the adjustment to game situations and the defense being able to get shots at you:
"You just have to get tough. That's all it comes down to. When you get hit, you have to get back up. They got a couple good shots on me. You can't just lay there because the whole team is watching. You just have to hop back up."

On anything surprising you:
"No. Nothing surprised me. I knew they were going to come out and try and hit me. That was not a shock. I would, too, with a new quarterback. I knew going into the game I would have to be tough. I knew I was going to get hit and I was going to get back up from those. I thank the lord that I could get up from those."

On grading your performance in your first collegiate start:
"F. We didn't win. That is all it is about. I don't care about stats."

On struggling to find an offensive rhythm:
"We have to watch the film. It is tough to say right now. We started out well, but once Richard [Helepiko] went down, it was new for those guys who were shifting positions like Coach Hill was saying. Once we started getting into a little flow, we started moving the ball and guys were getting more comfortable. I wouldn't say it was a struggle getting into a rhythm we just keep playing until it happens."

On a great start to your career:
"That was awesome. That was a great play by L.J. [Jones]. We got a quick one out to Devon Wylie. That was good to get a quick completion off. That gets all the butterflies out. Robbie [Rouse] and the o-line did a great job of punching the ball in."

On the importance of that last touchdown:
"That was crucial. We needed that. That is what I told the guys after we scored, too. You don't want to end scoring just one offensive touchdown. We wish we could've done more but we went out there and we fought hard. We competed and we tried out best. We just faced a good defense."

On your brother David Carr flying across the country to see you play:
"It was good to see him out there. He is my brother first of all. He flew his family all the way out here and he has four kids. It was good to see all of them out here wearing their No. 4 jerseys. I love them all to death. It meant the world to me that they took the time to come out here."

Senior DT Logan Harrell

On the defense's momentum right off the bat:
"That was huge. To have that happen so early in the game and build off that, that was huge for the defense. After that, we kind of came out a little slow but we built off that. With Phillip Thomas gone, we had some young guys in the backfield that played and same with up front on the defensive line. I think we made plays when we needed to and there [were] a few things that we are going to watch on film and we are going to work on and get better at."

On anything Cal did that surprised you:
"No. We have seen film of them for two weeks. I think they came out a little bit faster than we expected. I think with people going out so early in the year, it was a huge blow to our defense. We had young guys replacing them in the backfield and they did a great job. We made a few mistakes and we are going to watch it on film and correct it and built off it."

On the impact of Cal converting several second and third and long plays:
"Our mentality as a defense is to keep fighting, and keep grinding, and push them back as much as we can. We just want to hold them off. I think that is the thing that we need to eliminate is big plays. It is frustrating. We just have to eliminate that. We need to go in and watch film and work hard to correct that stuff."

On playing two quality opponents in Cal and Nebraska off the bat:
"I think it is huge to develop as a team. It is a good thing for us to face good opponents like that and work off today. We did good things and we did bad things. Next week is another huge game for us and it will determine where we will go as a team."

On making adjustments in game after going down:
"We did settle down. I think it was just everybody getting a lot more comfortable."


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