Post game quotes: Jan. 22 vs. Washington State

"They all count the same. No matter how they look and how they come about, we are really happy to get the win. There is meaning in different kinds of wins. As a perfectionist and a basketball coach, y
By Cal Athletics on Sun, January 22, 2012

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Jan. 22, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"They all count the same. No matter how they look and how they come about, we are really happy to get the win. There is meaning in different kinds of wins. As a perfectionist and a basketball coach, you always want it to look really pretty and to be clean, but sometimes there is value in the ones that aren't as clean. I was really proud of our team today for gutting out a really tough win. I really credit Washington State. They come in here and give us problems all the time. They are at the top of the conference for a reason. They play a very difficult style to play against. And those kids play really, really hard. So I was happy that we were able to respond to what wasn't maybe our best all-around game, but I thought we were good in situational things down the stretch. I thought players stepped up and made big plays and we did just enough to get the win and I am happy with that."

On this game and how it differed from the Washington game

"It had a totally different feel. You have to adjust to how a game is being called and officiated. What I am proud of is we had a game about four weeks ago at UCLA that was eerily similar. I think it was actually the exact same score, reversed. Our game is to go inside. And we weren't finishing. Weren't getting to the free throw line. Just didn't feel totally in control. I thought our growth is that now we found other ways to score. I thought our guards stepped up and hit big shots. Layshia in particular. And then we got enough stops to be able to grind out that kind of win. Clearly, our best offense was in transition. They were swarming. We had talked about getting the ball to the paint against their match-up zone. I think we did that in the first half. In the second half, they really started collapsing and making it tough to score. I thought Sherb had great looks. And they were in and out. We had a couple of shots we normally hit that we didn't, and that would have given us separation, but the fact that we were able to find a way to win anyway is something that is a positive."

On her internal message

"Today that was about...we want to be in control. We respect all of our opponents. We do scouting reports to try to take things away from them, but we sort of feel that if we can dictate what is going on instead of reacting, we're going to be in good shape. In every game, it feels a little different. In Utah, it was all about the tempo. We wanted to play fast, they wanted to play slow. So hey, let's assert control on it. In Colorado, they are a rhythm team and we went to that zone to get them out of their rhythm. Tonight it was a team that plays a match-up zone and they want to extend you and we want to get the ball to the paint off the bounce to the post. The constant message is do what you do well using the film that we show them. I tell them that is like having the answers before taking the exam. But the message is we need to take control so at any point during games then, we feel like we can just go back to that. What do we need to do here to win this game? I think they respond to that. They really responded to that today even though it wasn't pretty."

Junior guard Layshia Clarendon

"It's always someone who steps up. It's Gray one night, Gray and Boyd in the Washington game. And then me and Gen tonight. Whoever's turn, whoever is hot, whoever is getting on...You never know who it is going to be."

On what she was thinking when the lead kept changing

"A lot of it was trying to stay poised and not think about last year and the years before that when we would panic. You have to fake yourself out a little bit and tell yourself that you are fine. you have to go one play at a time. You can't look at the scoreboard. You can't look toward the end of the game. You have to take it one play at a time and get a stop."

"It could always be better, but they all count. A win is a win. A loss is a loss. No one cares how you lost or what the score was. We'll take the win any day and get ready for the next one. That's like tournament experience right there, that kind of intense last two minutes. I think it is sweeter a little bit, but I'll take it either way. Of course I would rather be up 15, but I'll take it either way."

On her shot in the final minute that cemented the win

"We had a play set, we were running 23, and if we didn't have it, we were running an iso-slice play. So, I just got to the rim and it fell in. Once you start making shots, they all sort of seem to drop."


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